The game of chess

The two of us headed downtown this afternoon to do lunch at a restaurant and complete a few chores like paying the annual water bill for the Downtown Casita and tax bills for the Casita and the Hacienda. Unlike some years ago when they were boring, time-consuming procedures, it went like a snap today.

For a few minutes, we sat at my sister-in-law’s coffee shop, out on the sidewalk, and I shot this photo of a chess game. The young fellow with the black mask is one of our numerous nephews. He was just learning to play, which heartened us because normally all he does is lie in his dark bedroom playing video games on his cell phone.

The guy with his back to the camera is also a nephew who is visiting from Querétaro. Both the boys are 17 years old. The older guy standing up is giving them some chess pointers. Below is a photo of him that I took three or four years ago at the same location.

He’s an artist who needs a pair of glasses. Reminds me of Tom Waits.

6 thoughts on “The game of chess

  1. I used to play chess in a cafe along the cobblestone boardwalk of Old Vallarta. Those were the days!
    P.S.: I think the old dude looks like Stephen Hawking. ☺️


  2. When I first met you face-to-face in 2007, I was staying in Morelia where there was some kind of chess tournament being held in one of the main plazas. And interestingly, (unlike in the USA) most of the players were young, college-aged folk. It was a nice sight. I enjoy chess, though it’s hard to find people to play with.

    Maybe I’ll have more luck in Mexico.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where many chess players can be found in Harvard Square. At least when the weather isn’t brutal.


  3. The Queen’s Gambit is a good series on Netflix. I believe it’s seven episodes. Chess-related.


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