… had a little lamb

Where’s Mary, er, Maria, said the little Mexican lamb.

As the Plague Year lumbers on, my child bride continues her new art of crochet, and here is her latest piece because I know you’ve been on the edge of your chair … anticipating. But how much longer will this be her focus? Now that both of us have received the Kung Flu vaccine, she’ll likely resurrect her pastry business in a month, which is the waiting time for the vaccine’s full effect to kick in.

The white area of the lamb is actual wool.

6 thoughts on “… had a little lamb

  1. I crochet, so I think I am able to say confidently that your wife’s projects are charming and impeccable. Having experience, I doubt my endeavors would look this professional.


    1. Perry: Thanks for the kind words. I will pass them along. Yes, she is remarkably talented in this as she is in almost everything she does. I say almost because many years ago she studied guitar and was never able to get good at it. The problem was that she couldn’t relax. She gets obsessive, which is why she’s so good at crocheting, I guess, at least in part.

      Don’t know why your comment went to moderation. Shouldn’t have. Apologies.


    1. Kirk: We are approaching zoo level already. She has them all in a big basket in the closet, covered with cloth. She is concerned about dust! Yes, she’s a bit nuts.


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