A moonlight morning

A sharp observer will spot the moon hanging in our morning sky. The photo was taken at 9:30 and, as you can see, it’s a lovely day, blue and cool.

Anticipating that the rains have ended this year, I’ve raised two of the three canvas curtains on the upstairs terraza, which now provides a far better view of the mountains.

Here at the Hacienda, we’re trying to keep calm with the belief that the Blond Bomber is dealing effectively with the Democrat electoral fraud above the Rio Bravo.

First, they refuse to accept the 2016 election results, shriek through four years of nonstop hysterics and dead-end attempts to remove Trump from the office he won fair and square, and now they’re trying to subvert democracy entirely.

My previous post predicted the Democrats would steal the election. They surely cannot win honestly, so theft was the only option. I should have qualified my prediction, however. Instead of saying they would steal it, I should have added “or try to.”

They may yet pull it off, but they possibly have underestimated Trump. Stay tuned.

And stay optimistic.

10 thoughts on “A moonlight morning

  1. Looks like a beautiful day down there. I’m keeping calm but I’m concerned they will steal the Senate too.


  2. I came here for this content and you, Mr. Zapata, did not disappoint. There is no mystery in why AMLO and Trump get along so well, and it is funny, though disheartening, to see that their affinities extend also to their supporters.

    While we patiently await for the evidence of electoral fraud, I hope you do not mind answering a few simple questions: why would Brian Kemp want to steal the election for the Democrats? While he was at it, why didn’t he give them the two Georgia senators too? Same goes for Doug Doucey. Or maybe you can tell us why Tom Wolf was willing to pull this off for Biden, but wasn’t willing to do so for Hillary four years ago.

    So sad. So dangerous. So disrespectful to the fellow Americans who have spent the last months making sure that every vote counts. And all in the name of an irredeemable demagogue. What a twist of fate to have our two nations under the star of these characters. Thank God, only one of them will be left soon.

    – Juan.


    1. Juan: I don’t think it’s so much that AMLO and Trump get along as it is that AMLO is afraid of Trump, and well he should be. Remember those long parades of folks from Central America coming through Mexico in the early months of Trump’s presidency? Trump looked askance at AMLO, and the border with Guatemala effectively slammed shut. That was something Weepy Barry Obama never accomplished.

      As for your “simple questions,” I have no idea who most of those folks you mention are, or care. I don’t keep up with down-ballot candidates or actually much of local doings in the United States at all anymore. Sorry.

      People do make comparisons between Trump and ALMO. I do not buy it. AMLO is a textbook demagogue with delusions of grandeur. I actually think he is mentally unsound. Trump, on the other hand, is quite sound and one of the best presidents in U.S. history, rivaled only perhaps by Abraham Lincoln. Many people find Trump’s manner grating. If you faced constant attacks, 24-7, as he does, you’d be short-fused too. Careful observation reveals that when Trump is treated with respect, he responds very well and kindly.

      But thanks for the feedback and for keeping it polite. Always appreciated.


    2. Democrat governer Tom Wolf didn’t need to in 2016 because Hillary was pretty much guaranteed the victory.


  3. Most of us in the USA have been conditioned all our lives to completely reject the idea that something like a rigged election could happen here. Just because we can’t accept it doesn’t mean it’s not real. My biggest hope is that if all goes the way I expect it will, Trump doesn’t do anything that makes him and the 50% of people who voted for him look like a bunch of crazies. They are not crazies, it’s been so long since they had a voice

    Yes, I want him to get every recount done with adequate representation. We need him to prove his allegations. Unfortunately, if all he does is continue to incite and enrage his followers, it’s not going to end well.

    What everyone seems to forget, real change requires blood.


    1. Nomad; I have not see anything to indicate the Blond Bomber is inciting and enraging his fans. He’s speaking the truth. If some get enraged — and I can see them doing that; it’s justified — it’s on them, not Trump. Meanwhile, the lawsuits start Monday.


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