The Idaho potatoes

The two taters I scored today on the plaza.

Every Thursday, a street market appears on the neighborhood plaza. And we circle it six times because we circle that plaza six times afoot every weekday, our exercise routine. The walk is more interesting on Thursdays due to the market and the people. The rest of the week, the plaza is abandoned, still and quiet.

Today I spotted something special: Idaho potatoes, which are not common hereabouts. Other, less noble, potatoes are easy to find, but not Idahos which make the best baked potatoes. I bought two, which I will bake on Sunday and serve with broiled salmon.

Freeze-zapped bougainvilleas.

The weather has improved spectacularly the last couple of days, and we’ve doffed the heavy duds for lighter attire. With luck the recent freeze was the winter’s last, but one cannot count on that. Once in March we had snow on the mountaintops that are visible from the Hacienda. Mama Nature is fickle.

But it’s about time to call Abel the Deadpan Yardman to come and trim the detritus and tote it away. Normally, I call him earlier but I’ve been lazy this year.

And speaking of potatoes:

I’m emotionally damaged due to what’s happening above the Rio Bravo. Unlike my frequent political posts during the Golden Era of President Trump, I’ve stepped away from it to a great extent. Why bother? It’s a lost cause, and fraud and imbecility reign. As the Blond Bomber would say: Sad.

But, just for fun, let us address some points:

  1. As I accurately predicted here on the morning of Election Day, the Democrat Socialists stole the vote. There are numerous ways to do this. One is that you actually stuff ballot boxes. There are videos of that being done. Two, you initiate mail-in voting, which is tailor-made for cheating. Three, you spout “news” for four years that consists of lies and misrepresentations, which influences the huge voter pool of dimwits. A combination of these tactics works best, obviously.
  2. No sooner did Sleepy Joe, who is a senile front man for radicals, enter the Oval Office than he began killing jobs and opening the border to illegals. He’s ending energy independence. And there are moves afoot to legislate stupidities like men and women are the same. He’s making kissy-face to Iran and China. If you’re unaware of this, you should stop reading The New York Times and The Washington Post.

The most important part of the entire disaster is that the Democrat Socialist Party got away with stealing the election. The significance of that one element cannot be overstated. It’s simply unprecedented, and takes the United States down a very dark path, and the entire world with it.

Diversity at work.

But enough of that. I’m in Mexico, and darn glad of it. We also have a dreadful president, but since Mexico does not affect global events like America does, it matters little except to us Mexicans. And I found Idaho potatoes today!

Thank the Goddess for small blessings.

10 thoughts on “The Idaho potatoes

  1. Yes, they did. And the cartoon is not so much a joke. I, too, am damaged because they put forth the weakest Democrat presidential ticket known to man. But those bastards are not going to get me down.


    1. Carole: Well, you’re a better man than I because I am down, low in spirit.

      Yes, Biden was almost a non-candidate, and that shows even more clearly that it was a stolen election.


  2. Idaho potatoes, that is a red letter day. I see that Joe opened up the camps to put the children that they RIP from their mothers’ arms. I thought those were bad, but I must be mistaken because it’s not all over the news! Don’t let them get you down. When unemployment goes way back up and gas prices get to be like California’s, then people will be wanting the Don back.

    The weather has warmed up, not that I thought it was very cold. Being in Mexico makes things seem much better.


    1. Kirk: People wanted the Don back when they voted last November, but they did not get him. I am less optimistic than you. If the Democrat Socialists can steal elections, it matters not a twit that the people are unhappy for whatever reason.


  3. Right you are, señor. Stolen is a kind description for what happened in the election. Not the first time, of course, but a shining example of how corrupt politics and politicians have become NOB. Add to that some really stupid, misinformed voters, and you have our present disaster.

    On the bright side, the weather has now become our friend here in Texas, and we can look forward to the return of mosquitoes and other helpful insects.

    Always something to look forward to.


    1. Ricardo: From what I have read, the election robbery is indeed the first time since the 1820s when, apparently, Andrew Jackson’s first win was manipulated out of his hands. He, however, went on to win four years later. That is the only time it’s happened, and not comparable to now in numerous ways, certainly not the YUGE effects of it.


  4. Biden is incompetent, and that’s frightening. China and Iran are already testing him, and I fear he will fail. This commenter on Australian Sky News put it best:


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we remain very concerned that the country is focusing on the smallest problems.


      1. If you didn’t watch the video, you should. I meant to send it to you via email, but didn’t get around to it. This post seemed like an ideal second choice.


        1. Kim: I did watch the video. I often watch Sky News Australia mostly because they are very smart but also because I like the accents, especially those on the ladies.


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