Shots & stupid stimulus

America’s IRS website tells me they mailed another Kung Flu stimulus check in my direction three days ago. I am vociferously opposed to this irresponsible nonsense of mailing cash willy-nilly all over the place with no regard for whether a person needs the money or not, whether a person has been financially harmed by the Kung Flu hysteria or not.

America is already drowning in debt, getting worse by the day. And it’s sending me money, a person who has not been financially harmed in any way whatsoever by the pandemic. It’s absurd and irresponsible.

The check in the mail is the third stimulus payment. I did not get the first one due to some bureaucratic reason, and I don’t care, but I did get the second one, which I cashed here. What else was I to do? Mail it back? Boy, that would have confused them. So I cashed it here in spite of my thinking it is unseemly.*

And if the third payment makes it through the Mexican mail system, I’ll cash it too. Perhaps I’ll use it to pay for the cataract surgery on my other eye, which is still pending, even though I am perfectly capable of using my own money for that.

Speaking of unseemly, the Gringos on our local internet forum are all a’twitter at the “free” money coming their way. They just cannot wait to get their hands on it.

Most are Democrats, of course. Unseemly, I tell you.

Speaking of the Kung Flu hysteria, I have decided not to get the vaccine, assuming it ever appears in my neck of the woods because Mexico’s distribution system is a poorly organized mess. I have decided to dodge the shot for a number of reasons.

One is that the pandemic is clearly winding down, as they always do. Two is that most cases are relatively mild. And very few people die. Yes, I am old, but I have no serious health issues and that’s almost always what kills people who catch the Kung Flu.

And also, the vaccine was a rush job. I am not an “anti-vaxxer.” I get the flu vaccine every year. I’ve received lots of vaccines. I welcome vaccines, but not rush jobs.

And when has a disease ever separated along political lines? In the United States, why are Democrat-run states trying to destroy private enterprise and Republican-run states much less so? Why are you far more free in Florida and South Dakota than you are in California, Michigan and Wisconsin? We’re living in a surreal world.

Something very strange is happening.

Looking only at Mexico with a population of about 130 million, to date, confirmed cases amount to 1.7 percent of the population. Deaths amount to 0.16 percent of the population. Those are really low numbers. And our pandemic is winding down noticeably.

What pushed me over the edge on the vaccine issue was a video I saw a few days ago, a speech delivered by Dr. Simone Gold who is also an attorney and founder of an organization named America’s Frontline Doctors. The video is about an hour long but well worth watching, especially if you’re still vaccine-free.

Back to the political aspect of the Kung Flu hysteria: Big Tech, mainstream media, showbiz, etc., have all gone to extremes to censor contrary opinions about the pandemic. Dr. Gold’s video was, of course, deleted from YouTube, but it’s available on Brighteon, one of a number of newer video channels dedicated to freedom of opinion.

To see Dr. Gold’s extremely impressive resumé, go here and scroll to the bottom. In spite of her sterling credentials, since she disagrees with the obligatory narrative surrounding the Kung Flu, she has been slandered by Big Tech and the leftist media.

And I don’t wear face masks either, except when it’s required to walk into a store. On the streets hereabouts, you can stroll mask-free with scant interference because Mexicans mind their own business. It’s just one more advantage of living in a free society.

* By cashed, I mean a money exchange gave me “real money,” i.e. Mexican pesos.

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  1. I did not receive either of the Trump checks and I will not receive the Biden installment. An economic case could have been made for the first check, but the next two were directed at all the wrong people — especially this third one which was rushed through before anyone could realize the economy has been improving for months. In 1971 I sent a pay increase in my military paycheck back to the Treasury. I would have done the same with each of these misbegotten checks — if I had ever received them. I am so glad to be living in Mexico, instead.


  2. They are giving out money like chocolate candy at an Easter egg hunt. Crazy, but if they’re giving away I’ll take it, what the hell. I invest mine. Most fools simply go to Vegas or buy a newer car. 🙄


      1. Vegas is just now reopening. Great food, entertainment, super deals to get people to return.

        Go for it. 👍


          1. Yeah, I worked there for several years. I would say it is one of those places everyone should go to at least once. It’s over the top. As a visual person, I believe you would love the lights, the grandiosity, the over-the-top edifices that line the strip. It’s worth one visit in my humble opinion, plus you could stop by Tucson and say hello to an old friend if you were so inclined. 😉🤠


            1. Marco: You are surely right, and stopping by Tucson would be included. But don’t hold your breath. I cannot imagine I will ever be in the United States again.


  3. The Kung Flu and associated money to the masses are only the tip of what leftists are doing to the USA. Freedoms in Mexico are to be preferred.

    Wish I was there.


  4. The money is doled out differently in the frozen north. The government tracks you when you go out of the country and then you are not entitled.
    The third Kung Flu check came with a lot of other money attached, mostly pork for payoffs of people and organizations that help spread the bull.
    Many safety questions coming up about the vaccines. Deaths are low just as deaths are low from the flu, but the issues are just starting to be seen.

    I have been vaccinated when I was a kid. My kids have been vaccinated, but I have not had a flu vaccine ever and probably won’t start now. Freedoms in Mexico are much better.


    1. Kirk: The stimulus bill, especially this last one, is so packed with pork that the actual stimulus money is the minority. And much of the cash is going to foreign countries for all manner of purposes totally unrelated to the pandemic. It’s Democrat Socialist governing at its best.

      As for vaccines, I’m a fan. Just don’t think this one is for me. I get flu shots every year.


  5. I’ve been concerned about the vaccine and potential adverse reactions, which have been mostly covered up by the press. Also it would apear that the VAERS data (Federal database of adverse vaccine reactions) is well behind actual reports as they’ve had to add a digit to their case numbers, and that caused delays. Per Alex Berenson, the number of adverse reactions to the various covid vaccines is running somewhere around 800 times higher than that for seasonal flu. But it’s worth noting that a much smaller percentage are severe reactions.

    All that said, the longer the vaccinations go on without insane levels of problems, the more ridiculous it is to resist. While I hear what you’re saying about your risk factors, but consider a couple of things. One, this disease isn’t likely going away. There’s a lot of scientists who think it will eventually become endemic. Yes, this flies in the face of the idea that all pandemics eventually disappear, but it’s worth considering. Two, if that’s the case, then you will eventually age into a more vulnerable category. But by then, your immune system will be that much weaker, which means that if you decide to be vaccinated in, say, five years, your immune response to that vaccine will be that much weaker. Or put differently, the vaccine will become less effective for you as you age due to your body’s declining ability to mount an immune response. This is just basic human physiology. Three, while I personally have more concern with the MRNA vaccines as they are not only permitted under an emergency use authorization, but they are completely new technology too. So you might consider one of the adenovirus vector vaccines such as the Sputnik vaccine, the J&J vaccine, or the Sinovac vaccine, which my mother in Ajijic just had a couple of weeks ago without adverse reaction. In fact, no one at her rest home had an adverse reaction.

    I’ve been somewhat wishy-washy myself about getting vaccinated, and I resent the idea of a so-called “vaccine passport,” because most of what we are traditionally vaccinated for is much worse than covid (think polio, pertussis, etc.), yet no one has ever demanded proof of vaccination for those diseases, save for public school. But yesterday I signed up to get vaccinated. I can still opt out, but at the end of the day getting vaccinated probably makes sense for the reasons set out above.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’m reading that after a long decline, covid infections are surging once again worldwide. See India, Brazil, among others.


    1. Kim: Just after I hit the Publish button on this post yesterday afternoon, my wife came home from the gym and announced that the shots for us old folks — she just slips in under the age wire herself — start today just up the road, and it’s the one-shot variety. I still have no interest, especially if there are long lines, which I imagine there will be. In any event, we’re heading up there in a bit, and I intend to drop her off. She wants to get it.

      As for the Kung Flu being, in any significant way, different from other pandemics, I seriously doubt it in spite of all the things one reads. More than anything, it’s hyped-up hysteria.


  6. My two cents: Take the money from the Democrats and buy silver. Take the Covid shot and wait to see what the Red Chinese will turn loose on us next.
    The U.S. dollar is doomed by fools who think our government can print itself out of trouble.


  7. I see they are not selling Libertads anymore. Buy scrap silver if that is all you can find. Governments will confiscate gold any time they want it. Silver is another thing. That will be too hard for them.

    Inflation is the way the governments steal savings and retirement funds. They can, and they will, do anything to rob you of your earned wealth.
    Mexico is a nice place to live, but not if you don’t have a decent income.

    Hope, pray and hide anything of value.


    1. Bev: The Nuremberg Code. Had to look that one up. Regarding the vaccine passport, I mightily suspect that when the pandemic blows over, and it will because they always do, and it will not be long now, and the hysteria subsides, all these places that require or are thinking of requiring proof of vaccine will forget all about it.


  8. Dem: Oh great, the government is sending us all $1,400. If they keep this up, we will all be rich.

    Rep: Don’t you realize that will cause a terrible inflation? All of our savings and retirement funds will be reduced in purchasing power. You will barely be able to afford a bag of M&Ms.

    Dem: I don’t have any savings or retirement funds.

    Rep: Then no M&Ms for you.

    Dem: Wrong, the government will take your M&Ms. You are so greedy for wanting to keep all of your M&Ms They should belong to all of us. The government will redistribute them. It is only just. They will keep most to cover administrative costs and the blue ones will be given to their loyal but always hungry supporters. You will be able to keep the empty bag.

    End of story: We all go hungry.

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  9. I am the same age as you. I am not an anti-vaxxer but had/have many reservations about these so-called vaccines. Searching online for any information about them I came across the video presentation by Dr. Gold. Went to her website, signed up for a Zoom consult from a member of her nationwide physician group which happened within 24 hours, received a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine which will last until the pandemic is over or the vaccines receive FDA approval. Even then I may never take the MrNA version.


    1. Dan: I remember when the organization held a news conference in Washington D.C. last year. The video of it was quickly zapped by the Powers That Be. Interesting what you did. If I lived in the U.S., I would get that prescription too, but it won’t work where I am. The prescription, that is. In any event, as already mentioned, the pandemic appears to be winding down.


          1. I easily picked up 3 boxes of Plaquenil at Farmacia Guadalajara earlier this month on a “buy 2, get 3” offer, no questions asked. And I bought more back last summer and again last fall. Not hard to buy at all.


      1. Actually there is another common medicine that may be better and is available over the counter in most South American countries and may be available in Mexico … Ivermectin.


  10. Winding down, that is until you and your child bride get the disease. Take the shot. God only knows what the Red Chinese will turn loose on us next.


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