The gel scam

We Mexicans are getting a good dose of antibacterial gel. Everywhere you go, someone is shooting gel into your palms. This is most notable whenever you walk into a store. There is either someone actually standing there to squirt gel into your hands, or there is a bottle on a bench, and you’re instructed by a sign to douse yourself.

I never do.

There is only one problem with this mania. The gel is antibacterial, not antivirus. Before the Kung Flu found its feet last spring, the labels on those gel bottles all said one thing. It kills bacteria.

It did not take long for marketing departments to slap “antivirus too!” on those same bottles, and they morphed into Kung Flu killers, and the money started rolling in. Baloney, I say.

Antibacterial gel is to a virus what antibiotics are to the common cold, which is squat.

To make matters worse, some gels contain an ingredient that’s potentially harmful to your health, and those gels are banned in the United States. Not in Mexico, however.

And the lunacy soldiers on.

8 thoughts on “The gel scam

  1. And using all that stuff weakens the immune system for when you actually have to fight off a bacterial infection!


  2. I like it where you put it on yourself, so I put none on, just go through the motion and then everyone is happy.


  3. What’s the noxious ingredient we should be avoiding? By the way, the key component of these gels is ethanol (active ingredient in Tequila), which does kill viruses. Even better is soap and water, but that’s inconvenient at store entrances, and slow to boot.

    All that said, the CDC months ago basically said that surface transmission wasn’t really a thing with regard to covid, so hand sanitizer is of limited value, along with everything else, as the infection curves demonstrate.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we occasionally use hand sanitizer anyway. Can’t hurt.


    1. Kim: I too occasionally use gel for the same reason. Can’t hurt. Well, at least the type that is not banned in the U.S. As for what that perilous ingredient is, I do not remember.


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