Columbia students join the Klan

This is a hoot. First, students at Columbia University support racial segregation. Then the interviewer heads downtown to talk to normal black people who oppose racial segregation. Then the interviewer speaks with an Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and he agrees with the Columbia students.

You can’t make this stuff up, as they say.

And take it to the bank that all the Columbia students are Democrats.

14 thoughts on “Columbia students join the Klan

  1. It’s considered a positive thing if blacks, gays, disabled, hyphenated-people have their own graduations, segregated living quarters, but it’s a bad thing if whites want the same for themselves? And white people are supposed to go through anti-racist re-education? Yet another reason to be grateful we get to be Mexican and live in Mexico.


  2. Very entertaining video, more nincompoopery (love that word). Kids have no idea how one thought affects the next thought. I agree with the people on the street that separating people because of their colour is a bad idea whether you are white or black.


    1. Kirk: With rare exceptions (I like “silly,” which was also a favorite of Bertrand Russell), my preferred put-downs are nincompoop and ignoramus. I use ignoramus and ignorant with their correct definitions, someone who is ignorant of something, not as an insult though that is implied.


      1. Some people don’t know they are idiots because no one has told them before. It’s not their fault.


  3. The sample size of that poll was very, very small. Just a handful of young students. Does that make it an accurate portrayal of people on the left? And obviously, the video was highly edited to fit the producer’s agenda. Dumbed down for a certain group of people. So that video gets a big thumbs down in my estimation.

    It is easy to find a myriad of information on the web that will support any opinions you may hold. The hard part is finding objective people.


  4. You completely missed my point. They portray what you want them to portray. Nothing more and nothing less.

    I am not taking sides on this question. If you haven’t noticed, I rarely opine on gringo issues. But no matter the subject, I prefer to form my opinions based on a broader range of information and from more objective sources. The video doesn’t even come close. It’s sole intention is to get a reaction from reactionaries. And it certainly did what it was intended to do. Hardly a difficult task. And that is what is sad.


    1. Antonio: I did not miss your point at all. You are quite correct. One can manipulate information easily, especially on the internet. Happens every day.

      But the fact is that the U.S. educational system — from kindergarten on up — has been taken over by the radical left, and PC is the sole acceptable way of thinking. Those young students whom Ari interviewed are legion in today’s American universities. Most students think that way and the minority who do not think that way often say they do due to social pressure. It’s an Orwellian world in which racial issues have been so twisted that (primarily white) students actually mouth “progressive” opinions that could just as easily come from Klansmen, and they do.


  5. There are a lot of Black folks that are so busy being Black, they can’t be a friend to non-Black people.

    It was explained to us once that we would not be invited to a wedding because the groom’s family were not comfortable around non-Black people. But the bride’s mother was White. Strange!

    Worse, White folks are portrayed by the media as being hateful folks. I have seen more hate come from Black people than White.

    Especially toward Asian people. Why Black folks have such animus toward the Asian community, I don’t know.

    If the attacker is of the White race, it is always noted in the news articles. If there is no mention of the race of the attacker, it is usually Black.

    A certain political party is hellbent on setting one group against others. This will not end well. I hope to be gone when it all comes down.


    1. Señor Gill: Yes, there are a disturbingly high numbers of blacks attacking Asians, especially lately. What’s up with that? I suspect it has something to do with the fact that convenience stores and liquor stores in ghettos often are run by Asians. That pisses off the neighborhood, I guess, and with reason, I imagine, at times.

      I usually correct it in your comments, but I must ask: Why on earth do you uppercase White and Black? They are not proper nouns. They are just colors. You know who does uppercase black these days? Most of the politically correct media, and often it’s just Black they capitalize and not white. Are these the people you want to be associated with? I thought not. So stop that right now, you hear? Don’t make me come up there.


  6. The stylebooks now uppercase Black, but not White. So, I uppercase them all. Equality is my goal. If there were Blue people, I would uppercase them also. It is a small thing, but the only thing I dare do in the current environment.


    1. Señor Gill: Well, there is a Moon Stylebook too, and uppercasing colors is verboten. I’ve left your White and Black uppercase today, but mañana we’ll be back to lowercasing them. Be easier on me if you would get in line, señor. There ain’t gonna be no PC nonsense hereabouts, and uppercasing colors, any color, is PC nincompoopery. It says so right there on Page 88 of the Moon Stylebook. Believe it.


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