Diversity is our strength?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a dumber and more inaccurate, stylish phrase than the above. Not only is diversity not our strength. It is the cause of uproar and divisiveness.

Anyone with a moderate grasp of history knows this. Of course, few people possess even a middling grasp of history. They are ignoramuses.

And yet almost everyone spouts the phrase, not just individuals but corporations which, almost without exception, now include the pursuit of diversity in their list of principles. This means they mainly choose their employees not by skills but skin color and gender. This is really dumb.

That embracing diversity causes problems is obvious. Just look at the United States now. That not embracing it avoids problems of a similar nature is demonstrated by unicultural nations such as Mexico, Japan, Russia, China and so on. These sorts of nations do not crow that diversity is their strength. They know better.

This diversity-embracing nonsense is not pushed by conservatives. It is pushed by leftists. In the United States that means the Democrat Socialist Party, formerly known as the Democrat Party. Diversity is not the sole bad idea of these people, though it is a primary one that drives other ill-conceived initiatives.

Deep down, the Democrat Socialists know that diversity is not our strength at all, which is why they are so intent on muzzling anyone who disagrees. Truth speaks for itself. Lies must be forced upon us. Diversity is a road to destruction, a Highway to Hell.

2 thoughts on “Diversity is our strength?

  1. How are you defining diversity? What are the parameters according to don Felipe? Which difference between group A and group B make them diverse therefore less desirable? I get the impression that yours is mainly based on race and then followed by religion.


    1. Antonio: I am referring here to the obsession above the Rio Bravo with encouraging multiculturalism/diversity which is actually a huge problem that needs to be dealt with as gently as possible when it’s encountered. But never, ever encouraged.

      Luckily, it’s not an issue in Mexico. We are fortunate that it’s not. Mexico is a unicultural nation for the most part. Yes, I know there are indigenous groups here and there, but it’s a relatively minor thing.


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