Inauguration day!

Today is a momentous day in American history, the inauguration of its first Fake President, a senile old man with a Hooker-in-Waiting to assume his position. Stunning.

Brought to you by the Democrat Socialist Party.

But instead of focusing on that sad fact, let us take five minutes to appreciate an American treasure, the brilliant Thomas Sowell, and look at his rise from poverty in North Carolina to where he shines today at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Sowell is a Truth-Teller. And he tells some good ones here.

Were he a white man, he would have been long since “canceled” for blasphemy, so who says being black in today’s America is a disadvantage? Quite the contrary.

Ask Barry Obama.

Now let us observe a minute of silence in honor of a once-great nation. And remember that:

Democracy Dies in Darkness.

The great Nigel Farage and I see eye to eye.

15 thoughts on “Inauguration day!

  1. Sowell needs to penetrate and offset the Creepy Joe believers who were told they weren’t black if they didn’t vote for him. Why did Biden make that irrational statement? They are who got him an illegitimate throne! My housekeeper’s many brothers and sisters who live here, Mexican by birth, are among them. Maria Elena argued against them with vigor and withstood their insults against her. Her neighborhood was full of Biden signs as well. I also have a heavy heart today.


  2. God help us! Four more years of this insanity. Four more years of government-mandated “Hate White People” classes. Four more years of attacking those who get up in the morning and go to work, producing the goods and services we need. Four more years leaching the earned wealth of the productive to support the nonproductive “socially disadvantaged” who will not work.

    God help us! Four more years of attacks on the Christian and Jewish faiths. Four more years of the promotion of the weird and strange. Four more years of exultation of perversion. Four more years of the murder of innocent babies. Where will it all end?

    Well, the Democrats now seem to have their beloved marijuana. What is next? Crack pipes for all? The law seems to apply to some, but others not. The elites of the Democratic Party can commit crimes with impunity. The new president’s son is a crack pipe Democrat. His laptop computer revealed his evil. But this never was mentioned in the so-called “News Media.”

    Now it appears that all will be under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. I fear we have been sold out.
    The U.S. dollar is being ruined by all the government spending on social welfare issues. As it is destroyed, the Democrat elites are transferring their wealth into hard assets like farm land. I see Bill Gates is the largest owner of U.S. farm land now, eclipsing even that of Ted Turner.

    Questioning this is verboten. Any dissent is being quashed. Real truth is forbidden and we are left with the nattering of Jake Tapper and Don Lemon. We are being reduced to sheeple. They want us to come together as a nation, but we just endured four years of being called “Deplorables,” “Nazis” and “racists.” That just is not going to happen!

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  3. Well, I’m not going to watch the inauguration or anything else that comes out this illegitimate president’s mouth … I mean teleprompter. I expect the establishment elites/deep state/military industrial complex … whatever you want to call it … will allow Joe to be president as long as he’s useful to them. If he becomes too far gone or deviates significantly from the plan then they’ll find an excuse to get rid of him. It really is a dark day for America. You’d think the left would be happy with Biden becoming president, but they are doubling down on their vow to cancel Trump and anyone that voted for him. It feels a bit like the mid-‘30s in Germany.


    1. Brent: I think the Deep State hysteria against Trump will drop significantly by tomorrow. It reminds me of all the calls on the conservative side to prosecute Hillary in 2017. That never went anywhere. This won’t either. The very notion of impeaching a president who is out of office is absurd. The purpose of impeachment is to remove a president, of course, and he’s already removed.


    2. Brent, P.S.: I just learned that if they succeed in a post-term impeachment that Trump will not be able to run again, so that’s the intention. Just wonderful people.


      1. That’s what I understand, and it looks like Mitch McConnell is all for it. The GOP want to make sure that Trump won’t be able to upset the Apple cart ever again. If this happens I expect a big chunk of the 74.2 million people who voted for Trump will walk away from the Republican Party. Perhaps it’s time to start a new party, but I realize that’s next to impossible. But you never know. Both establishment parties are corrupt.


  4. The Democrats’ plan appears to be to chant “unity!” while they conduct a purge that will make Joe McCarthy look like a civil libertarian.

    When the formerly-fracked natural gas stops flowing, our only recourse will be to burn the Constitution in order to stay warm.

    Even Biden is predicting this: “It’s going to be a long, dark winter.”

    So sad.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where all of this is incredibly disheartening.


      1. I’m trying my hardest not to feel the same way. Alas, I’m about to lunch with a friend who’s very much on board with your and my thinking about what’s going on.

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