The awkward questions

A brave and perceptive fellow from across the pond.

Simon Webb is a British historian and author. I’ve been following his videos on YouTube for many weeks. His channel is dubbed History Debunked. I am interested in history. I have a degree in history. Most people know squat about history.

I particularly enjoyed this video because it touches on a topic that affects many aspects of our conflictive Western world these days, that we are all equal or some such silliness.

“The Western world today is in the grip of irrational thinking.”

Webb points out parallels between today’s politically correct nonsense and similar stupidities that were shoved down the gullets of citizens in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and that if you don’t toe the correct line you can find yourself in serious trouble.

In Soviet and National Socialist times, you risked your life, but these days you only risk your reputation and livelihood. You won’t be shot just yet.

A few of the more radical Democrat politicos, working under the assumption their election fraud will be successful, have already proposed a Black List of Trump Administration officials to prevent their finding employment in the future. Of course, they would love to extend that to everyone who supports Trump.

Shades of Sen. Joe McCarthy.

9 thoughts on “The awkward questions

  1. Thinking about it, its seems to me that the so-called white race appears to be the only race that welcomes those of other races. Yes, you can live in China or Japan, but you will never be accepted into the family or trusted with inside information. You will forever be an oddity.

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    1. Señor Gill: Promoting multiculturalism is a highway to mayhem and murder. People do not like it. History is chockablock with examples. People prefer the company of others who look like and think like themselves. It is the building block of nations. Most of humanity understands this, but a significant portion of white Westerners have convinced themselves otherwise, or think they have. Much of the United States now is suffering the consequences of promoting multiculturalism and diversity. Multiculturalism is a problem to be resolved as kindly as possible. It’s certainly not something to be promoted.

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  2. Sadly, schools teach social justice rather than history. Civics classes used to teach kids how government is supposed to work. But now, the governor of New York can just say a court decision is irrelevant.

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  3. If schools offered black children a good education rather than indoctrination, the condition of black society would turn around in twelve years.

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