Trump got canceled

We’re all familiar, or should be, with the ugly phenomenon of Cancel Culture. It was hatched years ago by the Democrat Socialist Party — formerly known simply as the Democrat Party — to have people who voice blasphemous opinions “canceled” in some way. Usually, this means you get fired from your job.

You might get canceled in other ways too. Social ostracism is popular. In some situations, you can have the bejezus beaten out of you. Antifa, the Black Shirt arm of the Democrat Socialist Party, is enamored of that approach.

Cancel Culture has been very successful in gagging conservatives, most of whom were not particularly courageous in the first place. Now, even less. Cancel Culture, by other names, was popular in Stalin’s Soviet Union and in Mao’s Communist China, and it remains popular in Communist Cuba today. I have visited Cuba. It’s a nasty place.

The Democrat Socialists have been trying to cancel President Trump since he won the presidency, even before he was sworn in. Every attempt failed as Trump always responded with raspberries and the extended finger, figuratively speaking, of course.

They called him a bully for this. Him. Yeah, sure. He’s the bully.

Trump is no coward, fights back, and that drove the Democrat Socialists into wild fits of rage because they are accustomed to winning, and winning with ease. The Russian collusion hoax failed. The impeachment (for what exactly?) failed. They just could not knock him over, and these people are accustomed to success.

Then came the election, their last hope. They rigged it.

And they landed him at last. Their biggest fish.

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    1. Dan: You are an optimist of stellar proportions. I would love for you to be correct, but I cannot see it.

      Don’t know why your comment went to moderation. Maybe you used a different email. Lots of things cause it.

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  1. I hope that there will be some backbone shown by Republicans like Cruz and DeSantis to carry on what Trump has accomplished. Cancel culture is probably here to stay, and it will take some tough people to stand in its way.


    1. Kirk: Cruz and Gov. DeSantis are among the best of the good guys. As for Cancel Culture being here to stay, I do not think it can if the nation is to survive in any form that we recognize.


    1. Ricardo: I saw an hilarious news item yesterday that Pelosi had talked to military honchos to get reassurance that Trump would not be allowed to deploy nuclear weapons. I am sure he is considering nuking the DNC. Of course, that is how Democrat Socialists think now.


  2. Social media just demonstrated that it’s more powerful and less accountable than the government, and the lackey, mainstream mis-leadia cheered, along with the Democrats. Of the many sad truths that Trump has revealed about America, the perhaps most frightening is how few people, really hardly any, support the basic idea of free speech. I never knew I lived in a country with such an illiberal streak, and I’m not happy having now found out.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we wonder why there are no cries about Silicon Valley’s assault on the free press.
    Surely they’ve done much more damage than either Trump or Obama.

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