The morning windmill

Having three wives under my belt provides me with a diversity of memories. About all the three have in common is that they self-identify as women, which is a good thing because that’s what their plumbing firmly indicates.

Well, there is another characteristic they share, something all women share. They are fond of talking. Women love to talk. Some do it rather calmly, and some less so.

Every morning we sit at the dining room table about 8:30 with coffee and biscuits. She talks. I listen. More often than not, she’s agitated about something, which usually falls into one of two categories. One is the Mexican president who goes by his initials AMLO and who holds a press conference every weekday at 7 a.m. It’s live on YouTube, which is where my child bride watches in bed, and gets herself steamed.

Her second, common source of breakfast uproar will have something to do with one of her many, many relatives, a motley crew if ever there was one.

Okay, now that we’ve established she often comes to the morning table in a state of agitation, let’s move on to the topic at hand, how she manifests that agitation, and it’s something that provides me with endless chuckles, usually kept to myself.

She waves her arms around wildly. I watch as a hand passes the coffee cup at 100 m.p.h. and then the plant vase, and then whatever other fragile item sits nearby. Surprisingly, her windmilling has clobbered very few table items over the years. It must be like the radar that bats possess with which they instinctively dodge obstructions ahead.

The morning windmill is as entertaining as her rants about AMLO or her thinking she can, with sufficient sage advice, change the chaotic course of the lives of her kinfolk.

13 thoughts on “The morning windmill

  1. Maybe you should arrange for the internet to mysteriously not work between the hours of, say, midnight and 9:00 AM. A lamp timer on the modem/router should do nicely.


    Kim G
    Ajijic, Jal
    Where I’m getting more and more worked up about the “mis-leadia” completely disappearing the story of Joe and Hunter Biden’s utter corruption.


    1. Kim: Your plan would not contribute to matrimonial harmony.

      As for the mis-leadia hiding the Bidens’ corruption revelation, welcome to our relatively new world. By the way, I looked at the website of the NYT and the WP both yesterday and just now. Not a peep about that story. Lots of Trump Hate, however. No shortage of that.


  2. I have a cuñada that is well known for talking. All the time. If you are interested in the latest gossip, she will not disappoint.

    My wife talks calmly and intelligently and tends not to gossip. She’s well read, has many interests and low tolerance for boring conversation.


    1. Antonio: And that’s your first wife? ¡Qué suerte! Well, my wife is intelligent too, but she does tend to gossip though she chastises herself now and again for doing so. But she is a piker compared to her sister downtown, my cuñada. As for your cuñada, she is a more typical woman, I submit.


  3. Felipe – have your missus take an Ancestry DNA test! Sounds like you married an Italian rather than a Mexican! Could be interesting, and another source of endless mirth and conversation! Buena suerte, mi amigo!


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