Capital nincompoop

This is a fun one. You’re gonna like it.

Nincompoop and ignoramus are about the only verbal put-downs I rely on. Stronger stuff runs rampant on the internet, but not here where decorum reigns. But I love my two put-downs, and it’s a pleasure when I see others use them, especially the first one. And it’s even more enjoyable when it’s my favorite news channel, Sky News Australia.

This brief video has Rita Panahi, a delightful broadcaster, taking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez behind the proverbial shed for a really good and much-deserved whupping. AOC is a textbook example of the downside of universal suffrage. Nincompoop hardly touches the level of her, well, you know. She’s a Democrat, of course. The party should be quite proud.

One cannot watch AOC and not think of Bill Maher’s recent observation that America is now a nation of silly people. And you would be hard-pressed to find a sillier one than AOC.

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  1. Mercy they cried, and there was no mercy!

    That’s as close as I can get to a summation of our present political situation NOB.

    Imagine the left’s reactions had the current “surge” been on Trumpster’s watch.

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  2. The people who voted for AOC must be so proud of her. they are the true nincompoops supporting the drivel she spouts most every day. Slowly the news is getting out, going around the democrat news networks.

    Good to see your favorite words are going global.


    1. Kirk: She is so ridiculous, I was actually surprised when she got re-elected. It only goes to prove the low awareness level in her district. Well, it is New York, so the well of nincompoopery is exceptionally deep.


  3. I thought insults and name calling were against the rules here? Conservatives everywhere are known for their double standards. When I did my internship in England a phrase I learned and commonly heard there was “do as I say, not as I do.” Wouldn’t that apply here in this case?


    1. Antonio: Alas, you misunderstand the rules here. Let’s look at “nincompoop” and “ignoramus” more closely.

      First off, anyone who’s been writing on the internet for 16 years, which I have, must possess in his quiver some put-down words. It’s simply a necessity. At times people make such fools of themselves and put their ignorance on display to such an extent that you just gotta have a good retort. Those are my two comebacks.

      Maybe, due to English not being your native tongue, you miss the slightly lighthearted tone of nincompoop and nincompoopery. It’s a fun word, but it also gets the job done, and that is why I chose it. As for ignoramus, it can be used in a nasty way, or it can be used as I normally use it, the literal meaning, i.e. someone who is ignorant, lacking information. But again, like nincompoop, it’s a dual-purpose put-down. While it means someone who lacks information, it also can be an epithet. Unlike nincompoop, however, it lacks the lightheartedness which is why I use nincompoop far more often.

      With all the nastiness and name-calling that’s flying around the internet these days, my two words of choice, especially nincompoop, are lightweights. I have fun with them, but they are effective.

      As for my rule of no insults and name-calling on The Moon, that applies to commenters aiming such things at other commenters. Strictly verboten. One can throw insults and name-calling toward me, but there’s always a risk of being banned from here forever. This has happened to quite a long list of people over the years, and 99 percent of them are leftists who take umbrage at contrary opinions.

      I hope this has clarified the issue for you.

      By the way, the congresswoman known as AOC is a nincompoop and ignoramus of colossal proportions. And so are the people who vote for her.

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  4. Thank you for the clarification. I think I now have a clear understanding of the blog’s rules. You can use a perjorative to describe a group of people or certain personalities such as public figures but not participants on your blog. And, of course, vulgarity is never permitted.


  5. AOC is indeed a nincompoop. But how many other totally ineffectual congressmen do you ever discuss, much less constantly? She’s persuasive because she catches everyone’s attention and she directs the conversation. In some respects, she’s like a young, leftist Trump. Don’t underestimate her. There’s a reason both the Big Corporate Media and Pelosi have embraced her, and it’s not because she’s damaging Democrats.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the upcoming election for mayor is likely to be a nincompoop shoot-out.


    1. Kim: Yes, she is good at drawing attention to herself. Being kinda cute does not hurt. I don’t see, however, any similarity with Trump at all. And I also don’t see where Corporate Media or Pelosi have embraced her. AOC is a self-promoter more than anything. Well, the media does play along. I’ll give it that.


  6. Sadly, there are millions of people who believe every utterance from this lady. They were “educated” by a system that teaches social justice instead of multiplication tables. They watch CNN and MSNBC faithfully. Worse, they believe it all. Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon and Fredo are their gods.

    So now, math is racist. Test and exams are racist. Education is racist. Healthcare is racist. Yes, just today, it was announced that healthcare is racist. More non-blacks must die to even things out. Can’t say this virus came from China, that would be racist. God only knows what will be declared racist tomorrow.

    And now, the government is giving out cash like there is no tomorrow. Well, maybe there will be no tomorrow.

    Best advice I can give now is to keep your mouth shut and hang onto your wallet.


  7. All this idiocy is coming out of the universities. Defund the universities! Let those sociologists and psychologists get real jobs.

    Remember “Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom.” And then Mao exterminated all those whose ideas ran counter to the party’s mandated thought.

    Those who spoke up, never spoke again. They were dead.

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    1. Señor Gill: Funny you should mention Mao. I’m reading a book right now, The Private Life of Chairman Mao, written by his personal physician of 30 years, a Dr. Li. Really interesting.

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