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  1. They keep coming out with numbers favoring the Dems, but then you see these campaign events and weekly Trump parades all over the country, even in Hollywood, and some of the crazier Dems planning demonstrations in case he wins for 4 MORE YEARS.

    I wonder if Biden started measuring for curtains for the White House basement yet.


  2. To be propagating and supporting the idea of voter fraud is a dangerous tactic. Showing a video where foolish Trump supporters are gathered creating a super spreader event over a Biden arrival where congregation is discouraged for safety reasons is also very weak.

    This will lead to unrest and more deaths when he is voted out, because his minions only know one way to react, and that is with violence!

    Trump has helped orchestrate the largest mass loss of life in U.S. history. Why is every other civilized country in the world doing so much better than the U.S.? Why is he loathe to address the issue? Why does he belittle the medical experts? Why is he still attacking Barack Obama and Hilary?
    He is deflecting … and why? Because he is going to prison when he loses. He is a traitor to the U.S., based on his financial liabilities to China and Russia alone.

    I am not a supporter of the Dems, nor am I saying all he has done is bad, but this man has destroyed the U.S. in four short years. Damage that will take decades to repair


    1. Karlos, P.S.: I was going to stick with my first reply because, as it’s accurately said, it does no good to argue religion or politics.

      However, let me point out a few facts. “Trump has helped orchestrate the largest mass loss of life in U.S. history.” Goodness gracious! This is not even close to being accurate. Did you get this info from the NY Times, MSNBC, CNN?

      So far, the official Kung Flu death toll in the U.S. is a bit over 226,000, a questionably high figure in my opinion, and in the opinion of many others. But no matter, in the Civil War, the death toll was over 665,000. In World War II, it was over 405,000. Gotta blame Lincoln, Jefferson Davis and FDR much more than Trump for U.S. deaths.

      Heart attacks and cancer kill far more people than the Kung Flu. Is that also Trump’s evil doing?

      As for conservatives resorting to violence, I point you to Antifa, BLM, and their assorted black-clad, masked cronies with their crowbars, etc.

      As for voter fraud, the Democrats’ pushing mail-in votes is all about gaming the system.

      You are “not a supporter of the Dems”? Of course, you are. As for Trump’s “destroying” the United States, take a look around you. It’s ticking along fairly well, and in the ways that it’s not, don’t blame Trump. Blame the Democrats’ hysterical, four-year, nonstop campaign to reverse the election results in which Trump won fair and square.

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    2. Hola, Karlos: To be propagating and supporting the idea of voter fraud is a dangerous tactic. So is this more dangerous than pretending that a new system in many states (mass, unsolicited ballots) hasn’t already seen multiple documented failures such as dumps of mail, ballot harvesting, and multiple ballots being sent to addresses where the addressee no longer lives? These things are well-documented, though not by the left wing “mis-leadia,” which prefers that we all pretend as you do. Could mass mail-in balloting work? Sure, but so far there’s only five states which have been doing it for multiple years, and which have worked out the kinks. But for any state to adopt it, they need to clean up their voter rolls, verify addresses, and perhaps do something like require a photocopy of a state-issued ID along with the ballot. And the first time they do it, it’s going to be rocky. Look at any new, large program rolled out by either private companies or governments, and the initial stages are going to be a bumpy before the kinks are worked out. Obamacare is a case in point. Pretending otherwise is simply ignorant. Trying this on a large scale during one of the closest and most contentious elections in history is simply asking for trouble, and this is being brought to you by the Democrats. So yeah, talk about how dangerous it is to merely acknowledge these likely problems.

      However, there’s a good chance mass mail-in balloting will spectacularly backfire on the Dems. Since they’ve pushed this, it’s likely that more Democrats will vote this way. Well, guess what? The rejection rate overall for mail-in ballots is far higher than for in-person ballots. Mail-in ballots must meet a number of requirements, including postmarks, dates, signatures, among other data. Oh, and the rejection rate among poor and young voters, key Democrat constituencies, is particularly high.

      So yes, go ahead and talk about “dangerous tactics.” But there’s a very good case to be made that they’ll be dangerous to those who most want them.


      Kim G
      Ajijic, Jal
      Where voter ID is required for all elections.

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      1. Kim: Mexico does voting right these days. You have to prove citizenship to get a voter ID, which is color, has your photo, sealed in plastic, etc., etc. We do it up right. No citizen, no vote. And you have to go to the polling place and stand in line.

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        1. Honestly, I used to be in the camp that thought that requiring ID was voter suppression. But these days? That’s a pretty unsupportable notion, unless you also believe in alcoholic beverage sales suppression (I’m still frequently carded despite being almost 60, with a white beard and plenty of gray hair), entry into federal buildings suppression, suppression of the right to fly, suppression of the right to board Amtrak, and many other things which these days require state-issued IDs.

          So yeah, we really ought to have voter ID and that ID should indicate whether you’re a citizen or not.


          1. Kim: You thought voter ID was suppression? Jeez, man. I remain stunned at your previous self, but I remain happy and impressed at your current self.

            You still get carded? They’re just being nice, ole boy.


            1. No, they’re not being nice. In Massachusetts and probably elsewhere, there are places that think they need to card everyone who wants to buy anything alcoholic, no matter how ridiculous such an action is. For a fact, at Fenway Park, even geezers hobbling about with canes need to provide ID to buy beer. It’s just another example of over-zealous enforcement of some laws stateside. And of course, it’s brutal suppression of the rights of the poor and minorities to have the occasional tipple. But hey! At least there are no drunk teenagers at ballgames. That would be a threat to all of society. Big Brother protects us!


        2. And does Mexico close down polling places, so there’s no place for voters to cast ballots? That’s why voting by mail is so frightening to the Trumpistas.


          1. No name: The GOP is not closing polling places. Is anyone closing polling places? And voting by mail is clearly more susceptible to shenanigans. Numerous examples have already been reported. And Democrats are sneaky. Just a few days ago, the State Supreme Court in Pennsylvania, a key state, ruled that signatures on mail-in ballots do NOT have to match the registered signatures of the voters in question. How absurd and blatantly political is that? Sad.


    3. Karlos: Just happened upon some info that relates to your incorrect claim that “every other civilized country in the world is doing so much better than the U.S.” in the Kung Flu matter. While the U.S. does have the highest death toll, it by no means has the highest toll per capita of the population. One of the reasons the U.S. has the highest toll is that it has a huge population, and with more sneaking in every day, but far fewer than when Obama was in the Oval Office.

      Eight other nations have a higher death toll per capita. Peru is No. 1, Belgium is No. 2. Well, click on this link and read down the list.


      And stop listening to CNN right this minute!


  3. I agree with Karlos. If Trump loses, it’s not because of something fishy. He’s going to lose because he’s the poorer candidate. End of debate. Trump encourages crowds at the landing of Air Force One. Biden discourages it because of crowds causing more risk for covid-19. Really, Miguel, is this the best you can do?


    1. Laurie: You agree with Karlos? Well, of course, but I hope you do not agree with the items he mentioned that are completely wrong, that the U.S. has a worse record with the Kung Flu than all other civilized nations, for one. I cannot help noting that “civilized nations” is not a term that leftists should use, right? I am scandalized that he did so. All nations are equal, of course, equally civilized. I don’t know why I let that pass when he said it. Horrors!

      But more seriously, I find it quite interesting how the Kung Flu issue has separated so much along political lines. People who vote Democrat all wear masks even, I fear, when they go to bed alone at night. They cower at home. You can never be too cautious. And we right-thinking conservatives are far less fond of masks, believing the ever-growing legion of doctors and medical groups who say masks are pretty much useless. I never put one on unless I am forced to, and in Mexico, that is far less often than in the U.S., I read. ¡Qué bueno!

      Trump does not have to encourage crowds at his rallies. It’s a natural phenomenon. We love him! And to think that Biden’s lack of crowds is due to his discouraging them, well, that’s kinda funny. The real reason, of course, is that he inspires no enthusiasm whatsoever. Nobody loves him at all.

      The bigwigs of the Democrat Party had a strategy session a week ago where it was decided that from now until the election their key strategy is Covid Terror all day, every day, 24 hours. That’s the plan, but it won’t work. You guys have a worn-out career politico with a corrupt family, and a disagreeable running mate who nobody in the Democrat primaries liked at the get-go.

      Brace yourself because one of the best presidents in U.S. history is gonna get another four years. Too bad it can’t be even longer. I have faith you will come around. First, you’ll need to get your daily news dose from someplace other than your Washington Post where … Democracy dies in Darkness! Heh, heh.

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