An evening alone

View from the scarlet sofa.

I’ve been in this house for over 17 years, far longer than I’ve lived anywhere.

As happens most weekdays, my child bride headed off last night to one of the two gyms she patronizes. Last evening, she was at the closer, more elegant, one only about two miles down the road, leaving me home alone like MacCaulay Culkin.

When she left I went outside and watered yard plants with a hose, the first time this season. Then I came inside and sat on the scarlet sofa with my Kindle. I’m currently plowing through a strange book titled Vagabonding Down the Andes by an oddball named Harry Alverson Franck who in the first decade of the 1900s walked from Panama through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and, well, I don’t know how far because I’m only about halfway through the 1,000-plus-page book. The guy must have been nuts, but he writes interestingly.

Did you know llama is a word from the original Inca tongue, and it means simply “domesticated animal”? Before the Spaniards arrived, the llama was the only domesticated animal in the Inca world, so that’s what they called the beast.

There was still some daylight as I started reading, but night fell, as they say, and I did not turn on the living room light because the Kindle has its own light. It got darker and darker. I looked toward the kitchen where a light was lit in the stove hood. The only other light was what passed through glass bricks that abut the stairwell.

I wonder how many more nights await me. It’s an issue as you age.

10 thoughts on “An evening alone

  1. When I looked at the photo, I thought, usually your pics are very good. Then I read what you had written and, as Paul Harvey would say, here is the rest of the story.


  2. Worry not how many nights, but what quality they will be. I’d imagine that you aren’t exactly looking forward to days of being spoon fed and nights wearing diapers. If it looks like I’ll get to that stage, I’ll do something to hasten the process off this mortal coil.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I wonder how much longer I’ll be. With its snow and ice, plus slippery stairs inside, this house wouldn’t be great for a very old, frail person.


    1. Kim: No, I am not looking forward to those days. I want to depart like my father did, in an instant from a heart attack. He never knew what hit him. But not just yet, of course.


      1. Yeah, you don’t want to disappoint your readers. Beside, aside from the occasional nasal leak, you seem to be in fine shape. Just keep moving, walking, etc., which I believe you are. Studies seem to show that if you stay in good shape, your chances of dropping dead, vs. something long and drawn out, are much better.


        1. Kim: I have been demobilized, i.e. unable to do my usual exercise, this week due to doctor’s orders. He said no unnecessary physical activity while my nose puts itself right. I am obeying him. But yes, I appear to be in better shape than others of my vintage. For instance, I take no regular medicines/pills of any sort. I do hope that makes me more likely to drop dead on the spot. But not just yet.


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