The bad smell

Successful civilizations come … and go. More often than not, it’s their very success that causes their departure. Sometimes they fall rapidly, mostly by military conquest, but other times it’s more gradual, and you get the first hint this way:

A bad smell.

Western Civilization now needs industrial-strength deodorant.

Academia has fallen — watch the video above by the perceptive Bill Whittle — and it’s impossible to overstate the significance of that. And recently, in the United States, democracy collapsed too. If you think Biden won 18 million more votes than Obama won in 2012, I have a London Bridge replica in Mexico’s northern desert you can buy for next to nothing.

The aroma grows worse by the day. If you don’t notice, it’s because you vote Democrat above the border, but the stench will overwhelm even you in time. Revolutions eat their own. Ask the French. And the Russians. And the Mexicans.

One aspect of the stink is the apologetic society.

Whittle addresses that beautifully in the video below.

Have a nice day. While you still can.

At times I feel like Winston Churchill talking to Neville Chamberlain.

41 thoughts on “The bad smell

  1. I am a member of the Redhead Community. I have been offended repeatedly throughout my long life for being a redhead with freckles and a pale complexion and being different. I hearby declare those who have offended me must now apologize, be fired from current employment, or redact admission to any institution or otherwise honored by any award from any group be forced to return such award and humble themselves before me. By the way, at my advanced age, I still have red hair and no gray. Fair enough? Eat your hearts out.

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          1. Funniest thing, I was in Dublin several years back walking to where my daughter lived then. Someone stopped me on the street, tourists, and asked me if I knew where a place was they were looking for. I have not ever seen so many redheads in one place before. So they asked me, thinking I was a local. Replied something like I was a Texan, and I hardly knew where I was. Big laugh for all.


  2. I would respectfully agree and disagree with you, Felipe. I agree that the demise of Western Civilization is pending based on the leftist cancel culture. I have hope that it can still turn around away from the topic nanny state that so many think they want. I think in Canada we may be further along than in the U.S. in some respects, I think the U.S. has been spurred on by the disgusting orange a-hole and his alienation of so many, simply by his attitude and his lifelong success as a bully. I also believe that is the reason that Biden did get the votes he got.

    The whole voter fraud attempted rationalization is a red herring IMO. Happy New Year


    1. Karlos: We are of one mind on your first issue. As for President Trump, not so much. He is one of the best presidents in U.S. history if you take into account the current world situation. Lincoln likely rivaled him. As for the votes Biden received, some legit, many not, people were not voting for Biden. They were voting against Trump. I get that.

      As for the election being stolen, I am sure you get your info from the mainstream media, i.e. the DNC. If you venture a bit beyond that, you will have learned of and seen CCTV videos of poll workers in key, Democrat-controlled areas being sent home around midnight and then suitcases of votes being pulled from beneath desks. You will have seen photos of windows of polling stations in Democrat areas being covered with paper after voting closed, so seeing inside was impossible. You will have seen GOP poll watchers being kept at a safe distance from the counting in other Democrat-controlled areas so no useful observation was possible. Photos, videos, clear as can be. They were not even subtle about it. And, of course, mail-in voting! Absurd process. And those computerized voting machines, all tailor-made for cheating.

      You will not have seen this on CNN or read about it in the NYT, WaPo, etc., of course.

      And if you buy that Biden won millions more votes than Obama in 2012, I still have the London Bridge available just for you.


  3. I like to think that I can talk to most people about most anything without being offended, I might not agree, and we can argue the points, but we can discuss. What I don’t understand is why we can’t discuss most any topic without a safe place and crayons.

    My own kids who still talk to me will not talk about something that we disagree on. They don’t argue a point. They just don’t talk about it.

    My wife is a redhead and says it’s natural, but I have my doubts, but that is one thing I don’t argue about. I just accept, no crayons needed.


    1. Kirk: So you have some of those indoctrinated children who are so common today. They don’t want to argue points because they cannot. Simple as that.

      Alas, my daughter is the same. My sister too.


    1. Marco: It’s been hitting the fan over the past few decades. I’m not sure how many decades more this can go on before the fan — and all other good things — comes undone.


  4. Defund the universities! People cannot make a living with degrees in gender studies or feminist studies. Degrees in most liberal arts are also useless.
    I remember when we attended my sister-in-law’s graduation, and they announced she had a degree in modern dance. My father-in-law just about fainted. It was a useless degree and a total waste of money.


      1. Karlos: At times I cannot make heads or tails of you. You can seem clear-headed and perceptive one moment, and then in a demented leftist cave at other times. Odd. Maybe it’s something in the Canadian air. Maybe it has to do with too much maple syrup.


  5. Agreed, man. I firmly and mournfully believe we’ve long since passed the tipping point. We are in for a circling drain of communist-like policies that will soon drag us into the dustbin of history.

    Selfishly, I only hope the powers taking control keep paying my Social Security till I can exit stage right. 😒


  6. I was working in an institution when they decided to stop paying Social Security to inmates. I thought there would be a riot, but no, it happened without a whimper. Now, what if they decide to not pay Social Security to those residing outside the U.S.?

    I do support not paying Social Security or SSI to those over a 110 years of age. Let them come into the agency and prove they are still alive.

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  7. A bad smell to be sure. There are still voices of reason out there, but they are often drowned out by the deranged mobs. I ran into an interesting site the other day you might want to check out:

    Happy New Year to you all.


  8. Today’s university education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented.


    1. Antonio, P.S.: I have long campaigned against calling leftists “liberals,” which they definitely are not. They are not “progressives” either. Leftists have kidnapped the words, and conservatives play along like the dunces we often are.

      In the right-side column here, there is a quote from Dennis Prager:

      “The usurpation of the word “liberal” by the left has been a catastrophe.”


  9. I must confess to having trolled this post. My prior post, with a small modification, actually belongs to Adolf Hitler.

    I was born, raised and educated in a staunchly Catholic and radical conservative environment in los Altos de Jalisco. My grandfather was an original member of the Mexican sinarquista movement and my father was an associate of Salvador Abascal and sons. I grew to despise their ultra right politics and beliefs. Radicalism, on either the left or the right, rarely solves anything. They only serve to create an equal and opposite reaction. A few on either side benefit when they control others’ lives but society as a whole suffers.

    The comments I read immediately brought to mind far-right political beliefs of the same fascism that my father and his father held. Whether they be the sinarquismo here in México, the falangismo of Franco, Hitler’s national socialism or the fascismo italiano of Mussolini, they all shared a hatred for intellectualism.


    1. Antonio: If you are going to troll, please be more clear. Stating the obvious in an intelligent way does not serve any purpose if trolling is your aim. More importantly, it is not wise to troll here because it may cause you to be cast out into the cold, and that is no fun.

      As for the wisdom of being ultra-right, normally, I would agree with you, but we live in very, very challenging times. Not so much here in Mexico because we are not a multicultural society, and thank God for that. The United States, on the other hand, and Western Europe, which is far worse, are. And they are swimming in the Sea of Woes that encouraging multiculturalism invariably causes.

      Multiculturalism and the thuggish belief system called Political Correctness are stuff of the left, and it’s got the United States in a ham-fisted grip. It’s very dangerous and, for that reason, I believe that going far in the other direction, to provide a counterweight, so to speak, is the reasonable response. I do that. Not that it does any good whatsoever other than making me feel better. The United States is a lost cause and, with time, that will impact Mexico to a far greater degree. Things do not look good.

      And no more trolling, por favor. Thanks in advance.


      1. I will leave you with this thought. In what way is your argument any different that Hitler’s, Mussolini’s or Franco’s in the 1930s?

        Have a happy and healthy 2021.


    2. Antonio, P.S.: As for “intellectualism,” it comes in all forms that span the spectrum from really brilliant to really dumb. One who thinks he is using the intellect over the emotions is often just fooling himself.


  10. I can easily reconcile the vote difference between Biden and Obama by sheer volume. In 1996, 89% voted in person. By 2018 only 55% voted in person. Like everything else, Americans of all ages have increasingly found more convenient ways to vote. 156,000,000 voted in this election is 30,000 more than in 2016.

    The gentleman in the video is wrong about the cause of education downfall. The big reason not only for education, but many other problems. VIETNAM!!!
    The most wasteful, useless ill-conceived “war” in our history. I graduated high school in 1967. Vietnam flooded campuses with young men trying to avoid the draft. Vietnam was the source of most protests, war, racial and other. Simply put, we really found out how much the government will lie to us. How politicians and government would rather kill its future, young citizens, than lose power. War was considered patriotic, and patriotism was used to make young men participate in the war whether they wanted to or not.

    To this day I see baby boomers flying their Vietnam Veterans flags and other visible items like clothing and bumper stickers in the name of patriotism! I have to keep reminding myself they did what was expected, and what they felt was right. Now, it’s not their fault. We all had fathers who served in WWII and even Korea. This soldier patriotism was bred into them the same way religion and other cultural traditions are.

    War will always be with us. It is the nature of man. Unfortunately, man can be manipulated by powerful politicians to do their bidding no matter how valid the reason.

    This stolen election is just another way to line up us against them. They’ve been stealing elections for years. Wake up, people. It’s called gerrymandering.

    Okay, rant’s over. Sorry If I offended anyone. Live your life, love your family and everything will be okay.


    1. Dave: We need to return to in-person voting with just that small percentage who cannot make it to a U.S. polling place, people like me, for instance, and overseas military personnel. This year’s system was tailor-made for corruption, and that is what happened.

      Vietnam was a mistake, but it seemed less so at the time to many people. The Domino Theory did make some sense then. Not so much now, of course. Hindsight is excellent.


  11. I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. Hopefully, this next year will be much better. We may see the last of this damn virus and, hopefully, the Chinese will not unleash another horrible disease upon us.

    God willing, the Democrats will not get us into another horrible and pointless war that we cannot win. Hope and pray!


    1. Señor Gill: Let us hope 2021 will be an improvement. Let us hope.

      As for Democrats starting wars, Republicans are just as guilty. It was one of the countless blessings of the Trump administration that he tended to the home front, setting him apart from both Democrat and GOP presidents who came before him.


  12. War is easy to start, but hard to stop. Before picking a fight, it is important to have a worthwhile goal in mind and a way of ending the war. Victory is out of the question in this age of atomic weapons. So, war must be done judiciously, not just to make a huge fortune for Democrat profiteers.
    So, now we have China attacking us in ways that we never thought of, through the internet, through commercial activity and tariffs, not to mention manipulation of our media and spies everywhere. It is a war of a thousand cuts. Are we going to allow them to manipulate our election process? Will we become a client state of China? Time will tell.


  13. Felíz nuevo año, señor. Let’s drink to making it better than the last one. A large glass of orange juice will serve. Leave the tequila to me.

    Your blog is a service to humanity. It is well-policed and available to any who seek it. No crayons needed.

    May you live as long as you want and do everything you can.



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