More cherry-picking?

This short video is dedicated to my cyber-amigo Antonio who, I believe, is the sole native Mexican who ever passes by The Unseen Moon, which I appreciate because I’m all about multiculturalism and diversity. Okay, that’s a laughable lie, but I do appreciate his comments.

And why am I dedicating this video to Antonio who is a man of the left? Because his reaction to a recent post — Columbia students join the Klan — was that he suspected the interviewer was cherry-picking, which is to say intentionally interviewing people who would prove the point he wanted to make. Cherry-picking is easy to do, of course, but I do not believe that other video was an example of it because I know that leftist ideology runs rampant at American universities. It would be difficult to find students willing to state the contrary of what that video demonstrated.

In this video, a young university graduate tells her story, how she entered her university as a wide-eyed idealist and left it four years later as a sensible conservative. I hope her experience is not rare. I hope other university students exit universities similarly wised up, even though they must keep quiet on campus to avoid ostracism or actual violence.

Is this another example of cherry-picking? I think not.

8 thoughts on “More cherry-picking?

  1. Wow, I have never had a blog post dedicated to me. I am flattered! But your summation of my posts about the video are not accurate.

    I never suspected that he only interviewed students that would prove his point. How could he know how any student would respond to his questions before asking them? I said he edited his video to prove his point, meaning he only posted those that responded in the manner that would help him make his point and obviously didn’t post anything that wouldn’t help him. So, yes he did choose, but only the answers he wanted to show. That is what I believe the most likely story.

    But then again, if I viewed the video the same way as a far-right gringo views the American mainstream media, I could say that the whole thing was fake news, a complete fabrication on the part of PragerU. Could it be?

    BTW, how many of your usual contributors on this blog realize that PragerU isn’t a university?


    1. Antonio: Yes, having a blog post dedicated to you is quite an honor, much more prestigious than one of those Participation Trophies.

      And yes, I did understand your “summation” correctly. If Ari Horowitz had included only those students who proved his points in his video, that would be what we call cherry-picking, and that is what you implied he was doing. Truth is that finding students on about any American university these days who are in lockstep with those Horowitz interviewed would be a piece of cake. Finding students who do not think that way would be a real challenge, as the young lady in this video notes eloquently.

      How many of the commenters here know that PragerU is not an actual university? I have no idea. Most, I imagine. PragerU certainly does not try to hide that fact.


  2. Señor, I don’t think that this young lady is in the majority of kids who leave university thinking the way she does. Most are indoctrinated by the time they get out of high school by the teachers who were driving far-left ideas into the young minds who paid very good money to listen to the drivel that they spout.

    The left-wing media, or should I just call them the fake-news spreaders, I suppose went to the same left-leaning liberal universities that are infecting today’s youth. So we should expect nothing less. It’s a good thing not everyone goes to university and have to work for a living and live in the real world where we kept the big thinkers from freezing to death in the dark.

    PragerU should be a university. We would be much better off.


  3. I noticed that at the university, he interviewed mostly girls. I suspect he was more interested in them than the subject under discussion.
    Ditzy females, more interested in what they were eating than any ideas.

    And yes, the university is an expensive waste of money for most. It would be more profitable and more fulfilling to be a plumber.


    1. Señor Gill: I doubt he interviewed more women for that reason, but who knows? Had he interviewed male students, it would have been the same opinions.

      Plumbing, or any of those sorts of trades, are extremely profitable in the United States. Surely more so than what the young woman in the video majored in.


  4. I had a rough day today. Elderly parent issues and difficulty getting needed medical attention. It turned out OK but it was a stressful ordeal.

    But I just checked the Moon to read any responses and had a nice laugh. Which I figured would happen. I’ll now go off to bed in a much lighter mood. Have a nice Easter.


    1. Antonio: Elderly parent issues can be dreadful. I send best wishes on that. My parents are long gone, and there’s a positive element to that. As for the Easter wishes, I’m not a Christian so it means nothing to me, but thanks anyway. It used to be meaningful long, long ago when I was a kid and received Easter baskets with candy. One wonders why the Easter Bunny does not cross the Rio Bravo.


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