White House Van Helsing

Many people voted for Geriatric Joe for no other reason than they were tired of the uproar, the wailing, of the last four years. Plenty of voters, primarily the utterly clueless, just wanted things to settle down and return to “normal.”

And the last four years have indeed been a tumult. Here is why:

The American Elite in the forms of the Deep State, the “news” media, Big Tech, Hollywood, Big “Education” and the rest of their smug, blood-sucking sidekicks were fat and happy before Donald Trump sailed down that escalator in the Trump Tower with the European babe at his side to announce his presidential candidacy in 2015.

To a degree, Trump is also a member of the American Elite. This is due mostly to his money, but he is also a common-sense guy who cares about America, and he clearly saw how the nation was careening off-course, away from its founding principles.

The Elites never expected Trump to win. They thought he was a joke, that they had things firmly in hand, as always, and Hillary would keep them on course. But he did win, and I have a scenario for what followed. Think Bram Stoker.

The Elites are blood-suckers, vampires. Dracula, collectively.

Trump is Dracula’s nemesis, Professor Van Helsing. And he has spent four years pounding a stake into the Count’s heart. You’ve seen the movie. As the stake is driven into Dracula’s breast, he screams and writhes. That is the movie version. In real life, Dracula has been screaming and writhing for four years nonstop.

Enough people grew weary of the tumult to inspire them to vote against Trump, thinking that he was the problem when actually he was the solution.

With the assist of voters, Dracula smote Van Helsing aside, and is stepping out of the coffin. It’s not the positive finale of the book or movies. It’s the grim finale of real life.

Things will settle down, but don’t think that’s a good thing.

Dracula has bounded out of the crypt, full of himself, meaner than ever, and seeking revenge. Blood will flow. It gives him power. Protect your neck.

20 thoughts on “White House Van Helsing

      1. My “flee” days are in my rear view mirror. I could possibly hobble. 🙄

        In all seriousness, I hope to simply hop into our Casita and witness the destruction from a safe distance.

        Less than one year till liftoff. 👍


        1. Marco: Man up. You’re only four years older than I was when I fled south 21 years ago.

          Circumstances may compel you to change plans. Stay tuned.

          Dracula is loose.


  1. My kids have warned me to be very careful what I say on the internet. Bad things are coming our way.


    1. Señor Gill, P.S.: People who did not guard their necks are increasing in number, and will increase even more in a non-Trump world. The free-speech social media site Parler was canceled at midnight last night by their web host Amazon. They will return, it is assumed, when they find a web host that is less ham-fisted. They say about a week. Another free-speech social media, Gab, was canceled a year or more ago, but it came back too after some time offline. All credit cards, plus PayPal, have pulled from Gab, so now they can accept only checks and cybercurrency.

      PragerU, a conservative Jewish-run organization, often has videos deleted on YouTube. One that was deleted was on the Ten Commandments!

      Trump said he was going to do something about this thuggery, but he never did. Sad.

      Yes, it’s great that the Democrat Socialists are in the catbird seat for now, eh?


  2. (Adjusts tinfoil hat) From what I’ve read here and there, these are my thoughts:
    There is a huge plan afoot called the Great Reset. It comes out of Davos, China, the WHO and the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates and big tech. Justin Trudeau even mentioned it although he was not supposed to but he’s a little thick. So what is it ? The Great Reset is a globalist plan to attack the middle class, bring in environmental plans like the Green New Deal and cull the elderly. This pandemic is doing a good job of the latter. Think about it. The elderly are living longer and longer and keep getting their pensions as well as costing the healthcare system a bundle. When they die that ends plus their money is spread around to the younger generation plus accountants, lawyers, funeral homes and the government. And under the guise of the pandemic they are killing the travel industry. Airlines will shrink or go out of business. Air travel will become much more expensive and more onerous if you have to have a vaccine passport as well as get tested. So this all plays into Greta’s environmental plan of reducing carbon. Add to that a basic income for everybody which means they will have enough to live on but not much else. People will work from home and kids will have online learning. Another plus for the environment. No more commuting. And anyone who opposes this Great Reset will be cancelled…deplatformed. That is already happening. Trump was an unexpected outlier and delayed the reset so he had to be gotten rid of which is what they’ve been trying to do for four years. It looks like they’ve finally done it by stealing the election and now silencing him. It’s a Brave New World. Sounds crazy I know but I truly believe this is underway and the MSM is in on it. Have a nice day 🙂


      1. It may be a fool’s game and it sounds implausible on the surface but there are plenty of fools out there, even rich ones. I’d have to add, rich ones with huge egos who think they know what’s best for all the little people. They’ve been talking about the Great Reset for decades and how to implement it. This pandemic and the end of Trump seem like the perfect opportunity. Cheers.


  3. Sadly, Trump was president in name only. He had good ideas, but he spent his whole term going against the current. The deep state opposed him at every opportunity.

    Now, the powers will ruin the currency with the printing press while the elites have hidden their wealth in real estate and other non-dollar-denominated investments.

    It will be a bad time to be on a fixed income or living off savings.


    1. Señor Gill: How you do go on. Trump was president in name only? Quite the contrary. He accomplished lots of great stuff. Not everything that he should have done, of course, but lots of spectacular work.

      As for your gloomy predictions, time will tell. Don’t color me optimistic, however.

      And as I’ve said a million times, it’s a great time to be in one’s twilight years.


  4. Yes, Trump did some good things, but it seemed that anything he wanted to do that required action of the Congress or the bureaucracy was stymied.
    The wall was never built. Our troops are still in the Mideast dying in wars that we have no interest in. Why do our troops have to die to fight Saudi Arabia’s wars? We no longer need their oil. And Israel is well able to protect itself. Tons of our taxpayers’ money is still going to these regimes that hate us. Why?


    1. Señor Gill: Lots of additional border wall was constructed. Most troops have been removed from the Mideast. ISIS is pretty much defunct. No new wars were started by Trump. The list is long. He accomplished many great things.

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        1. Antonio: Nor should we have. That was a ridiculous thing for Trump to say in the first place. In spite of the massive invasions that Mexicans have done over the decades — i.e. sneak into the U.S. illegally — it is the sole responsibility of nations to protect their own borders, no one else’s. At the beginning it was just campaign blather, which he perhaps overdid. I say perhaps because I imagine it won him a few more votes, and that was his intent.

          Mexico needs to build a high wall on its southern border too. Border control is a basic responsibility of governments.

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