The current mess

I haven’t had much to say about American politics since last year’s election, just my March 1 post on how the election was stolen by the Democrat Socialists (How they did it), because I consider the United States a lost cause, circling the proverbial drain.

Along with much of Western Europe, all drowning in political correctness.

But let’s take a look now at the situation above the border. I hope those who’ll be hit hardest will be the nincompoops who voted against Trump because they simply don’t like his personality. I have to think that was the sole issue because whenever I ask someone why he dislikes Trump, I never get a reasonable answer, just meaningless epithets.

Never once anything concrete, and I’ve asked a lot. “Orange Man bad! Sexist! Racist! Homophobe! Liar!” Uh, got any actual examples? No?

So let’s look at the border where a new flood of Biden-loving illegals is pounding on the gates, and many have already leaped the hurdles. The border had been mostly pacified by Trump’s smart policies, which Sleepy Joe has reversed.

A nation that does not protect its borders in time ceases to be a nation, and a rich nation that does not protect its borders ceases to be a nation even faster.

Illegal-alien camp in Tijuana, awaiting the okay to cross the border. No covid tests required.

And let’s look at fuel prices, which have increased because Sleepy Joe reversed Trump’s policies that made America energy independent for the first time in decades.

Also, it’s been announced, tax increases, which are needed to fund Democrat Socialist “freebies,” are coming down the pike. Trump reduced taxes. And Sleepy Joe has already bombed Syria following the Trump years when the White House focused on domestic issues instead of uselessly and counterproductively killing foreigners.

Aside from leftist rioters in Democrat cities and hyperventilating news media flunkies, the Trump years were primarily tranquil.

Joe will not be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Trump was, five times. The best Biden can hope for is a Participation Trophy, but there’s no guarantee of even that.

His actual participation appears sketchy.

The White House releases Sleepy Joe’s daily schedule to the press. Unlike Trump’s accomplishment-filled days, Joe does pretty much nothing at all, literally. One or two brief events each day, and that’s about it. And when he does do something, he risks taking a tumble, falling on his ancient keister down the steps of Air Force One.

What is the focus of this administration? “Institutional racism.” Gender inequality. Long-gone pay gaps. Climate change. Transsexual rights. The entire silly agenda of Social Justice Warrior-ism. Soon Harris will be president, and that will worsen. And Nancy Pelosi will advance to just one heartbeat away from the presidency herself.

Did you know that?

If you get your “news” from The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, NPR and their ilk, you are unaware of much of the above.

People who voted for Joe are ignoramuses, proving America to be a silly nation.

16 thoughts on “The current mess

  1. Don’t forget the new flavor of the Socialist Left, “Social Equity.’
    That is nothing more than Marxism disguised as “racial justice.”
    We Norte Americanos took a hard left and are headed right over the cliff. 😒

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  2. You summed it all up perfectly, Felipe. As soon as Trump lost, I knew it was the end. I predicted that the bozos who voted him out would eventually see the downfall of their vote, but that it would be too late. All I can do now is just enjoy what little freedom I still have (which isn’t much these days with the pandemic and cancel culture of friends, colleagues and family). This is a depressing time, and I walk among citizens who have no idea what’s happening here. They will eventually, and I predict they won’t like it either.


    1. Annette: Cluelessness runs rampant up there, and it just gets worse due, to a great extent, to the leftist educational system, which is to say about 98 percent of the educational system.


  3. There was an article in Epoch Times that some $4 billion in stimulus money paid to illegals. That’s a quantifiable amount of how much they are loved.


    1. Carole: Gotta say, that figure seems a bit steep, but who knows? Lord knows the government, especially the Democrat Socialists, want to redistribute taxpayer money as much as possible, including tons to foreign countries. America is a first-class mess.


  4. I can’t disagree with you on any of ridiculousness that is going on NOB but, saying that, it looks like there will be much more nincompoopery on its way. Had another great day with the healthcare in Mexico again today. I don’t miss the frozen north one bit.


    1. Kirk: The silly nation that is now the United States will indeed have much more nincompoopery to make fun of. There will be no shortage.

      And I don’t miss the north either, though where I was (Texas) was hardly frozen. You Canadians have a different perspective.


  5. The Left seems to have completely abandoned its own principles. They didn’t like “kids in cages,” yet Biden’s administration, amazingly within the first 100 days, has managed to double the number of kids in cages. They’re still focused on Russia (Russia, Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!) while the Chinese diplomats “own” our diplomats for so-called human-rights violations, courtesy of the whole “Black Lives Matter” agitprop. (BLM only cares about criminal lives; if a black 5-year-old is killed by a stray bullet from gang violence while watching cartoons at home, that doesn’t matter.) They claim to be standing up for the poor and oppressed, but whose jobs are all these semi-literate, illegal, border-crossers going to take? I’d wager they aren’t much of a threat to Silicon Valley engineers, nor to Wall Street financiers. No, they are going to take the jobs of the most vulnerable.

    And the press fawning over Biden! Don’t even get me started. Much of the media is making North Korean state-controlled media blush.

    What we are seeing now is simply an utter disaster. But hey! No mean tweets!

    Instead they are “normalizing” national decline.

    Well played.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where they’ve canceled the public exam schools (for the top students) because academic merit is “racist.”

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  6. Here is an interesting item:

    So the border patrol is going to dump busloads of illegals in Gila Bend, AZ. If the world had one, it would pucker there. It is known locally as the busted fan belt capital of the world. If you have to get gas in that little town, don’t let them near your car.

    Luckily, it isn’t summer because then it can get to 120 degrees and absolutely no shade. The locals have no inclination to take care of these penniless migrants. In fact, the migrants will probably outnumber the locals. This will not turn out well. So, if you are driving by on your way somewhere, avoid this bad situation.


    1. There are a whole lot more towns and cities in addition to Gila Bend. That town’s mayor just happened to voice a complaint.
      There is a government-funded pipeline to deliver the kids to “sponsors” across the nation as well. It’s a virtual institution of children-smuggling funded by our tax dollars. 😒

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  7. Another precise stating of facts as they stack up NOB, señor. Here on the Texas frontier I begin to see some second-guessing among the Democrat-Forever voters in this area. Dems are in the minority in this immediate area, unlike the urban areas and deep South Texas, but their numbers grew somewhat because of TDS. Now that Trump is a non-factor, many Dems have lost their compass completely. About time for the conservative side to pick up some support here. I’m placing my arguments carefully as I make my old-man daily rounds.

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