Adiós, Mr. President

The racist president meets with supporters in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump was not my first choice during the Republican primaries in 2016. Ted Cruz was, and I still think Cruz would make a superlative president. Maybe in 2024. My fingers are crossed. He’s as pugilistic as Trump.

But I quickly came to love and admire Trump after he took office. I believe him to be one of the best presidents in U.S. history, especially if you consider the challenging times in which we now live. In my mind, Trump is tied with Abraham Lincoln.

The accomplishments of the Trump Administration are legion. I’m not going to write a long list here. However, if you’re interested, just do an internet search. But below is a short list of my favorites. Before I do that, however, I will point you to an article in The American Mind, a publication of the Claremont Institute.

They cite what they consider his greatest achievement, that he exposed the corruption of the American ruling class. And he surely did, which explains the ongoing venom he faced throughout his four years in office from the “powers that be,” the powers that, seeing their last chance to avoid another four years, blatantly blocked his reelection.

Here are just a few of my favorite Trump accomplishments:

  1. Thriving economy.
  2. Trade deal that replaced NAFTA.
  3. Departing the ill-conceived Paris Climate Accords.
  4. Low jobless rate, for blacks the lowest in half a century.
  5. Tax cuts, both for individuals and businesses. Yes, spending cuts were needed too.
  6. Slashing regulations. Hard to overstate the importance of this one.
  7. Increased border security.
  8. Increased military spending.
  9. Embrace of Israel, the only Mideast nation where women walk free.
  10. Putting China in its place.
  11. Mideast peace agreements.
  12. Not one new foreign war.
  13. American energy independence.
  14. End of ISIS.
  15. Not so much an accomplishment as recognition of accomplishments were the five Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Five, count ’em.

If you’re a Democrat Socialist you’re unaware of these things because your “news sources” never mentioned them.

President Trump is one of a kind, in a very good way. America will be far worse off without him at the helm, punching the politically correct in the nose every darn day.

33 thoughts on “Adiós, Mr. President

  1. Whoever said, “May you live in interesting times” can kiss my arse.

    Whole damned country is coming unglued, my friend.


      1. Parler is gone, FB and TWITer banned the president.

        Freedom of speech being suppressed. Next up will be 2A. 😒


        1. Marco: Parler is gone where? I know Google was trying to strong-arm it into censorship. Did they buckle? Hope not. Gab has set a stellar example about how to handle the thugs.

          I wouldn’t worry too much about 2A. It’s darn near impossible to alter the Bill of Rights.


          1. Google took Parler off their “Play” store, and Apple has given them 24 hours to conform to Apple’s standards for moderation, or be removed. Clever users (a small minority) can still load Parler onto their Google/Android phones, but Apple users are screwed.

            One wonders how long it will be before Apple decides to keep me from calling, say, Alex Jones, with my Apple phone. And whether such a decision will be greeted with cheers, or the appropriate outrage. Imagine if somehow Toyota could prevent you from driving their cars to certain locations. This whole idea of corporations controlling how you use the products you’ve purchased from them is totally frightening.

            It’s a grim new world, and this is only the beginning.


            Kim G
            Boston, MA
            Where the literal last bastion of freedom (Europe has already been lost) is going down the totalitarian road.


            1. Kim: Correct, as ever.

              As for Parler, Gab is better, and the Powers that Be have already thrown everything they could think of at Gab, and Gab is stronger than ever, adding accounts by the thousands every week. Go open an account. Even if you don’t use it, it’s moral support. I’ve had an account with them since their first year. Hardly ever use it, but I get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that I’m on board there.

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              1. You’re right about the Apple phone. Really, until recently, Apple was one of the better players. But now? They seem to be taking the lead of their worse brethren. Still, I paid $700 for this phone, and I’m not giving it up any time soon. Besides, one’s only other choice is an Android/Google phone, or maybe Huawei. It’s hard to imagine that any of these alternatives are in any way better. That said, I could take my Mexican Samsung phone and load it with the E Foundation’s open-source software and use it. But I kind of fear that it’s a bit like Linux: great in theory, but a pain in the ass in terms of interfacing with the rest of the world.

                You know the sad part of all this? Silicon Valley used to be a pretty libertarian place. The early internet in the ’80s (accessible only to geeks at the time) was a wild west of ideological freedom. Now? It’s more like some kind of gulag. Very sad.


                1. Kim: I have a very nice Motorola g(8) Plus. Does everything a sensible person could require. And the company does not censor people. It’s not a thug outfit.


                2. But it almost surely runs Android, a product of Google. And it’s made by Lenovo, a Chinese company which owns Motorola Mobility, the part of the company that sells cell phones. So it’s almost (if not totally) impossible to avoid evil when choosing a cell phone.


  2. Something happened yesterday that changes all this. Cruz is washed up. Trump is lucky if he doesn’t get removed through the 25th Amendment or get impeached again. Criminal charges await him on Jan. 21.


    1. John: I suspect that once Sleepy Joe is carried into the Oval Office, Trump’s opponents’ interest in him will fade away. They will consider their job done and that all has returned to normal. Business as usual.


      1. While that would be the sane response, it’s pretty clear that sanity has left the building. Pelosi’s impeachment gambit shows that completely clearly. While I seriously question whether she’ll be able to even get it to the Senate (where McConnell is almost certain to block a vote), the whole thing will have to take more time than they have. It’s pure political theater, with no more lofty gain than to force Republicans to vote in a way that the Dems will use to their advantage in 2022.

        Meanwhile, let’s hope the electorate notices that Pelosi can indeed act on things that are important to her, and compare that to the desultory covid relief bill.

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    2. John: Please enlighten us as to what the charges might be. There’s a lot of talk like yours, but little in the way of specifics about which laws Trump might have broken. In fact, I seem to recall that the last time I challenged you on this very question, you had no response. Yet here you are asserting the same thing. (Forgive me if I’ve mis-remembered.) Anyway, what will he be charged with?


      Kim G

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      1. Kim: John may or may not answer, but here is the usual answer. Trump will be charged with being an absolutely awful person! And there you have it. I hope it was helpful.


  3. Not a pleasant ending for the Trumpster. As usual, he was his own worst enemy. However, he’s not the type to fade away into the smoke without any further notice.

    Stay tuned. Things will be like they were, except they won’t.


    1. Ricardo: I disagree that he was his own worst enemy. His deportment was just what it should have been in the face of everything the other side endlessly spat at him. He gave as much as he got and even more. It was lovely. And it was what got him elected in the first place.


      1. You can support Trump and still recognize the many, many times he has shot himself in the foot. I have to agree with Ricardo here. Trump has said and done many stupid things that he’d be better off not having done. Like firing Flynn, how he handled Mueller, many of his outrageous tweets, etc. Sure, some of the outrage helped him, but there was also plenty that just hurt him.


  4. I agree with everything you said. I was not a fan of his in the beginning either. Many others don’t have the details. My question to those is simple: Why do you think he was hated by so many people in power? Hint: it wasn’t because of his orange hair.


  5. Qué ironía! EEUU se ha convertido en una *república bananera! ¿Quien iba pensar que eso sucediera?

    *frase denigratoria gringa

    Translation: How ironic the USA has become a *banana republic. Who would have ever thought that would happen?

    * a description used by Americans in a derogatory way.


    1. Antonio: You are right, and it is pathetic. Who would have imagined that Mexico would one day be more politically stable than the nation to the north?

      You could have saved a few seconds of effort and just written it in English, amigo.

      And I don’t know why it went to the moderation file. Wasn’t me.


      1. Out of habit I first expressed myself in my native language when I recalled your request to post in solely English. I simply neglected to erase the first comment. Am I forgiven?


  6. Well, the swamp won! Let the looting of the USA begin. The printing presses will run unstopped, and the U.S. dollar will be ruined. The national debt will be inflated away. Our standard of living will drop dramatically.

    Our betters have put us back into our place. The left has spent four years hating us Deplorables. Four years of poisoning the well, and now they want us to drink from it.

    Our country will be reduced to a client state of China. Better learn Mandarin or at least Cantonese so you can talk to your new landlord.

    Did you notice that in all of the condemnation of the demonstration, that none of the media bothered to ask just why about half the population is upset about the trajectory of our nation? No, they were all about Trump hate. Trump is just one man. When he is gone, someone else will step up to the fight.

    It is not over, it has just begun.

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  7. I find it laughable that the demonstration was terrible because it was against the holy seat of government. At least they didn’t burn down someone’s business.

    Trump was a good president and accomplished a lot for the country and the people in it. There were a lot of people who couldn’t live up to expectations he had of them and were sent down the road kicking cow shit as they should have been.

    The U.S. is in for some hard times ahead. Ted Cruz for president.


    1. Kirk: That was no demonstration on Wednesday. It clearly was a peaceful protest! Interesting to see the hysteria in the mainstream media when the ongoing, worse violence by Antifa in a number of U.S cities last year was pretty much ignored altogether.

      Trump was a good president? On the contrary, he was a grrrrreat president, one of the nation’s best.


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