My favorite Limey

Here is Simon Webb again, voicing common sense from Great Britain. His last appearance on The Moon was January 31. At which time, he addressed the Scandinavian embrace of diversity, and the nasty effects of that practice.

Time spent listening to Webb is invariably time well spent.

7 thoughts on “My favorite Limey

  1. I don’t think I have ever heard someone such as this man express an opinion on how many more times a highly qualified person of color was passed over by an unqualified white person. Something that is far more common, both presently and especially historically.


    1. Antonio: Sticking to the U.S. and, I am sure, Great Britain, yes, there is no doubt whatsoever that what you say happened in the distant past. But now? Nope, you are mistaken. It has flipped from one extreme to the other. In those societies, instead of racism against blacks, there is rampant racism against whites now. Pathetic.


      1. Distant past? You mean like last week? I am afraid you are the one who is mistaken. Try searching for the truth instead of reinforcement of your own prejudices.

        BTW I spent several years in Great Britain. Have you?


        1. Antonio: some actual examples would bolster your case mightily. Simon Webb cites a case, and while I’m willing to bet it’s not particularly special, e.g., one could easily find similar cases amongst white judges, if you truly believe what you say, then an example or two should be no trouble.


          Kim G
          Boston, MA
          Where we don’t think fighting racism with racism is particularly productive.


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