Sign of our times

Public servant, Portland-style!

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I thought of that immediately on seeing this photo. By the way, that’s a woman, not a man. She is a city commissioner in the socialist outpost known as Portland, Oregon, and as such she’s no fan of the police and has voted to reduce police funding.

But in spite of her voting and rhetoric, what is the first thing she did on November 1 when she had a dispute with a Lyft driver?

That is correct. She called the cops.

Just gazing upon the visage of this gal whose name is Jo Ann Hardesty, by the way, tells you immediately that she voted against President Trump. Yes, you can make accurate judgments based on appearances, and this is where the adoration of victimhood and multiculturalism has brought us. Well, you, not me because I do not live in the United States.

You likely do, poor thing. My heart goes out to you.

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    1. Marco: You think the first robbery in U.S. history (probably) of the White House is going to create issues? Or should I say attempted robbery because the Fat Lady still has not sung?


      1. It’s not so much the robbery that is going to create issues. The people who were robbed, the good people of this country, have to go to work each and every day. They have children to raise, they have responsibilities to take care of, they have taxes to pay.

        It’s the wild bunch on the left that will continue to raise sheer hell. There is not enough money in China to satisfy these nincompoops. They will be demanding all kinds of free stuff and, of course, whitey has to pay. Then that will still not be enough. They will start coming after assets of everyone who has any.

        Violence will become commonplace and, of course, anyone who owns a gun legally will have that severely restricted or that right removed as well. Of course, only the criminals can possess weapons, and God forbid you should use your weapon, you will be the one ending up in prison, not the criminal, of course.

        The future does not bode well for the once great United States of America.


  1. I was just informed that my presidential vote was delivered to the election office in Houston today. I sent it registered mail on October 1. It arrived at the Mexico City airport 27 days later — a distance I can drive in five hours — and sailed into the United States. The USPS, it seems, held onto it another two weeks.

    Yeah, mail-in voting is a great idea.


  2. Judging by her visage, she wakes up angry and ready to hate something or someone every damn day! Not what that country needs right now!


  3. I have to wonder, just how long can these crack pipe Democrats run and loot our country? They cannot tolerate President Trump running around the country holding rallies and running a shadow government. I predict they will do a Seth Rich on him. How long until the worm turns and things get really ugly?


  4. Quote from the linked article: “I don’t call 911 lightly, but I certainly am not going to do anything that would put my personal safety at risk,” she said, per the report.

    Apparently she doesn’t think defunding the police (whom she just called!) would put her personal safety at risk? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha……. And what exactly was her risk? That the Lyft driver was a big, ole meanie who was going to beat her up? I think he just wanted to get a covid denier out of his car and then get on with his business.

    Scott Adams is right. He claims that comedy is dead but that he watches the mainstream misleadia for laughs. I tend to agree.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we think Biden has likely bitten off more than he can chew.


  5. I am afraid Mr. Biden will be swept to the dustbin of history promptly. Nothing will stop those determined to seize and hold power. Who needs a figurehead? Another Kerensky?


      1. I predict Heels Up will slither her way into the pilot’s seat within 3 months of the funeral procession.
        My two cents. 😊


        1. Marco: If Sleepy Joe dies within four years of his yet-to-be-decided inauguration, she will be president immediately, not within three months. I imagine what you meant was within three months of the inauguration, assuming he is inaugurated, of course.


          1. I meant three months within the funeral procession of our once great country, when Bidensia takes office and puts his hand on the Bible and tries to repeat the oath of office without forgetting his lines.


    1. Loulou: Et tu, Brute? All these years, you’ve been one of my few reliable leftist commentators who was able to remain polite. Boy, you should see the list of potty-mouthed and worse folks who are blocked from the privilege of weighing in on The Moon. Well, I will forgive you this time because I know you people are very tense due to the possibility that the Blond Bomber is going to pull the second term out of the bag. Let us pray so.

      But, please, sin no more.


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