The swamp creature

That would be Kamala Harris, the vice president, a pol as corrupt as a Tammany Hall ward heeler. Just watch the first 20 seconds of the above video. The rest is interesting, but it’s the first 20 seconds that are appalling. And consider that this “woman of color” will soon be the “leader of the free world,” God help us.

I mention “woman of color” because it’s the sole reason she is where she is.

She was also criticized this week for climbing the stairs into her now-personal aircraft, Air Force Two, a Boeing 757, without saluting the honor guard, something all previous vice presidents have done, including Sleepy Joe.

Harris was so unpopular during the Democrat presidential debates that she washed out early on, and who can forget when Tulsi Gabbard ripped her a new one during that debate. You can watch that here. The ripping starts at the video’s 3:50 mark. See Kamala squirm.

One of the panelists on the show in the top video remarks that Harris is a “very unserious person.” Actually, she is serious, seriously bad, seriously dangerous.

Moving on now from that unserious person of color to another one, who is not only serious but one of the world’s most brilliant, Thomas Sowell, a political philosopher and economist with the Hoover Institution. The video is a montage of interview clips over recent years.

I share his pessimism about America and the Biden Administration or, as the White House recently instructed federal departments, the Biden-Harris Administration.

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  1. Swamp creature is a far too polite term for Carmela*. She is what she is. May the Gods help us when she becomes president. And, at that point, the next in line is likely worse. If we are ever to reach the point of revolution in this country, either of those as president is likely the tipping point.

    It’s good to be old.

    * The spelling is intentional


      1. The problem is that if you were 30 right now, you’d likely be sufficiently indoctrinated to think that everything was peachy. Unfortunately, some harsh lessons lie ahead.


  2. I can’t watch Kameltoe. She’s just disgusting and ignorant. There’s hope that Americans will realize what they’ve done in electing the “dog-faced pony soldier” and Cackles the clown, and vote accordingly in the midterms. Then there’s that smart black woman, Candace Owens, who indicated that she might run for president in 2024. That would be interesting … as long as the Democrats are prevented from cheating again.

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    1. Brent: You hit on the essential issue in your last sentence. What they did with the presidential election they are trying to cast in concrete with HR-1, the ludicrously named “For the People Act.”

      Wikipedia describes HR-1, a power grab by the Democrat Socialists, as “a bill in the United States Congress to expand voting rights, change campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of money in politics, limit partisan gerrymandering, and create new ethics rules for federal officeholders.”

      And that shows clearly that Wikipedia, like so much more of Big Tech, is in bed with the Democrat Socialist Party.

      What HR-1 actually would do would put the Democrat Socialists in power forever.


      1. I don’t understand the ins and outs of American politics, but wouldn’t some of these provisions have to pass through the Supreme Court?


        1. Brent: That’s not how it works. The Supreme Court only rules on cases specifically brought before it.

          As I understand it, the Democrat Socialists put an item into HR-1 saying that if it’s challenged it goes not to the Supreme Court but to some lower court that leans way left. That’s absurd, of course. I think anything can be taken to the Supreme Court. Whether they choose to rule on it is another matter. The Supremes dodged the question of the legality of last year’s presidential election.


  3. Mr. Sowell has hit the nail on the head. The Democrats are agreeing to what any crackpot on the left thinks of. All great nations that have gone down in flames got away from what made them great.

    To think that the guy who stayed in his basement, and the woman who washed out early in her run to be president, are the leaders of what once was a great and productive nation is truly sad.

    It’s a good thing that people who will probably be needed to defend the USA are still going to be well armed, because the ones who are taking it downhill will not be able to protect themselves. Like we used to say, the ones in charge would freeze to death in the dark if not for us down at the bottom of the ladder.


  4. The ultimate goal of the Democrat party is to transform our nation into a one-party kleptocracy. Now, where have we seen this before?


      1. Well, Mexico was a one-party kleptocracy for about 70 years until 2000. And it’s not clear that it’s no longer a kleptocracy, but it’s still pretty nice. At least if you’re an American with his own funds.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where our union-pampering mayor is now in the Department of Labor. I soon expect all Federal workers to be working on Sundays so he can pay them double-time. Just like Boston.


        1. Kim: Yes, Mexico was a one-party kleptocracy for decades, and if AMLO gets his way, it will be once again. Let us hope not.

          However, Mexico being a kleptocracy is one thing. The United States being one is another matter altogether due to its world effect.


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