Off the proverbial charts

Photo from The New York Times, making absurd comparisons.

I occasionally skim the websites of The New York Times and The Washington Post out of curiosity and to gauge the high levels of nincompoopery you encounter there.

At the very top of The Post‘s page today we are told “Domestic terror incidents surge, led by white supremacists and far right.” This conclusion, we’re informed, comes from “an analysis” done by — wait for it — The Washington Post itself! This is arrant nonsense, and one wonders if The Post knows of the ongoing Antifa riots? Over the weekend, for instance, Antifa torched a Portland federal building with immigration agents trapped inside.

There was zero mention of that by either The Post or The Times. Not a peep.

Let’s turn now to what inspired me to write what I am now writing. It may be the most hilariously outrageous leftist delusional nonsense of the year. Right there on The New York Times website, giving new meaning to the word chutzpah, is a piece headlined: Can Biden Be Our FDR? I swear you cannot make this stuff up.

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  1. Nincompoopery is right. The media, at least most of it, appear to do the bidding of the extreme left. They go on and on about the Qanon-inspired “insurrection” at the capital but ignore all the rioting, burning and looting in Democrat-controlled cities. They’re outraged by Donald Trump’s “kids in cages” but silent on the present border crisis, which is many times worse. Biden is not really in charge of policies but is a convenient puppet to help implement a radical agenda. You’re lucky to have escaped the Excited States of America. We’re pondering leaving our socialist hellhole, Kanuckistan. Right now we can’t leave. Borders are closed. Be well, señor.


    1. Brent: Yes, I am delighted to not live in the United States now. If only it were possible to escape the global effects of what will happen as the nation continues its downfall.


  2. Most of the money doesn’t go to where it is meant to go, or when you are told it will go, as seen in the first checks that Biden sent out. This is just the start of the money giveaways to all the of left’s wants. Covid is the cover, and it is the same in the frozen north. They are also going over the top to get votes and stay in power.

    In some states, kids have been back in school since August. You won’t find that in the fake news, just calls to give more money to make the teachers safe. It’s not going to end for a while. The list goes on and on.

    Great live in Mexico.


    1. Kirk: By “the frozen north,” you mean, of course, your native Canada. True.

      Teachers, via their unions, are trying to lengthen their vacations as long as possible


  3. Mean while, stores in Minnesota are being vandalized and looted by the BLM people just because some guy got shot by a lady cop.

    Remember that Ford fronted them 150 million dollars. Whenever you see a burnt out drugstore, liquor store, gas station or big box store, remember Ford funded that. Boycott Ford. Never, ever, ever buy anything made or sold by Ford.

    Also, if you are like me and cannot be less white, you can stop drinking Coca Cola. We have no moral reason to fund our own destruction. There are a lot of other brands out there that are not engaging in hatred of the white people. Boycott Coca Cola.

    Did you see that one of the organizers of the BLM movement just bought a 1.4 million dollar house in Beverly Hills. She also has bought other expensive properties. Do you wonder just where all of this money is coming from? I bet the IRS never ever asks one question.

    Something is terribly wrong in this country.


    1. Señor Gill: Something is indeed seriously wrong with your country. I recommend you pack up and move south.

      As for Ford, I will not buy a Ford, nor another Honda which has also buckled. This will not be a sacrifice for me because I had already decided that if I ever buy another car — I currently own a 12-year-old Honda — it’s going to be a Kia. I also do not buy Nikes or Gillette, but if this keeps up, it may get hard to find something one can buy. Luckily, I can still buy tortillas.


  4. Mea culpa! I relied upon a doubtful news source. The property is actually in Topanga Canyon.

    It seems this lady has been buying property like it has been going out of style. How does this not attract the attention of the IRS?

    If one buys a car for over five thousand dollars cash now, there is a lot of interest from the IRS.

    What happens when you transfer funds over five thousand from a US account to a Mexican account? Is there not a lot of forms to be filled out?


    1. Señor Gill: Where in the world are you getting these figures? Buying a car with over $5,000 cash? Well, maybe things have changed a bit since I abandoned your country. And the bank transfer limit without, they say, triggering something or other is $10,000, not $5,000. In any event, whenever I switch cash from up there to down here, I limit it to just under $10,000 U.S., and I’ve never heard anything from anyone. But I have virtually no money in the U.S. now, so not an issue anymore. For me at least.

      One or two times over the years, I have transferred quite a bit more than $10,000. Nothing happened then either.


  5. I know what a stickler for truth you are. With that in mind, I wanted to clear at least one thing up. It was reported in 2016 that Ford gave BLM 100 MILLION DOLLARS. The figure was closer to 10 million and the biggest hoax is that it was actually the Ford Foundation. The Ford Foundation, started by the Ford Family, has not had any connection to Ford Motor company since the 1970s. Ford Motor Company has their own charity. I believe its called the Ford Motor Company Fund.

    Also, even when they actually name the Ford Foundation, they then tie in the Ford Motor Company selling 60% of the law-enforcement cars, and they dare contribute to defund the police.

    I swear, people just read something without checking who wrote it. FORD MOTOR COMPANY NEVER DONATED ANY money to BLM, Defund the Police or any other similar cause.

    Come on folks, check the facts.

    Words to add to your Nicompoopery List. Oldies but goodies that apply in this case:


    FORD FOUNDATION is in no way affiliated to Ford Motor Co. They don’t own even one share of Ford.

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    1. Dave: Thanks for the update. Now that you mention it, I very vaguely recall the Ford Foundation/Ford Motor Co. issue, and that it was the foundation who sent BLM cash, not the automaker. No matter. They still make inferior cars, which is reason enough to not buy one.

      Honda, on the other hand, from what I have read, has contributed to BLM, as have many timorous corporations.

      As for adding to my comeback list, baloney is good, but it’s not a word you apply to a person, just statements and ideas. I like it though and would have no hesitation to use it. Horse hockey is in the same category. You don’t use it to describe people. I like them both.


      1. Yes, I was referring to the information. I think almost every corporation across the world is going to buckle to the woke and PC. Sad but true. As I was growing up it was common to hear “don’t buy Japanese.” The men like my father who watched the Japanese slaughter during the war never forgave them. What confused me was the same sentiment mostly was never shared about German products.

        I can’t base my buying decisions on nationalities or political acts because I would find it hard to buy anything. In my opinion, China represents the biggest threat we are facing right now, but corporations are running the show in the USA and the rest of the world. They don’t care about rights, discrimination or justice. All they care about is making money, and they will do or say anything that lets them continue to do so.


        1. Dave: I imagine we’re somewhat similar in age. I don’t remember that the feeling against Japanese products way back then was due to war sentiments. It was because, in those days, Japanese products had the reputation of being crappy. That would explain why there was no opposition to German products. It had nothing to do with the war.

          China does present the biggest threat to the U.S. and, meanwhile, as Bill Maher recently noted, we’re in a tizzy because Mr. Potato Head has a penis, or something like that. Americans are a silly people. Not all, but way too many.

          As for corporations only being interested in making money, well, sure. It’s what they should be interested in. Good deeds should be the focus of churches, charities, philanthropic organizations, etc.


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