How they did it

Sleepy Joe Biden and Hoor Harris (waiting eagerly just offstage, and it won’t be long) did not win the U.S. presidential election fair and square, and I’m going to tell you what actually happened.

It was a three-pronged heist. One prong likely would have been unsuccessful. Two might have succeeded, but three made it a slam dunk.

No. 1 was ballot-box stuffing. There were videos of this happening. How extensive it was and how much it affected the outcome is unknown.

No. 2 was the Democrat Socialists’ using the Kung Flu hysteria to justify mail-in voting. Widespread voting by mail is an open-armed invitation to corruption, and it was corrupted big-time. Mail-in voting is imbecilic if one wants an honest election, which is why it’s done virtually nowhere in the world.

No. 3 was the daily campaign by the mainstream media to flagrantly mis-characterize President Trump. Fake News is real. The mainstream media such as CNN, The New York Times, etc., continuously lied about Trump’s historic deeds or simply failed to report them. Big Tech did the same. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud.

The third tactic resulted in millions of citizens — especially, but not exclusively, those who are marginally interested in current events, ie. the clueless — being ignorant and brainwashed, so they voted against Trump. Make no mistake, almost no one voted for Biden and Harris. They voted against Trump.

When leftist pundits insist Biden won the vote count, they may be right. But the situation is more complex than that. There is more than one way to corrupt an election, make it wrong, and those three factors did the trick.

I predicted on the morning of Election Day that the Democrat Socialists would steal the election, and they did.

In an historic ceremony today, an emotional Israeli President Reuven Rivlin welcomed the first-ever ambassador to Israel from the United Arab Emirates, the result of one of Trump’s Mideast peace initiatives, and one of the reasons he was nominated five times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

And a few days ago, after four years of relative quiet in the Middle East, thanks to Trump, Sleepy Joe Biden dropped some bombs on Syria. I have seen no stories about either event on The New York Times or The Washington Post websites.

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  1. It was the world’s first intersectional bombing. What more is there to say?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’m theoretically supposed to be on the Democrat plantation, but fortunately escaped.

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    1. Kim: Intersectional bombing? Do you mean he bombed Syria to strike a blow against Iran? I think that is what you mean. In any event, it’s the olden days all over again. But bad as they usually are, the Mohammedan nations are not our big problem. China is.


      1. I mean “intersectional” in the way that it’s used in the culture war…first handicapped lesbian of color fighter pilot — that kind of thing.


  2. And Gov. Cuomo was a big contributor to the disturbances about COVID in election season. Now the sins of his past life are chewing on his rear. Very entertaining since MSM just turned a blind eye in their “reporting”.

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  3. Excellent analysis, señor. The third above mentioned bears no small part of the shame. This does not speak well of our electorate.

    Cuomo history will not be easily rewritten. Watch the CNN ratings.

    I have pointed out the rules/laws of Mexico as to elections to several Gringos who pay no attention to our southern neighbor. They seem to be surprised.

    They are even more surprised when I point out the requirements to be a long-term visitor.


    1. Ricardo: Thanks to the compliment. The three-pronged attack was precisely what did it.

      Mexico has excellent election laws. You don’t mail it in. You need a bona fide voter ID that cannot be forged. You must PROVE citizenship to get one. You go to your neighborhood polling station on the one election day, and you mark it with a pencil and drop it into a box. There are no computers to be manipulated. And immigration laws are enforced far better than in the United States. However, it must be noted that while Mexicans want visitors to obey Mexico’s immigration laws, they think it’s perfectly reasonable that they be allowed to sneak into the United States illegally. What’s good for the goose is not applicable to the gander.

      However, this Mexican thinks everyone everywhere should respect immigration laws and the borders of nations.


  4. So Biden and AMLO had a virtual chat. Senile old fart meets dingbat. That must have been something.


  5. Maybe off topic, but CNN has a special running on Abraham Lincoln. I’m not a fan of CNN ever since Fareed went off the reservation, but my wife thought it would be interesting. Well, it was, and I actually learned a few things. What we think is a terrible system in Congress now is mild compared to back in the 1860s. The fights were fights, and the media was just as bad writing inflammatory articles.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

    This morning I just learned in the WSJ, the Congress and Senate’s first bills H.R. 1 and S. 1 are about future federal elections. They are trying to relax all federal elections, make permanent mail-in ballots with no verification except signature. Also, ballots are counted up to 10 days late as long as they are postmarked on time. These are just a few of the changes. The House and Senate are both controlled by the Democrats. Gee, it must have worked out for them the first time?


    1. Dave: Yes, I know extreme conflict has existed in other periods of U.S. history, but what’s happening now is far more serious. There is the leftist brainwashing of children, the effects of mass communication, the open borders (back again!), and on and on.

      With HR 1, the Democrat Socialists are trying to wrest control of voting from states and deliver it to the federal government, which is specifically forbidden in the Constitution. That would make voting fraud easier for them, which is the aim, of course.


  6. We are on our way to a one-party kleptocracy of a nation. Look at the Covid Relief bill. It is all about anything but Covid.


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