National suicides

This is one of my favorite YouTube channels. It’s called History Debunked, and it’s run by a British author named Simon Webb. His videos usually run about five minutes. I believe this is just the second time I have posted one of his talks.

Go and subscribe. He is always entertaining and informative.

This one deals with the effects that “embracing diversity” has had on Scandinavian nations. It hasn’t been pretty. I am a staunch foe of encouraging multiculturalism because it usually leads to nasty things. It is a horrible fad embraced only by historically Caucasian cultures, specifically the clueless, violent, leftist element in those cultures.

Tragically, this element recently seized the White House.

You won’t find the fad in Ecuador, Vietnam, China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Japan, etc., because political correctness has no foothold in those places. These sorts of nations have a strong sense of themselves, which is what keeps a nation intact.

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    1. Antonio, P.S.: If you embrace the notion of promoting multiculturalism, and you seem to, you are willfully ignoring the results of it. Simon Webb points out with facts and statistics what has happened to a couple of Scandinavian nations, but the same thing is happening to most of Western Europe where open borders and political correctness have those nations filling with Mohammedans and Africans, i.e. people from failed cultures. The Mohammedans especially have no interest in assimilating, quite the contrary. I find it notable that much of Eastern Europe, especially Hungary and Poland, is refusing to play along with the nonsense, especially when it comes to Mohammedans. Kudos to those nations. I am sure the fact that they were under the Soviet boot for so long has quite a bit to do with their current attitudes. Those nations are not populated by spoiled, clueless people, i.e. Western Europeans.

      Borders have ceased to exist in the European Union, which just makes things easy for the invaders, which is what they are. While the United States has not legally erased its borders in a similar manner as the EU, it’s doing much the same anyway, ignoring its own laws. We had a four-year respite with President Trump, but now the U.S. is back to its old stupidity.

      We do not embrace multiculturalism in Mexico, thank God. It’s not really an issue here because almost all residents of Mexico are native-born Mexicans. But imagine what Mexico’s reaction would be if, instead of two or so Gringo-saturated places like San Miguel and Ajijic, we had hundreds of such communities, making it comparable to what now exists in the United States with illegals, primarily Mexicans.

      And imagine what Mexico’s reaction would be if the residents of those hundreds of mostly Gringo communities were, to a large extent, in Mexico illegally, people who just snuck in. And not only that, imagine what Mexico’s reaction would be if those Gringo communities were full of people who never bothered to learn Spanish, full of people who marched in the streets waving U.S. flags, full of Gringos who demanded their “rights.” That is comparable to what now exists above the Rio Bravo but with the roles reversed. How do you think Mexicans would feel about that? They would not like it at all, and they shouldn’t.

      All nations should control their borders rigorously.


      1. Respectfully, don Felipe, there are so, so many things in this country that you are completely unaware of. Which makes sense since you yourself are guilty of what you complain about, immigrants not assimilating. Even though you have spent a large portion of your life here, it is evident from your writing you refuse to embrace a great deal of Mexican culture. You live in a basically remote pueblo and have settled into a very limited routine, rarely venturing to and experiencing a lot of the cultural diversity this country has to offer.


        1. Antonio: Now, don’t be silly. My wife and I flew to Mérida in 2013. I remember sitting in the central plaza there, looking around, and thinking that I could just as easily be sitting in downtown Morelia. Been a whale of a lot cheaper too. But the mole was spectacular.

          I detect you are a fan of this “diversity” thing, the idea at least. When we start having riots, brick and Molotov cocktail tossing, and murders here in Mexico over race and religion like they have above the Rio Bravo and in Western Europe, then we will have attained a meaningful level of multiculturalism and diversity. But that has not happened, and it won’t, because Mexico is unicultural and homogeneous, and thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for that.


          1. Thank you for explaining this to me about my country. I have learned so much about México from reading your blog.


        2. Antonio, P.S.: You are right about some things, however. I do not assimilate. I do not stay up all night drinking on Christmas Eve. I do not host blaring concerts in my yard for all my neighbors to “enjoy.” I do not ignite fireworks at 6 a.m. I do not lie relentlessly. Granted, most all are “little white lies.” And this at times drives my wife nuts who wishes that I would. She thinks I am too blunt. I do not hug and kiss everyone I meet. Fact of the matter is that I am not a Mexican at all, nor do I claim to be, beyond the fact that I have citizenship. I am content with all of this.


          1. Mexico is a polyglot country, but I think there is not the tolerance for BS that there is in the USA. Mexicans would not put up with the crap we have to here. Nobody is knocking down statues of Benito Juarez because he was a racist. Yes, I know he wasn’t a racist, but neither was Abraham Lincoln. Don’t confuse the issue with facts. Innocence is no excuse. If Don Lemon and Jake Tapper say they were racist, well then they were racist. If it is on CNN or MSNBC you must believe it.


  1. Multiculturalism is your culture. If you want to keep it, you can keep it, but I’m not into supporting it, and that is my right, and I don’t think the government needs to support it. Period

    If you wish to live in a community where there is not much employment, you need a kick in the ass to get you moving. Don’t cry on my shoulder. Get out there and find a job. Move to where there is work, and you will probably find someone else who has been through what you have and will help.

    I checked out Simon’s YouTube channel. Very good, and I have subscribed.


    1. Kirk: Simon is not simply well-informed, he is a hoot to watch. That he has not been booted from YouTube because he is not PC is a source of endless amazement to me.


  2. I watched your previous post “Diversity is our strength” to see how the conversation went. It basically went nowhere. Right now, it is dangerous to express opinions that run counter to the party line.

    How it all will work out yet remains to be seen. In the case of the U.S., Biden seems to be offering a path to citizenship to illegals. But nothing is given without a price. These folks will finally find what it is to run headlong into the IRS.

    We pay the guys to do our lawn, $400 each time. We don’t have the lawn done often, but just how much of that do you think they declare on their taxes? Do you actually think they file? They live a better life flying under the radar. They may say “No” to citizenship.

    And the Democrat Party may be making a mistake. Giving citizenship to about eleven million believing Catholics may be an error. The Democrats already made their deal with the Devil on the abortion issue.

    Lets see how it all works out.


    1. Señor Gill: You pay $400 for a lawn job?! Jesus, Joseph & Mary. I don’t pay that much here for an entire rainy season of yardwork.

      As for the previous post pointing out the truth of pushing multiculturalism, those rarely get comments. People shy away. No matter. I enjoy writing them.


  3. I find that those most interested in pushing “multiculturalism” seem to be those that live in lily white areas. They probably never had their cars stolen or their houses broken into, or a neighbor murdered or raped or maybe both.

    Yes, white people commit crimes also, but at least they don’t feel they have a God-given right to do so.

    Some of those in jails in Europe would have had their hands lopped off in their home countries.

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  4. I believe the problem is not multiculturalism, but basic human prejudice. Back when my Dad was a kid, the neighborhoods were all separated. Italians, Pollack, Irish, Germans, Hungarians, and so on. He grew up in Cleveland, and they had not so endearing names for each tribe. They all had extremely different cultures, but played together, ate each others food. Parents tolerated the “outsiders” in their homes, barely. My maternal grandfather hated Italians because he grew up in Trieste.

    My point is, the term multiculturalism to most people, black, brown, and Muslim. This is pure prejudice. Prejudice is a basic survival instinct. It protected man from other people who did not look like him. Put him on alert. We have a large population of people whose skin is not like ours.
    It’s not culture. It’s race and religion. Lighter blacks are discriminated against, far less than dark skin blacks. Proof in this analogy is Barack Obama and Kamala Harris. Anyone disagree? If you do, you are not being honest with yourself. Culture is just an excuse to hate someone that doesn’t look like you.
    The Irish Micks loved the Dago food, that is as long as the Dago looked Caucasian.

    If they were too dark skinned, the they called them dirty greasers.

    I hoped I’ve offended someone, or at least made them assess their thoughts. I learned all this from people who grew up during the Great Depression. I’ve spent my life trying to get to know someone before I’m forced to judge them.


    1. Dave: You attitudes you mention are precisely why it’s a very bad idea to PROMOTE diversity and multiculturalism. It runs against human nature and will invariably cause conflict. History is chockablock with examples.


  5. Sadly, our nation is afflicted with a certain political party that every election pulls the scabs off of old wounds and turns one group against other groups. They say, “They hate you because you are black, brown, gay and lesbian, Asian, biracial, handicapped, unemployed, etc.
    They celebrate division, and they will not be satisfied until they have us all at war with each other. And yet, they say, “Diversity is our strength.”



  6. Señor Felipe,
    It always produces some interesting comments when you broach this topic. It’s quite amazing to see how attitudes have changed up here NOB over the past 50 years or so, much of that for the good, much not so much.

    I would like to pop back in some 200 years in the future to examine how things changed over that period of time. On the other hand, I’m glad I won’t be here to live through it.



  7. I see The New York Times is advocating for the establishment of a “Truth Commission” by the Biden administration. This will put down so-called rumors and untruths along with inconvenient facts.

    What will they call this commission? I suggest “Pravda” which in Russian means truth, and was and still is the name of the party’s official newspaper.



    1. Katharina: I have no doubt that native Scandinavians are proud of their countries. As for their believing diversity works, some do, some do not and, given how things are going, I imagine there are fewer every day who believe it works. People on the political left believe it works far more than people on the political right.

      Thanks for your feedback. Always appreciated.


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