Oiling the shelves

Nice, oiled shelves, good for another couple of months of neglect.

Home ownership brings chores you don’t face as a renter, and I did one of those chores this morning because it was long overdue. I oiled the wooden shelves on the downstairs veranda. I use Three-in-One or, as it’s called here, Tres-en-Uno.

Before tackling that chore, I completed another, which was sweeping the roof of the kitchen/dining room. Years passed in which I almost never swept up there, and quite an evil garden grew. I ignored the chore because there was no easy way to get up there, but now there is a steel stairwell, installed about three years ago.

I sweep the roof of the kitchen/dining room every month now. I get reminded by an internet calendar. I am a big (Yuge!) fan of internet calendars, and don’t know how I lived without them for most of my life. I must have forgotten many things. My current calendars are, I am ashamed to say, Google’s, but also Outlook’s and Zoho’s.

A righteous person avoids all things Google. But I am flawed.

If you tend to overlook things, especially important things, internet calendars will save your butt. Unfortunately, Google makes a very good one.

I mentioned a week or so ago that I’m going to remove the last stand of banana trees and cement over the area where it now sits, so it won’t resurrect. Earlier this week, I called one of my guys, the best one, but he’s working on another project, so I’ll wait.

I also mentioned recently our transition from music CDs to a Bluetooth speaker. No matter how old you get, life changes, hopefully for the better. I subscribed to Deezer for my tunes, and discovered lots of new music. As I write this on the PC, I’m listening to Esperanza Spalding singing, I Know You Know. I had never even heard of Esperanza before.

She sports an impressive ‘fro.

We’ll be dining on roasted chicken at El Lonch nearby this afternoon. The best roasted chicken around, plus cole slaw, rice, salsa of two shades and tortillas made by Granny on a comal over an open fire just behind our table. And a laminated roof over our heads.

I anticipate the rest of the day will play out favorably.

14 thoughts on “Oiling the shelves

  1. You’re using 3-in-1 oil as a wood finish? Seriously? Get yourself some boiled linseed oil, mix it half and half, or perhaps 1/3 paint thinner with 2/3rds BLO, and use that on your shelves. You’ll have to leave things off the shelves for a few days, but after that, you’ll have a durable coating that won’t need to be reapplied. Sure, you might want a couple more coats, but after that? You’re done.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where most of our interior doors are finished with BLO.


    1. P.S. You’d probably be best served by using some kind of solvent to first wash off as much 3-in-1 as possible. Otherwise it may interfere with the BLO.


      1. I was trying to help you trade some front-end effort for a later lifetime of zero effort. You know, delayed gratification. Seems like my plan would be much easier than re-doing it every three months. But do whatever you think is easiest.


        1. It really doesn’t take much effort to apply aceite rojo. It is promoted as a polish and not a finish. It just sprays on and wipes off like any other furniture polish.

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    2. I am sure the don is using a product from the 3 en 1® brand called “aceite rojo” which is made for furniture and not the lubricating oil for your bicycle chain you are thinking of. Regardless, I absolutely hate aceite rojo as I have found it to greatly discolor the wood. Obviously don Felipe does like the stuff. Cada quien su preferencia.

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      1. Antonio: How right you are. When I read Kim’s comment, I was thinking what in the world is he talking about? It is for wood. Now I recall there is a type of Three-in-One for metal, not wood. Thanks for clearing that up. As for discoloring, I’m okay with it.


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