Quitting crack cocaine

I’ve created and deleted Facebook accounts four or five times over the years. I just deleted the most recent, and I hope I possess the moral fiber to stop altogether, to not be drawn back like a toothless, crackhead skank on a dark, rainy, ghetto street corner.

What prompted the latest deletion? The video above. It’s one of Tucker Carlson’s better videos, and that is saying a lot because his programs are superlative.

That so many otherwise intelligent people, and I’m referring to the politically conservative, stubbornly embrace their FB pages (or Twitter accounts) is disturbing, but I understand why. I was there. The crafty Big Tech giants have developed a powerful cocaine. The cocaine makes you go there, keeps you there, and then uses and abuses you till you’ve dropped a third of your body weight, and your teeth are brown and rotten. And you smell bad.

The cocaine makes you go there, keeps you there, and then uses and abuses you.

Having a Facebook or Twitter account is enabling them because their power is based solely on the massive number of accounts they possess. Without accounts, they would fade away like Myspace, Excite.com and Netscape Navigator, all of which still exist but are sad shadows of their former selves.

Tucker is discussing Big Tech power and censorship, and what it’s doing with and to us, all of which is more important now that they are corrupting the American electoral system while addressing congressional hearings with straight faces.

There are Facebook and Twitter alternatives that are growing significantly. For Twitter, go to Gab instead. For Facebook, go to MeWe. Parler is being hyped as an alternative to them both. I opened a Parler account, but find the daily sign-in process too ponderous.

Better to go to Gab in part due to its working smoothly but, more so, due to the outrageous attacks it has suffered since its birth in 2016. The propaganda campaign launched by Big Tech has been astounding. Currently, you cannot send money to Gab via PayPal, nor can you use a credit card. Gab cannot be monetized in any way because it’s all been blocked by Big Tech thugs. The only way to financially assist Gab is by personal check or Bitcoin.

The leftist attack on Gab extends to the personal accounts of its founder and CEO Andrew Torba, a devout Christian whose family credit cards have been canceled by Big Tech, all because Gab embraces free speech. You can say anything on Gab that is not illegal.

This drives the censors of Big Tech bonkers, and Gab grows bigger by the day, especially since this month’s election fraud. Due to the initial propaganda that Gab was a social media dedicated to Nazis and other unsavory sorts, Gab fairly recently made it possible to view the website before joining. That was not the case at the get-go, likely a bad decision.

I do little on Gab, but it’s good to provide moral support by opening an account, and to not provide moral support to internet mammoths like Facebook, though I know you will justify your staying put. It’s where all your buds are. Family too.

I have been there. But now I am clean. In short time, my weight will return to normal, my breath will smell fresher, and my eyes will clear up.

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  1. In DC over the weekend, one of the things we chanted at the march was “Turn it off!” in response to CNN, CNBC, the NYT, Facebook, and other organs of left-wing hegemony. It was refreshing to see folks begin to address the non-governmental ills that plague us.

    Frankly, I’m surprised to hear that you had an FB account at all. I’ve never had one, despite pressure from lots of friends to join. The more I hear of them, the less I like them. Yesterday (or perhaps the day before) it was revealed in congressional testimony that they have a system called “Centra” (or something like that) which essentially allows them to coordinate action with Twitter and Google/YouTube. This explains how they all canceled Alex Jones on the same day. In other industries, such behavior is called “collusion” and “restraint of trade.” I hope the FTC takes notice, but I rather doubt they will. If nothing else, it becomes plainer by the day that there’s one set of laws for the elites, and another set for the rest of us. And that is a sadly bipartisan project.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where it’s frightening how many folks are working tirelessly to strip us of liberty.


    1. Kim: Yes, I am ashamed of myself. I used the FB account primarily to keep up with news here in my local area. It is a good source for that, and there are not too many other options. But I decided moral issues overrode that convenience.

      Centra is addressed in the Tucker Carlson video, and it was one of the reasons I snapped. Again.

      So you actually made it to D.C. I am proud of you.

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      1. The crowd in DC was amazing. It was like being in a group of friends. Everyone was incredibly nice and friendly. Strangers just struck up conversations. I found a guy carrying a gay pride flag, and we hung out together, along with his friends and straight brother. Straight people stopped us and wanted to take pictures with us. One young man wanted to know how to explain to his girlfriend’s gay best friend how Trump was not some raging homophobe, so I gave him a checklist of things that Trump has said or done to show support for the gay community including being the first president to support gay marriage before entering office, having appointed the first openly gay cabinet member (Rick Grennell), having made a big speech post the Pulse Nightclub shooting, where he promised to protect the gay community from radical Islamic terrorists (something which seems to be working), how he welcomed Caitlyn Jenner into Trump Tower and let her use whatever bathroom she preferred, and a few other items. I’d also note that unlike in many other large events I’ve seen, this crowd of “deplorables” didn’t even leave any litter. That was truly amazing. Aside from the occasional cigarette butt (which may have been preexisting), the streets under our feet were immaculate. It was truly a wonderful crowd.


  2. Good for you, Felipe, for stepping out of Facebook. I’ve been thinking about cancelling my accounts for a while now. I have a professional one and a personal one. Don’t really do anything on either of them. When I look at them from time to time it appears other people’s stuff is on it (tagging me). I only go on Facebook to catch up to look at the posts of people I haven’t seen for a while. I’ll miss that, but must admit that it sure does feel like an addictive drug. Once my husband shows me how to delete my FB accounts (LOL), I’ll be history. Okay I said it … now I just have to do it. 😳


    1. Annette: It’s the right thing to do. Do an online search for “how to delete a Facebook account,” and you’ll get instructions. Not that hard.

      Now get busy! You’ll feel much better and cleaner. Enjoy the day!


  3. Damn, I just knew you would cut the cord again, amigo. 😞

    I hope you will decide to return to the crack, our teeth have already rotted, we’ve got nothing more to lose. 🥺


  4. I only have a FB account under a fake name so that I can view other people’s FB pages occasionally. I found my birth mother, sisters and brothers that way. It’s amazing what personal information people post on their pages. Frightening actually. I would never use my real name on any of these platforms. I’m actually surprised that FB hasn’t killed my account for not using a real name, but I always try to make it sound plausible … like Brent Morrow!

    I’ve never tweeted or gabbed and use Disqus for making the odd comment. Most of the time it feels like a waste of time. On certain sites I know I’m not likely to convince anybody of anything and will just get attacked mercilessly. Other sites it’s like talking to the choir. I’m trying to reduce my time spent on social media because as you say, it’s addictive and kills many hours that would be better doing something else. I’ll still come here and make the odd comment if you’ll have me.


    1. Brent: I will always have you, of course. But you vanish off into the Canadian wilderness now and then.

      I recall your finding kinfolk on FB, which is interesting. As for FB killing your account due to a false name, I imagine many FB accounts have false names. How would they know? But the bottom line is that having a FB account, or Twitter or whatever, is enabling them. The account numbers are what gives them their power.

      This morning I also zapped my Instagram account. FB owns that too.

      I think the U.S. presidential election fraud makes pushing back in the small ways that individuals can do even more important.

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  5. Tucker and Gutfeld, two of my favorite people. Both are very insightful. Had a couple of profiles when I was working. Cancelled them as soon as I retired. My company sent me a request to get my passwords, trying to find who I had been talking to. I just said I forgot them but would look for them. Not likely. I go on a couple of web boards as a visitor, but that’s it.

    Most people I want to talk to, I call them. Mostly drivel on social media sites anyways.

    It’s interesting how so many people will go along with censorship if it supports their beliefs and think it will not affect them. Only time with tell.

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    1. Kirk: Many people — primarily but not exclusively those who vote for Democrats — these days are quite okay with censorship of those who disagree with them. Alas, I do not think this is a new phenomenon. It’s always been true.

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    2. I don’t have American stations at home, but down here in Mexico I do. I’ve loved Tucker for years, but the last few shows leave me wondering if somebody got to him. Very disappointed. Fox has a lefty board of directors since Rupert Murdock stepped down. They pretend they’re still a conservative outlet by keeping some of their conservative mouthpieces. I really like Greg Gutfeld, but Tucker doesn’t sound like Tucker anymore, at least for the last few shows. I would respect him more if he just quit Faux, but he seems to like his cushy job … so far. He doesn’t need the money. That’s for sure. A lot of people are dropping Fox, and it shows. Their ratings are circling the drain along with the decrepit CNN, etc. Please quit Fox, Tucker! Start your own independent station or join up with Newsmax or OANN. You’ve built up an impressive following, but your last few shows were disappointing to say the least. Rant over. 🙂

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      1. Brent: Rant away, señor. I have not seen Tucker’s last few shows unless the one included in the post is one of them. In that case, he seems quite good. Yes, Fox News is going south. The commentators are mostly reliable, from what I have seen. I only see Tucker’s shows on YouTube, and sometimes it’s just snippets of them. Fox’s news division is what’s pissing people off these days. Sad.

        Lots of people like Gutfeld, but I find his rather snotty manner off-putting, so not a fan.

        Newsmax is very good.

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