Bye-bye, bananas

Following the last freeze, and what made me decide to eliminate the bananas.

In recent years I’ve engaged in a campaign to make the yard more user-friendly. I’ve removed lots of plants that I ignorantly installed way back when. Some, however, were here when we purchased the double lot in 2002. Monster nopals, humongous bougainvilleas, pear trees, peach trees, gargantuan magueys, to name a few.

And my gardening chores have diminished accordingly.

We once had three stands of banana trees, but we were down to just this one. Tuesday was its day to die. In its place we now have a nice concrete and stone “table.” I plan to puchase two big decorative, clay pots to sit atop the stone.

Below you see the work under way.

A machete brings the banana trees to an ugly end on Tuesday.
The finishing touches of the murder. Rocks wait their chance.
The coast is clear! Ready for the new look.
And it gets started from the right side.
Miguel, my main man, sweeps away loose ends today.
And a new era is born at that end of the Alamo Wall.

10 thoughts on “Bye-bye, bananas

  1. Very nice, Felipe! I like the giant stone head too in the second to last photo! I’ve always been fascinated by those!


  2. Our yard is almost all stone and big patches of mulch. Mainly due to water restrictions but we do have some very large live oak trees. The shade makes a complication for having growing conditions for grass but shade also covers the house. That is a huge benefit in Texas summers when the air conditioning must be on 24/7. We will sod a good sized patch of ground left for green space which is in mostly partial shade. Fingers crossed for that to take root in the coming spring.

    Kudos for your new stone patch!


  3. The project turned out great. I’m trying to figure out what the green thing is sticking up between the two benches in the last photo.


    1. Thirsty: Yeah, we like it. I especially like the departure of the banana trees. That green thing is a pole cactus. Planted there for about four or five years during which time it did absolutely nothing but sit there. Then about a year ago, it began to grow. Due to a misunderstanding at the get-go of this week’s project, the guy dug it up. I was not a happy camper. But he replanted it. I wonder how much longer it will have to sit there before it decides to grow again. Wish he had left it alone. Oh, well.


  4. So sad! I really have a fondness for Mexican bananas, and it kills me to see them mowed down in their prime like that.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where’s there’s no hope of ever growing bananas outside a well-heated hothouse.


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