More bloodletting

Another dark evening in the living room.

There I was again, a diminishing day, Friday, sitting alone, just like the previous evening, on the scarlet sofa while my child bride works out in the gym. I took another photo, but this time I lit the metal masks that adorn the far wall.

Just as Thursday, I am reading my Kindle, trying not to think of this week’s bloodletting. Some will recall my hospital overnight on Sunday. I wish that had been the end of the bloody story, but it was not, not even close. An ear-nose-throat doctor cauterized the blood source in my right nostril before I left the clinic on Monday. She gave little additional instructions, and I thought the problem was solved.

No way, José.

Seems there are two ways to cauterize my problem, chemically and electrically. The chemical method is a lighter touch, and that’s what I got Monday. Wednesday morning arrived, and so did another geyser from my nose, but I’ve learned how to halt it by squeezing the nostrils very tightly together for 10 minutes.

It’s not easy, not fun, but it does work.

I was able to make an appointment with a different ear-nose-throat specialist at a different clinic on that same day. He recommended I do this, that and the other. I won’t go into details because it was a useless routine. Yesterday morning, another geyser of blood flew all over the place while I was sitting atop the bathroom throne.

I phoned Star Medica Hospital in the nearby state capital. I know of a superlative ear-nose-throat man whose office is there. He, luckily, was available three hours later. We ate our biscuits, drank our coffee, showered, dressed, and hopped into the Honda. It’s only about a 40-minute drive down the four-lane highway.

The doctor in question is a graduate of the military medical school, in his case, the Air Force. Military doctors are highly regarded in Mexico, thought to be the best, and if this guy is any indication, it’s well deserved. I’ve used him previously.

He gave me a thorough exam with high-tech, camera equipment, showing me the inside of my nose quite nicely. I also got a tour of my ears, all projected onto a large computer screen. He gave me a nose injection of anesthetic. Then he cauterized the offending nose fountain electrically, but I felt nothing due to the anesthetic.

Since I was there, I requested an ear cleaning, which was done with high-force streams of water. Some gunk fell out of both sides, and I can hear my wife again.

The cost for all this? The peso equivalent of $33 U.S.

I must not fool with my nose in any way for a week. Not going to be easy, but it will be easier than not touching my face, one of the common recommendations to avoid the Kung Flu. Try not touching your face for any time. It’s impossible. But I hope I can ignore my nose.

I’m taking medication and spraying my nose lightly every four hours.

I must do no exercise, so my daily walks around the neighborhood plaza, and pumping iron on my home gym set, are out of the question. I am going to relax. I am going to beat this thing. I’ll have more time to read my Kindle while home alone on dark evenings.

Hoping to bleed no more. This is getting old and depressing.

25 thoughts on “More bloodletting

  1. Aging is such fun. Tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday. Probably had it four or five days before I knew.

    Mild symptoms. Not sure where I got it. Likely will never know (add that to a long list of other things I do not know). On a steroid pill twice a day with food (dexamethasone). Feeling better already. Willing to trust statistics.

    Carry on, sir!


  2. What else can I say about healthcare in Mexico, it is great. Follow the instructions. Sometimes it takes more than one trip, but I’m sure you will get there.

    Ricardo, I’m sure you are on the way to recovery.


    1. Kirk: Quite so. I should have gone to this guy in the first place, but I did not know of the method to control the blood flow at the get-go. But now I do. The initial clinic I visited here in town is not worth warm spit, I have concluded. Healthcare options are very good in Mexico, but that is not to say we don’t have crappy places too. You just have to know, and I did not know about the first clinic. Actually, I was using my problem to give it a test run. My error. Well, it would not have been an error if it had been a good clinic.


  3. I’m wondering if the chemical treatment was powered alum, as we used to use if we cut ourselves while shaving?


    1. Phil: Got no clue, but I rather doubt it. Boy, it’s been many years since I even thought about that product. Is it even available anymore? Answer: Yes, but I don’t see it in that stick form.


  4. Hang in there, Pops, you’ve got a long way to go. You’ve been so darned healthy your entire life you don’t recognize what a great ride you’ve been on! Don’t let this little geyser slow you down, man. You’ll be back on the saddle again in no time my friend! 👍🙏


  5. I am curious why your wife goes off in the evening to the gym. I thought she used to go during the day?

    I am 75 and going through one thing after another too. We have been staying with my sister in Ft. Worth while we are using excellent doctors in Dallas. I had a big back surgery after doing epidural shots for a couple of months. Plates, screws and baskets. It came out marvelous. We have a huge branch of the “Carrell Clinic” in Dallas. Only the top docs are hired by them. I felt comfortable with my choice, and sure enough he was marvelous. Problem was I got out on a Thursday, and Saturday night my already bad heart went crazy. Days and days of testing ending in a heart catherization. While in there, they did not see any new problems. This means it has to be electrical. Sent me to the electrical man who explained that the bottom part of my heart is wiggling and the top part is going Kerplunk! I was having spells where it was going to 200 and then down to 100 beats. I have to have another Covid test before the surgery and have six wires installed in my heart and a pacemaker for that problem and now my heart function is only 30% and apt to just quit at any time, so they are installing my very own defibrillator. There was NO WAY I would have stayed in McAllen, Texas, (on the border) and used the doctors and hospitals there. They are at best 2nd and 3rd rate. We have seen so many neighbors go into the hospitals there for a major surgery and they never make it. NOT ME! I am glad you have found your good doctor. Always go for the best first.


    1. Bev: Good grief! What a litany of ailments. Sounds like you’re in good hands, however. Stay calm, and follow the doctors’ orders.

      Yes, both my wife and I went to the gym in the day, but that was years ago. That gym closed down, so I bought a home gym set. My wife found another gym and changed her schedule.


  6. Hope your nose continues as it should and Ricardo’s recovery continues in the right direction. Anything outside of the normal healthy just sucks.


  7. Felipe, sorry that you had to go the long way around before you connected with your current ENT doctor and his “cure,” but it’s good that he was available and your following his instructions to the letter. Stay well.


    1. Señor Cotton: When the United States is going down the drain, which will affect the entire world, how does one not think on it? That is the question. Now, back to my nose.


  8. Next time, consider the Pátzcuaro resources as little more than first aid, and hie yourself forthwith to. Morelia. Take it easy. Ow, don’t go sticking your schnoz where it doesn’t belong, and turn on the damn lights! And while you’re at it, don’t go putting beans in your ears.

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    1. Ms. Shoes: As we departed Star Medica last Friday, we came to that same conclusion and decision. In the future, with anything of note, we’ll head to the Big City. The primary reason we did not do that at the get-go was because I was bleeding all over the place. It was before I learned to stop it with pressure. Live and learn.

      I may still put beans in my ears.


  9. Meanwhile, stay away from sharks and vampires and you’ll be fine.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where either could be quite close at any moment.


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