Nation of silly people

In the early 1990s, when I was still a Democrat, I watched Bill Maher’s TV show, Politically Incorrect, when I visited my mother in Atlanta. I liked Maher, and I liked the name of his show. Even when I was a Democrat, I considered political correctness horrendous.

And now PC is the bedrock of the Democrat Party.

When I wised up in 2008 and abandoned the Democrat Party, which I now correctly call the Democrat Socialist Party, I continued to see Maher online now and then. He considers himself a classical liberal and often criticizes today’s Democrat Socialists, which is smart, but he also badmouths Trump, which is ignorant.

Though primarily a leftist, Maher is often a fence-sitter. He straddles it with one leg in the Democrat Party and the other in a sea of common sense. One side is rank and smelly while the other side is clear thinking and sunshine.

But he sometimes hits topics on the nail head, which he does in this video. For years, I have called America a nation of spoiled people, folks who’ve never faced an existential threat in their lives, people who do not know history.

Maher is at times humorous and potty-mouthed (because he’s a Democrat) in the video, but what he’s saying is serious as a cemetery. And true.

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  1. Yes, indeed, sir.
    Maher can be hilarious. Like you, I once watched him more often than presently. He has a knack for getting to the heart of a problem.

    I wonder how many others are near the edge of giving up democratic socialism.

    Hopefully, many!


    1. Ricardo: Alas, what he is saying here is far from funny. It’s tragic because it is true.

      As for how many are on the edge of giving up Democrat Socialism, that is what the Walkaway Campaign has focused on for the past few years. Alas, Democrat Socialist HQ is fine-tuning election corruption. They did pretty well last year, and HR1 will make it even better for them if they can get it passed, and they may. Bad times.


  2. It wasn’t always that way. Our nation built the Hoover Dam in less than five years. The people pulled together and won World War II. Our nation could launch liberty ships in a matter of months.

    There was harmony and unity. The U.S. was the leader in innovation and production.

    Then came the environmentalist, the contrarians who opposed anything to better the human condition. The social justice warriors also appeared. Then the lawyers that profited so much from the disunity. There were lawsuits, hearings and more hearings, delays and more delays and finally, cancellations. Just look at the travails and legal action of the Keystone Pipeline.

    Everything is grounds for a lawsuit. Some obscure cockroach can stop all sorts of progress. Extinction is the eventual fate of all organisms. If it werem’t, we would be up to our neck in dinosaurs.

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    1. Señor Gill: No, it wasn’t always that way. But it sure is that way now. Americans now are foolish and silly. Not all, of course, but far too many, and the number is increasing every day.

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  3. America has been fat and happy for far too long. People here are untraveled, and unaware of the rest of the world. They literally have no idea how good they have it here. I used to work for a multi-national asset manager. We ran mutual funds and had our U.S. operations in Boston, and our European operations in Dublin, Ireland. My Irish colleague who covered food retailers once asked me to send him the Sunday advertisements for U.S. grocery stores, as Ahold, a Dutch company, owns Stop & Shop, a big, Northeast supermarket chain. So I sent him all the stuff. The next day he was calling me, astonished at how cheap the prices of everything was. And that was Stop & Shop, which is a good 20%-25% more expensive than WalMart or Trader Joe’s. Europeans pay much more for the things we have here, live in smaller houses, pay insane amounts for gasoline and heat, and pay very high taxes to boot.

    And don’t even get me started on Mexico. Obviously the USA enjoys an insanely luxurious standard of living compared to middle-income countries such as Mexico. Yet there’s a certain segment of the left-wing here that seems to think that the USA is the worst country ever. It’s such an INSANELY IGNORANT position, yet they never get called out on it.

    It’s really sad what’s happening to the USA. I remember telling a Mexican friend in 2016 how the USA was no longer what people thought it was. However bad it was then, it seems a thousand times worse now.

    And we have a president who’s barely even alive!

    And I recently learned that the Chinese now have a larger navy than we do. Apparently in every war simulation the US military does about a Chinese takeover of Taiwan, we lose faster and faster every time they rerun the simulation.

    Yet the most important things are cries of racism over what are literally slights, multiple genders, and other insanity. It really is sad.

    And we’ve now crossed the Rubicon on debt. It’s no longer payable under any reasonable scenario. It’s mounting fast, and it will destroy us all.

    Sad. Very, very sad.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where your hurt feelings are nothing compared to my realistic fears about future financial Armageddon.


    1. Kim: Yep, yep and more yep. I’ve been saying for years that Americans are spoiled rotten, totally ignorant of the wider world. And the chickens, so to speak, have come home to roost.

      It’s a great time to be in one’s twilight years, which I’ve also said repeatedly.

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    2. Canadians and Americans are at line 4 of this old proverb. Probably Europe as well, not sure. So sad.

      hard times create strong men and women
      strong men and women create good times
      good times create weak men and women
      weak men and women create hard times

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  4. Half of the people in this country pay no income taxes. They say they do, but then they file and get it all back. Plus some get the earned income amount.

    Yet they still think they have the right to live well and expect even more from the government. What will happen when those EBT cards are not funded? No food stamp money means hunger.

    Of the 1.9 trillion dollars in the Covid relief bill, only a small fraction addresses the illness. The rest is pure pork for the greedy Democrats.

    If one is $24,000 behind on the house rent, that $1,400 is like pissing into the ocean.

    When those that actually work and pay taxes are financially exhausted, the only resort is to steal from the future with government debt. It is never paid off, but just rolled over.

    What happens when no one will buy government bonds? Then it is the printing presses that will pay the debts. And that means massive inflation.

    Hang on, it is going to get real ugly.


  5. I predict June, July and August will be months of evictions, repossessions, and bankruptcies. If landlords cannot meet their payments, eventually their properties will be foreclosed.
    Missed rent and house payments must be paid eventually. I see some people pushing for rent forgiveness. These people expect the government to save them. It isn’t going to happen. This will end badly.
    No government can print its way out of a mess like this.
    If one wants to live a good life, they must work and produce and sell something to earn the life they want.
    Just sitting at home watching CNN and MSNBC will no longer do the trick.


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