The cancel-debt nincompoopery

“Cancel police! Cancel student loans! Cancel all bills! Cancel work! Free houses for all! Playtime for all!” These are not words overheard near a group of obnoxious high schoolers, these are the political calls of the modern left. “FREE! FREE! FREE! Everything should be FREE!” These are your elected officials.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees, naive one,” you might say to an immature teenager who asks for free stuff. But what do you say to a fuzzy-brained adult making the same demands, who also happens to have power over your wallet?

An unthinkable conundrum is our reality: the dumbest people in your high school class are now in political power, making the same thoughtless demands they made back when you thought it was just their hormones. 

“I don’t feel like paying my debts because it’s too hard,” is the summary of their I WANT FREE STUFF demand du jour. 

“OK, so who should pay your debts?” you ask. “That’s selfish and racist,” is the response. Seriously.

 The dumbest people in your high school class are now in political power.

This would all be a fantastical, hysterical story, if it were not real.

In anticipation of Biden’s looming presidency, leftists began organizing their FREE STUFF priority lists. On the top of many lists you will find cancellation of student loan debt and free healthcare. Where do they think the money will come from? Why, your wallet, of course! Biden is expected to raise taxes to pay for that “free” stuff. 

Never forget this: the understanding that they must take money from the working to pay for the debts of those not working (or not earning as much) — is in itself proof that they know “free” or “cancel” is a lie. There is no such thing as free because someone always pays for it, and leftists know this. That’s why they call to raise taxes “on the rich” — a puffed lie because it is not wealth that is taxed yearly, but earnings, income, work product. It is work that is taxed, not “wealth.” 

The cunning leftist thieves in charge know what they are doing — committing theft. And like all good thieves, they lie to cover it up. Their constituency, mentally debilitated after years of brainwashing and indoctrination in leftist-run schools, doesn’t ask questions; the lemmings trust and follow and echo.

So what can you do? How can you reason with leftists? Short answer — you can’t. How can you make overgrown children see the flaws of their reasoning? Same answer — you can’t. 

Intellectual conservatives have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to reason with socialist lemmings. There is a narcissistic aspect to the idea that you can figure out a way to change leftist minds. They wasted precious time. Socialist ideology grew like a weed while they were busy using a thesaurus to more authoritatively instruct us on how to argue with the left.

Yes, there were some leftists and Democrats who changed their views. But it wasn’t intellectual conservatives who made that happen, it was the individuals themselves. Those individuals experienced rationality competing with their leftist politics and rationality simply won the internal tug-of-war. 

Past efforts to convince the left of their irrationality are a sunk cost. What’s lost is done. We need to move on.

But I digress. Back to thieves and lemmings. 

If we can’t reason with them, what can we do? We must stop them. There is no middle-ground position on this. A middle ground position with the neoleft means we must take a bunch of steps to the left to meet them half-way on an outlandish demand. Why would we do that? What has middle-ground politics brought us? It’s brought us closer and closer to socialism, which is now threatening us literally at our front door. We can’t afford to let it get any closer. There is no room for negotiation. There is only room for a solid NO.

To “cancel student loan debt” — just say no.

To “free healthcare for all” — just say no.

And so on and so forth.

Don’t negotiate. Just say no. Protect America. 

This guest post was written by Marina Medvin,  a senior columnist at TownHall and a contributor at Forbes. She writes about law, policy, and politics. She is also an award-winning trial attorney, named as one of Washington’s Best Lawyers by Washingtonian Magazine

The headline, on the other hand, is mine.

15 thoughts on “The cancel-debt nincompoopery

  1. Felipe, I’m trying to think back to who started this “free” bit. Help me. Was it the cereal companies who raised the prices greatly? Then offered coupons? Was it the airlines who started giving discounts if you bought your tickets a month early? Was it the auto industry who would offer $5000 discount? They just add it to the bill, then give it back to you as if it is a gift.

    Then the movement moved to colleges who raised tuition, then made you apply for scholarships and grants. to be followed later by student loans. It seems like all pricing is fictitious today. If you pay the list price for anything you are an idiot. Maybe it was all started to take the sting out of price increases?

    My doctor charges Medicare $41,000 for a shot. Medicare approves $850 for it, but only pays the doctor 80% or $680. Everybody is happy.

    A couple of days ago, I got an offer from Verizon for a new “free” cell phone. They would charge me $149.99 for the phone, then give me a monthly credit for $6.24 for 24 months. If I leave them for another company before 24 months I lose the balance. That’s free?


    1. Phil: The “free” pricing of companies, etc., comes from the same mindset as the “free” stuff from government. When companies do it, they hope to attract customers. When government does it, it hopes to attract voters. And in both cases, I am sure, it often works. It’s always important to keep in mind that 50 percent of the population is, by definition, below average in intelligence.


  2. Tuition is already too high. This would push it even higher since taxpayers would be paying for it. Why should taxpayers who never went to college or those who did and paid off their debt have to pay for this nonsense?


  3. All this is summed up nicely in that Margaret Thatcher quote you’ve got on your page:

    “ The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

    So true. Our politicians in Canada have been elected for decades by promising free this and that. Promising to cut taxes is another version of free stuff. People always vote for that. Then we get the situation where our healthcare system erodes. It’s still free, but you get less of it and you must wait longer. Same goes for our roads which are maintained less and our education system where schools aren’t being built fast enough to keep up with the numbers of students. In one suburb of Vancouver there are over 3,000 portables which are just Avco trailers. I realize why cutting taxes is so popular an election issue. Governments are notoriously bad at managing money and frequently waste it on vanity projects. Still, we keep cutting taxes and promise more free stuff while infrastructure collapses and programs are cut. I don’t see an end to it. I haven’t seen anyone get elected on a platform of higher taxes and paying your fair share. That never seems to go over with voters who are currently in debt up to their eyeballs. If interest rates go up, many of them will be screwed.


    1. Brent: I’m not sure I would classify tax cuts as something “free,” but I get your drift. Lower tax revenue must be matched by lowering expenses, which usually is not done. Tax cuts without spending cuts is just politicking.

      As for Canada, it may be worse than the United States. Canucks like to crow about their “free” healthcare, but they also complain a lot about how it often operates in real life. Sad.


      1. Actually I hear a lot of crowing from Americans about the fantastic universal healthcare up in Canada. I doubt if they’ve experienced it though. Our “experts” say we must fight off the Chinese virus to avoid overwhelming our hospitals, but the real crisis is that our healthcare system was on the ropes before the virus hit. We don’t have enough nurses as many of them have quit due to working conditions and low pay. I used to go out with a nurse almost 40 years ago and she said that a lot of Canadian nurses were moving south to the U.S. for a better deal all around. Then we replaced them with Philippinos and others who do their best but frequently don’t speak much English and haven’t had the same level of training. They contracted out the cleaning staff to foreigners too and the level of cleanliness has gone down. And we’re short-staffed when it comes to doctors and other specialists, so many operating rooms sit empty most of the time while waiting lists get longer. You get what you pay for and sometimes less.

        And I’m not going to get a Joe Biden vaccine. The minute you get one it forgets what it’s supposed to do. 😉

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        1. Brent: You paint a grim picture of “free” Canadian healthcare indeed.

          As for a Joe Biden vaccine, I would not risk one either. However, when a Trump vaccine is available in Mexico, I will be getting one.


      2. Are you referring to the tax cuts that were made under Deferment Don’s leadership as “politicking”?


        1. Curtis: Tax cuts without spending cuts is usually a bad idea, so in this case, yep. The Blond Bomber is one of the best presidents in U.S. history, surpassed probably only by Abraham Lincoln, but he is not perfect. No one is.


  4. Everyone wants more for less. Unions in Canada are big pushers for more for free. The Ontario teachers union is worth 204 billion dollars that’s paid by taxes, and they think they should get more. The students are told how bad the wealthy are. They sound fairly well off to me.

    Canadian healthcare is you paying more and getting less, I lived in a rural area, and we had to raise money locally to pay for beds for patients. Then they closed the hospital and took the beds away, if you need emergency care, you can get it, but other than that, you are in a long line of several years.

    Nincompoopery is rampant everywhere.


  5. Don’t delude yourself. This is not a phenomenon solely of the left; this is bipartisan. The right constantly promises big government and small taxes, which is what we’ve got under the current regime. Free battleships! Free global domination! Free infrastructure! And this sadly bipartisan affair of overspending and undertaxing is what is going to lead to an enormous financial crisis some day. Among many other countries, the USA has more debt and debt-like obligations (social security and medicare, primarily) than it can possibly pay under any reasonable set of assumptions. That which cannot happen will not happen, so it’s only a matter of time before we either have hyperinflation or outright default/restructuring. In the case of hyperinflation, that will be of somewhat limited use anyway since both Social Security and Medicare are indexed to inflation. As for default, that will have to come in the form of reducing Social Security and Medicare, and possibly haircutting U.S. Government debt, e.g., bills, bonds, and notes.

    Alas, coronavirus has probably pushed us past the point of no return and there are now no good options. Were the government try to cut spending and raise taxes, the economy would commence shrinking, quite possibly lowering net tax revenues. This is what has happened and continues to happen in Greece, which has been in a state of economic depression since at least 2010. Yet if the government continues on its current path (the most likely option, IMHO), which includes massive money-printing, then big inflation is only a matter of time.

    I’ve literally worried about this for years, and the day is drawing nigh. Truly nasty stuff can probably be pushed out a few more years (look at the Japanese!), but math is math, and this won’t end well.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where this is our number one worry.


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