Kill the maggots!

After Trump surprisingly won the election fair and square in 2016, the Democrats have gone stark, raving mad, nonstop. And there’s the nincompoop Keith Olbermann. My favorite Indian, Dinesh D’Souza, comments on Olbermann’s video outburst.

In the wake of the growing WalkAway Movement, one must wonder about those people who are sticking with the Democrat Party. I do. I wonder.

Do you wonder too?

Sick of the mainstream media’s lies and sins of omission? Go here instead:


Washington Examiner.

Sadly, there are signs Trump is going to lose.

23 thoughts on “Kill the maggots!

  1. I do wonder, who, and where the hell are these nincompoops who are going to vote for Mr. BIDENSIA! Every damned event has around 12-15 attendees, and half of those are family members. The rioters and looters are, of course, in the tank for the commies, but even of those who would vote couldn’t amount to more than a few hundred thousand….

    Got me?


    1. Marco: Now go take a powder before you have a heart attack. Yes, it’s a strange situation. There is no enthusiasm at all for Biden, but there is lots of enthusiasm against Trump. Biden votes will be anti-Trump votes, pure and simple, and why do people vote against Trump, one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history? Because they are brainwashed from various sources, i.e. mal-informed, and because they get their info completely from the mainstream media, i.e. the DNC.


      1. Felipe: Let’s not forget that we also have more than a few people admitting publicly (not in so many words) that they prefer style over substance. Trump is noisy and irritating to many. I have a friend in Boston who’s just tired of all the Trump-generated noise. But in truth I wonder if he’s ever voted for a Republican anyway.

        By the way, I’ll second Marco’s comment. There are Trump parades breaking out everywhere, including in friggin’ Los Angeles, of all places. His rallies are absolutely packed, while Befuddled Biden is lucky to get tens of supporters to show up. Trump’s supporters are as fired up as I’ve ever seen anyone for a presidential campaign. And the fact that Trump seems completely unfazed by the ‘rona doesn’t hurt. (Nor does the fact that even the walking poster child of co-morbidities, Chris Christie, seems to be out of the woods.)

        One partial explanation is the recent Pew (I believe; don’t quote me) Survey showing that Democrats are basically much more afraid of the ‘rona than Republicans. So some of the differential in crowd sizes could reasonably be attributed to that. Still, in Boston at least, which should be a Befuddled Biden stronghold, I have yet to see any Biden lawn signs or bumper stickers. Also a bunch of my neighbors are Trump supporters, and I have seen a growing number of American flags sprouting up, which have basically become the lawn sign of choice for closeted Trump supporters in hostile territory.

        But back to Marco’s point. I can’t believe that there are any Republicans who voted for Trump who will not vote for his reelection this year. And there are plenty of folks ranging from committed right-wingers like Ben Shapiro to Democrat Tim Pool, who didn’t vote for Trump in ’16 who have committed to vote for him this year. Also I’ve got to imagine that Republican turnout will be at record levels. Trump’s approval rating also is climbing, and I believe is now higher than Obama’s was in October 2012.

        Finally, a last counterpoint. I’m tired of all those folks talking about how well Hillary was polling at this stage in 2016. They entirely miss the fact that shortly before the election, James Comey basically sandbagged her on the email question. Let’s not fool ourselves. Comey was almost certainly a big reason why Trump won a very closely contested election. Something like this is very unlikely to recur, despite the continuing news flow that documents that Hillary basically engineered the Russia Collusion scandal for political gain.


        Kim G
        Ajijic, Jal
        Where we just want it all to end — the election; coronavirus; Supreme Court nomination process; riots; you name it!


        1. Kim: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. Trump will win easily if the Democrats don’t pull off some fraud, and don’t think they’re not trying.


        2. Kim, P.S.: Yes, leftists are much more hysterical about the Kung Flu than conservatives, just one more indication that we’re smarter than they are.

          I was amused to read this week that the WHO has changed its silly mind about lockdowns. Not necessary, theynow say. Can admitting that face masks are mostly useless be far behind?


          1. The difference between facemasks and lockdowns is pretty staggering. While it’s reasonably questionable whether either work, what’s not in question is that lockdowns are phenomenally expensive in terms of actual lost economic output, and loss of human wellbeing, not to mention loss of fundamental human rights. While masks are cheap, and if ineffective, there’s little lost in trying. They are somewhat annoying at worst. So using masks seems like a reasonable risk-management strategy: low cost, but potentially moderate benefit. Lockdowns don’t even begin to pass that bar.

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  2. I find it amusing that people like Keith talk about hate from Trump. He couldn’t have listened to himself spew the hatred like that against most everyone.

    I believe he will get voted back in. I could be wrong, and I thought I was wrong before, but it turned out I was just mistaken.


    1. Kirk: Leftists also claim to be for tolerance, but all sensible people see through that.

      If history is any indication, Trump will be reelected. But these are not normal times. I have faith, however. I think everyone loves him except celebrities, most “educators,” 98 percent of the media, blacks who remain on the plantation, and those who inexplicably keep voting for Democrats due to being “low-information voters.” Nincompoops in general. Sad.


  3. Still lots of Dems-no-matter-what here on the frontier. Interesting election. My vote is in, waiting to be counted. Our county had about 71% Republican in the ’16 election. Bet it’s even larger this round.


    1. Ricardo: Do you read the column I linked to at the end of the post? An intentionally misleading headline, but I did not do it. As he points out, lots of people nervously voted for Trump in 2016, but now they are all in due to the great job he’s done and to what the Democrat Socialists have been up to for the past four, screeching years.


  4. I did read the column you linked to in the post. I’ve been all in since before I voted in ’16. Some of my friends fit the nervous bunch you describe. They’re so “all in” now I have to ask them to quieten down.

    (Not really) I pour a little gas on the fire.


    1. Ricardo: The Democrats plan to try and thwart the Barrett court nomination is by simply not showing up, which is a form of filibuster. They just cannot make up their minds. Sad.


      1. Felipe: I think the Dems have realized that because she’s a woman (and a strong one at that) there’s no way they can get away with being as rude to ACB as they were to Kavanaugh. And they also seem to have realized that McConnell has the votes and there’s not one thing that can stop him from confirming the nomination.


        1. Kim: Saw a news story yesterday that said the Democrats intend to derail the process by not showing up, which could screw up quorums. The story also said there are ways to work around that for the GOP. However, the suggestion makes me chuckle because not showing up to avoid a quorum is just a sort of filibuster, is it not? Ah, the irony.

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          1. What’s equally amusing is the tacit admission from the Democrats that Obamacare is indeed unconstitutional. Right? If it were not, then there’s nothing the Supreme Court could do about it, and they shouldn’t worry.

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          1. Thank you. Your vote counts for more than mine as you are in a swing-ish state. In MA, unless the glue of the universe becomes unhinged, Befuddled Biden will win by a landslide.


  5. “Liberal pundit Keith Olbermann announced on Tuesday that he would exit ESPN before his contract ended so that he can bash President Trump on a daily YouTube program.

    Olbermann posted a video on social media Tuesday and thanked ESPN for releasing him “a little bit early” from his contract so he can resume political commentary. The former MSNBC host had been instructed to stick to sports since he re-joined ESPN in 2018, but couldn’t resist bashing the president as Election Day approaches.”

    To give up such a lucrative position, he must be getting even more from some other source.


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