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I really should put Simon Webb on the payroll here. He’s like the Limey Felipe Zapata, the perception, the intelligence, the calm, the courtesy, the way with words. It’s like I’m looking at myself in a mirror but with a big goofy mustache.

As smart people already know, Western Civilization is committing suicide with its nincompoop cultural fixations on sexual issues and skin color while China sits back grinning and rolling its eyeballs at the stupidity of it all. China is thinking: All I have to do is exercise patience and wait, then move in.

The smart language to study these days is Mandarin.

In the United States, of course, the cultural fixations and the heavy-handed manner in which they are enforced come almost exclusively from those who identify with the Democrat Socialist Party. With the exception of a handful of air-headed Republicans, the culprits are the Democrats.

But before turning to Simon’s sharp take on the BBC’s “Diversity and Inclusion Plan,” I wish to mention that recently I heard Piers Morgan say with a straight face that the BBC is an even-handed purveyor of news, very little bias, mind you. (Insert laugh track here.)

Listen to the short video. If you’re smart, you’ll roll your eyeballs like China. If you’re not too bright, vote the Democrat Socialist line, you’ll get angry. Then you’ll notify someone to see if something cannot be done to shut him up in whatever manner necessary.

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  1. I should have posted this under your Idaho potato thread. The insanity seems to have no bounds. Now Mr. Potato Head is dropping the Mr. in order to be more gender inclusive.

    I’m waiting for other products like Mrs. Dash and Mr. Clean to do the same. After all, Mr. Clean is the epitome of white privilege. “Make your whites whiter.”


    1. Brent: Didn’t know about Mr. Potato Head. What we are experiencing is a culture spiraling down the drain. Meanwhile, China waits and watches.

      People think their personal world is set in stone when history is replete with grisly examples that it is not.


    2. Mr. Clean is something of a gay stereotype, what with his shaved head, sly smirk, and earrings. He became the prototype for many gay men of a certain age, faced with receding hairlines, who all said, “fluck it!” shaved their heads, and became a new, gay look.


  2. He says it in a friendly manner and targeted is exactly what it is. Have we mentioned the Coke memo to employees, telling them they should act less white?


  3. Simon is always great watching. You will have to send him your descriptive word nincompoopery. I’m sure he would like to use it to describe the BBC and corporations and governments all over the Western world.

    The company that makes Mr. Potato and Mrs. Potato Head are getting some backlash from trying to make them gender neutral. They are not giving up yet but trying to placate the people who buy their products. I hope they fail and have to backtrack.

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    1. Kirk: Nincompoop is a good word. It combines a lighthearted air with a moderate insult. With very rare exceptions, I only use two “insults” here. The other is ignoramus, and I use that in the literal sense, someone who is ignorant, actually lacking in knowledge. It is both factual and a good put-down. Yes, Simon could take my lead, but he’s doing fine all by himself.


  4. Another good word is “horse’s patootie.”

    I fear we are being subject to some sort of social engineering. The powers that be want us to be accepting of some things that run counter to our good sense. Having a black actress play Anne Boleyn just is ludicrous.

    Television seems to portray some people that constitute 12 per cent of the population as being the majority. It seems as if all TV ads must contain at least one person of the African linage. And now it seems that mixed race couples are all the rage on TV.

    Worse, our betters want us to be to be more sympathetic with gay folks and transgender people. If that is their way, fine, but don’t expect me to send a wedding present. Live your life as you want, but don’t expect me to approve.

    And, I cannot wait to see what happens when those children that are sex changed grow up and sue those surgeons and hospitals that mutilated them. The judgments will be huge.


    1. Señor Gill: Horse’s patootie has a great ring to it. I might toss that in the mix for variety now and then.

      As for the other stuff you mention, all correct, of course.


  5. The constant bombardment of altered reality on TV programs and commercials are accepted by their target audiences. The fact that it’s not reality has nothing to do with it. As long as their target audience is given enough stimulation, i.e. sexual situations, drug use etc, the altered reality of the over representation of homosexuality and transexuality and inter-racial families don’t matter.

    I’m well aware of these situations. They are a fact of life and as far as I’m concerned people should love who they want. What bothers me is that the media are insulting my intelligence by representing that these situations exist at the rate of 25% in every family. You don’t dare comment to that because our thought police and the rest of the sheep will label you.

    Rush Limbaugh had it right, long ago. I tuned out after some years because the ranting became unpleasant to my ears. It didn’t make him any less right though.

    Thanks for a place to rant.


    1. Dave: Rant away! No problem. I don’t agree that the media have a target audience for TV shows, commercials, and that’s who they make that silly stuff for. I think their intention is propaganda, pure and simple. Repeat something often enough, and people start to believe it. And it’s true to a great extent.

      Something occurred to me just a few days ago, and that’s that the current situation is making a racist out of me. I was not before. And this is not good because I am sure it’s having the same effect on millions of others. Not just that every marriage and relationship now, with some exceptions, is biracial on TV, it’s also the constant droning on about white supremacy, something that scarcely exists on the national landscape. It’s restricted to some low-IQ individuals and the Klan. That’s about it.

      As for Rush Limbaugh, I never listened to his programs, not even once, but I know he was a very important man. R.I.P.


  6. People tend to hold their tongues when confronted with some of the insane ideas put forth. Maybe it is time for us to stand up and say, “You are full of shit.”
    The latest idiotic idea put forth is that men should pee sitting down. Stupid, stupid.
    Worse, these crazy ideas all seem to emanate from the universities. Maybe it is time to defund these institutions. Let all of those sociologists and psychologists get real jobs. They will get their asses kicked big time when they tell factory workers and construction workers to pee sitting down.

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    1. “People tend to hold their tongues when confronted with some of the insane ideas put forth.”

      Tell me about it!


  7. Thanks, señor, for another meaningful post. Simon Webb should be designated a saint.
    It is past time for those of us with the conservative lean to stand up, politely indicating that enough is enough.

    To quote your illustrious leader: “Ya chole.”


    1. Ricardo: That YouTube continues to let him post videos is a mystery to me. They have leaned on him now and then.

      And I am surprised you know what our illustrious leader is saying down here.


  8. As an (at least formerly) practicing “G” and sometimes “Q” of the LGBTQ etcetera crowd, even I am sick of it all. I don’t wish to be anyone’s token, anyone’s “diversity quota” or to be anything other than the unique individual that I am. A rainbow coalition of automatons who all think alike is not diversity; it’s tokenism and quite offensive at that.

    As for the “Ts,” I’m really astonished at all their ridiculous demands. Yes, they should all be treated with courtesy and respect. But it seems completely unfair to women in sports that suddenly men who feel like being women can just demolish their sports records. How did a quarter-percent of the population suddenly get so much power?

    Frankly, this all seems like a giant distraction from the real problems in the USA, namely the outsourcing of jobs to China, the evaporation of the middle class, the Federal Reserve money machine that only benefits the very richest people, the assaults on the First Amendment and constitutional law, and the massive and unsustainable federal spending that will bankrupt us all.

    Indeed. Let’s all fixate on pronouns. It’s the 21st century version of, “let them eat cake.”


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’m unabashedly who I am and have no desire to fit your diversity mold.


      1. I ain’t no queen. I’ve overhauled automatic transmissions with my bare hands, broken horses, shoveled manure, wired houses, fixed cranky appliances, and faced down packs of vicious dogs, and other threats. Beneath the erudite exterior beats a fearsome heart that you don’t want to F with. Viking blood runs in these veins and we terrorized half of Europe for many centuries.

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