Crochet and craziness

We have many crucial topics to cover today, from crocheting to transgendering to the praise of diversity (again!) and on to beauty pageants, so let’s hop right into it.

People cope with the Kung Flu nuttiness in various ways. My child bride flipped from pastry sales on the downtown plaza to staying home and crocheting. Above is her latest creation, a unicorn. She taught herself to do this with the help of YouTube.

Never let a pandemic go to waste.

Now let’s address matters being pushed by leftists, those who think it’s great that Sleepy Joe and Hoor Harris occupy the White House and the man who scored five Nobel Peace Prize nominations, who didn’t start wars, who engineered various Mideast Peace Accords, who crushed ISIS, who accomplished U.S. energy independence, who lowered taxes and reduced economically crippling regulations, boosted border security and the military, etc., has been tossed out the White House door.

By fraudulent means.

First, there is the transgender nonsense, the notion that there are endless sexes, and you’re free to pick one. And then you have the right to compete in sports in the gender of your choice with others who were born to that gender, who had Mother Nature do the picking for them. It’s the Democrat Socialist Party that supports this nincompoopery and we conservatives who oppose it, who embrace the “actual science.”

The race clip shown at the start of this brief video says it all. Plus it demonstrates why even many feminists, in spite of their normally cockeyed stances, see the nuttiness of it.

Moving onto one of my favorite topics, one that I’ve embraced for many years. Yes, way back, over a decade ago, when few people were saying it, I was hollering it out loud. Encouraging multiculturalism is disastrous. And here we are today with almost everyone, all organizations, all businesses, all schools, having it written in their mission statements that they are all about diversity and the promotion of it. It’s a given.

Our buddy Simon Webb addresses the issue brilliantly, as usual.

“Diversity is our strength.” Is it really?

Here in Mexico, federal legislators — undoubtedly ugly female ones — have proposed the outlawing of beauty pageants because “it degrades women.” I pray this American nuttiness does not get a foothold here. Mexicans love beauty pageants and their weather girls. And if Mexico cancels beauty pageants, where will narco bosses get their girlfriends?

Have a nice Valentine’s Day. Hug someone you love or someone you just like.

Any port in a storm.

16 thoughts on “Crochet and craziness

  1. After many tortuous years of shame and introspection, I decided to come out of the closet. I am a lesbian! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩


  2. I delete every bit of “news” that comes up on my computer along with the site from which it emanates. That goes a long way toward ignoring lots of nuttiness. Local news is just as bad as national or cable junk. I just watch weather, especially now that there is ice in our forecast.

    Cool unicorn! My granddaughter, age 6, is such a fan of unicorns. 🦄


    1. Carole: Being a former worker in the media, I am more interested in current events than the Average Joe. However, since the presidential theft and its aftermath, I have scaled back a good bit, trying to focus on other things. But one must keep up, I think. Ignorance just helps the Democrat Socialists and their ongoing imbecilities.


  3. Great unicorn. As close to a real one as we need to be.

    “Diversity breeds weakness and civil strife” is a statement that should be the first uttered to infants and often repeated until they are at least 90,

    Surely the cartels will see that Mexico retains its beauty pageants.

    BribeMe will do his best to turn the USA into everything above described. Some of us will resist.


    1. Ricardo: She is quite proud of her unicorn, and rightly so.

      I don’t know whether narcos will insure that beauty pageants continue, but if they do, they will have done a good thing, at last.

      As for Sleepy Joe and his hoorish sidekick, Lordy me.


  4. Nice job on the unicorn. Simon, as always, cuts thru the crap and gets to the point, two thumbs up.

    Girls competing with boys who think they are girls or Elvis or anything else is definitely nincompoopery of the first order. Girls are girls, and boys will always be boys as they where born that way. If you want to look different or act different, that is up to you, but that doesn’t make it true. The undercarriage you were born with biologically makes your sex. If your mind thinks differently, well, that’s all in your head and doesn’t make it so to anyone else.

    Multiculturalism doesn’t make us stronger. Head down and ass up makes us stronger and more prosperous. The rest is just empty words to show how progressive we should be. More nincompoopery, like we don’t already have enough.

    Cancelling beauty pageants, more nincompoopery. We are surrounded and going down the drain.

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  5. Your wife has many talents. The unicorn is the best I have seen. I’ve been anxiously awaiting an update on your cataract surgery. Hopefully, all went well and you have perfect vision in that eye.


    1. Connie: You are quite correct. She is a multi-talented and multi-faceted woman. I lucked out.

      Eye situation is fine. Another doctor visit mañana for him to revise the situation. It’s an odd phenomenon. Now I see colors quite differently in each eye. The old eye’s colors are drab. The new eye sees colors much more colorfully. It’s fun. We’ll do the other eye in a few weeks, and all my colors will be the same. My main concern, however, is whether it will resolve my night vision issues, which is the reason I did this in the first place.


      1. Thanks for the update. Good to know you had a positive outcome and you get to experience a more colorful world. That does sound like fun. I’ll bet your night vision is much improved.

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      2. A small, really small, extra benefit of getting the cataracts out of the way is better ability to see your floaters.


  6. The whole transgender sports thing basically means that we have to reconsider how we do sports overall. Take, for example, boxing. There are different weight classes because everyone recognizes that it’s not fair to put a heavyweight up against a featherweight, even if they are both men (which they almost always are). So either you carve out special rules for transgenders, which opens a real can of worms. Or you get rid of gender segregation in sports and replace it with something like the weight classes in Boxing. Women get to compete against smaller men, and transgenders are automatically slotted into wherever they fit weight- and ability-wise. That would seem to be the only fair and reasonable way of doing it. Especially if you believe in “gender fluidity,” e.g., today I’m a man, but tomorrow I might be a woman. (Pure nonsense in my opinion, but a frightening number of people believe in such things.)

    What amazes me is that the Democrats promised a lot of this nonsense, yet their voters seem to have entirely failed to notice this until the guy got elected and started imposing radical policies. Reminds me of the Mencken quote you have on the sidebar.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I wonder how a group as tiny as transgenders managed to gain so much political power.


    1. Kim: Nonsense, all of it. Common sense, to a great degree above the Rio Bravo, has flown out the window. As for transgenders getting so much political power, it’s due to so many SJWs trying to fight battles for them.

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