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  1. Like Canada, if you talk in a low voice with your hand over your heart you must be a good person. We have already seen this in Canada with JT, you know, the prime minister with the most ethics investigations ever for a PM. The guy that two of his most prominent female cabinet ministers quit over. But the news people and progressives think he is the great one.

    He thinks Canada should get out of the oil industry also, and buy from some of the upstanding oil countries of the world, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria.

    Green new deal and all that. Look up what a green new job is.

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    1. Ricardo: This mail-in voting is a colossally bad idea. That’s where the trouble will erupt.

      I vote absentee, of course, a different, more secure process even though it is mail too. I sent it registered mail, so I do the tracking. It arrived at the Mexico City airport yesterday, and will be winging its way to Houston posthaste, so to speak.

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  2. It’s amazing how badly Trump has handled the opportunity Biden gave him by declaring he wanted to end the petroleum industry. Just imagine. How many petroleum fueled cars are there in America? Something like 300 million registered cars. What happens to them when the petroleum industry pumps its last drop? They all become literally worthless junk. Right? Actually, it’s even worse. You’d have to pay to have them hauled away. Junk yards wouldn’t want them because who’s going to need spare parts to obsolete machinery? They’d have a little value as scrap metal, and that would be it. American yards and streets would be filled with tons of rusting junkers, slowly decaying. Our streets would grow empty, while millions of people would be impoverished. Meanwhile, sure, the top 10% could replace their petroleum fueled cars with electric, but many, many people in this country can only afford used cars. How long before those electric cars get cheap enough that the rest of the folks could afford them? And in sufficient quantity? I’d wager a good long time.

    That’s the ad Trump needs to run: Biden is coming for your cars. I can scarcely think of anything more persuasive to Americans.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I love cars to much I have 3 of them.

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    1. Kim: Sleepy Joe can run off his senile mouth about ending the oil industry or whatever, but it ain’t gonna happen, at least any time soon. It would be impossible, as you indirectly point out.

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      1. Yes, but “Joe is coming for your cars” is a message with much broader appeal than “Joe is coming for your guns.” There are WAY more car owners than gun owners. That’s the point, not that he can really do it. I wasn’t talking about the facility of the policy, rather what Trump should be doing as a political tactic. Joe laid down some free money, but Trump didn’t take it. Uncharacteristically.

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  3. All will be well when Al Gore invents the spring-wound car or the 1,500-mile-long extension cord. Till then, better find a bike.

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  4. A lot of people have really negative images of the oil companies. The days of nineteen cents a gallon gas are over. Most of the price of gasoline is taxes.
    While they may vote in spite to shut down the industry, most don’t realize that it would put them on the bicycle.
    Democrats think that they are entitled to cheap gas and lots of government subsidized food.
    That ain’t so.

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  5. A lot of really nice folks living abroad are seeing our nation through a very small key hole. They only get the view that the media gives them. They are entitled to their opinions, but so are everyone else entitled to their own opinions.
    The out-of-country bloggers describe President Trump as “oafish, uncouth, and insufferable.” They seem to think he will be voted out of office. If we have an honest election, that just isn’t going to happen. He is what is needed at this particular point.

    Do they really think the people of this country are going to stand for a gang of thugs turning our nation into a one-party kleptocracy. We have had enough of our cities being ravaged, looted and burned by a small minority that seem to think that they have a God-given right to commit crimes. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    How many mentions of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer do you see in Facebook, Twitter, The New York times, The Washington Post or any other major news media?

    The people who own and operate the USA are dead set against you knowing the truth. Our nation is in deep debt, about 130 per cent of the national GDP. The only way out is a massive inflation. They need to remain in control as they move their fortunes from dollars and dollar-denominated instruments to real property and hard assets.

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    1. Señor Gill: This out-of-country blogger never refers to the Blond Bomber as “offish, uncouth and insufferable.” Quite the contrary.

      As for the other stuff you mention, you are quite correct, as often is the case.

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