Gold standard of Woke

With our nightly salads around 8ish, we relax in our recliners and watch Netflix. Just recently we’ve begun a new series. It’s called New Amsterdam, which is the name of a fictional New York hospital lightly based on the real Bellevue.

It’s a pretty good series, a medical drama, better than average, which is why I have not deep-sixed the damn thing because the Woke level is beyond belief.

There is no leftist obsession that New Amsterdam does not present in a deliberate and positive light. We are halfway through the first season of 22 shows, so they’ve plenty of time to insert more nincompoopery. It’s so in-your-face that I began a list to avoid overlooking anything. I share with you:

  1. The election of Obama in 2008 was a glorious event.
  2. Interracial relationships are common and best.
  3. Gay couples are everywhere.
  4. Gay couples with adopted Asian children.
  5. Police target blacks often and on purpose.
  6. Abortion is great.
  7. Unions are great.
  8. Lesbian cello players with heads shaved on one side. Great!
  9. Diversity! Diversity! Diversity!
  10. Toxic masculinity is dreadful.
  11. Sex-change surgery for minors is fine and dandy.*

And, as mentioned, we’re only halfway through the first season. Television shows and movies today are, of course, crammed with PC propaganda, but New Amsterdam takes it to an incredibly high level. Alas, it’s still an interesting story.

There is one puzzling thing. The lead character, a straight, white dude, is not married to a black woman. Nor is she Asian, Samoan, Aborigine or Eskimo. She’s white too!

It’s a shocking breach of the new norms.

Oddly, the show’s story lines, with the exception of the kid wanting a sex change, would not be altered in the slightest if all of the PC talking points were eliminated entirely. They are pure unnecessary propaganda.

* Alabama, to its great credit, recently made assisting sex changes for minors a felony with stiff prison terms. At least one other state is considering the same. Meanwhile, Biden has nominated a transsexual who supports sex changes for minors to a health post.

28 thoughts on “Gold standard of Woke

    1. Ms. Shoes: Actually, it’s a better-than-average show, and we’re enjoying it if you let the PC nonsense roll off your shoulders. And my wife doesn’t even notice due to not being tuned into today’s American societal and political nonsense.


    1. Marco: Because it’s a good story. Well, if you ignore the PC nonsense which does not come up often. If it was a big part of the program, I would go elsewhere, but it’s not. They just sneak it in, and my wife doesn’t even notice due to not being an American.


  1. And you said television had great dramas. Luckily, we get mostly home shopping and holy rollers. I ignore them.

    About three years ago, I was tired of paying for BS. I told my wife to go to the cable shop and get something worthwhile. Now it is all worthless. Even more home shopping and religious programming.

    I watch Fox news, and that is it. The rest is crap.


  2. Not much on anymore that isn’t crap. Spend more time with the neighbors and other friends playing cards. I saw a great rerun of “All Animals Great and Small.” They are having to dig deep to find shows that they can get people to watch so they can sell advertising.

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  3. Surely you’ve got to be in favor of point #2, interracial marriage. As for point #3, gay couples everywhere, well that’s just the reality of today’s New York, and much of the urban world. Pretending otherwise is just that: pretending. As for toxic masculinity, my only objection to the concept is that its main proponents seem to live in some kind of La La Land where there’s no such thing as toxic femininity, which is at least (and I’m being charitable here) as prevalent as toxic masculinity. Frankly, based on my own life experiences, men are in general more even-keeled emotionally than women. And let’s not forget about the whole “Karen” thing. It’s no coincidence that it’s got a female name.

    All that said, yes, the propaganda from the media is tiresome. I laud your sacrifice in sitting through it.

    So is this series subtitled? Or dubbed?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I find television in all of its forms to be mostly tiresome and stupid.


    1. Kim: Actually, I am neutral on interracial marriage as long as they have no kids. From what I have read and also heard directly from horses’ mouths, kids born from interracial relationships have a higher incidence of emotional issues, which makes perfect sense to me. Interracial humans, multicultural societies, I think both present more challenges than otherwise. As for gay couples being everywhere, no, they are not. But, of course, they are more common and visible in huge urban areas. As for toxic masculinity, that’s just a steaming pile of silliness.

      As for subtitles, virtually all shows and movies on the Mexican Netflix are subtitled in quite a few languages. You get to pick your poison.


      1. As for gay couples being everywhere, no, they are not. When was the last time you were in New York? The 1960s? Did you notice that my statement was qualified, e.g., “in New York,” which is where your TV show takes place? I can assure you that in New York specifically, there are gay couples everywhere, so having that in a TV show that takes place in New York is just contemporary reality. And in many other large cities, including CDMX and Guadalajara, gay couples are legion.

        As for interracial marriage, you seem to find yourself in one. I hope that’s a good thing. 😉


        Kim G


        1. Kim: Okay, you’re everywhere. I think my marriage is far more intercultural than interracial though she does have a nicer shade to her. I have nothing against interracial marriage, as I previously mentioned. The trouble starts when such a couple has kids. Not always, but often enough.


          1. Ms. Shoes: Mexican is not a race, of course, though most Mexicans are mestizo, which is kind of a race. One of my pet peeves is seeing Latino listed as a race, which is common. Nothing could be more false. Even many Latin Americans think it’s a race.


  4. Menage a trois is French for the bed is crowded. I have to just wonder how that all works out in cases like that.


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