Hysteria drones on

When the Kung Flu pandemic started early last year, the government told us Mexicans to close our businesses, wear masks and stay home, following the lead of the U.S. news media, or mis-leadia as one wag calls them. The closure orders were enforced haphazardly, Mexicans being what we are.

Now, over a year into it, according to a government website that covers the plague in exquisite detail, the pandemic is winding down, but here is what I still see on the street: Most people wear masks, although many are dangling below their chins. I do not wear a mask except where it’s necessary to enter a store. I think masks do next to nothing.

It’s become pure theater.

If you collect numbers on any disease, or any way people die, on a national or global scale, those numbers will be sky-high. It will look scary. Thousands dead! Head for the hills! But let’s look at the numbers just from my mountaintop pueblo of about 98,000 people.

Up to this week, the percentage of our town’s residents who have sickened in any way from the Kung Flu is 1.54%. That’s it, ladies and gentlemen. After over a year of going bonkers, closing businesses, hiding in our homes, and so on. Well, you might say, that is exactly why the numbers are so low. Maybe. I doubt it.

The death toll from the plague, which I think is inflated almost everywhere, in our town is 136, which is 0.14 percent of the population, a stunningly low number.

I sit on the downtown plaza and watch the masked zombies pass by. Most of those with toddlers, and even larger kiddies, have them masked up. For a toddler, a year is a fat chunk of his life, so he thinks this is normal, not knowing that Mom and Dad are nutcases because the number of children who’ve sickened from the Kung Flu is mostly zero.

And then there is the fact that people’s reaction to the pandemic is fairly well split along political lines. Since when did viruses join a party?

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  1. If it’s mostly a particular political party that isn’t masking up, are they all dying? And if they are, I would think the members of the other political party should be ecstatic.

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    1. Bev: Alas, I don’t think the nutty situation is quite that simple. Anyway, good conservatives rarely wish other people dead simply for having contrary opinions. Far more leftists, however, do think that way. Sad.


  2. I am beginning to fear that there may be some genetic susceptibility to this virus. When it appeared on the reservation, it went like wildfire. But those people live in isolated circumstances. They go weeks without contact with others. So, I figure it had to be the person delivering the water or the mail that passed it around.

    It appears other communities with a high percentage of Native American genetics had the same problem. As for the masks, I like them. If you ever had to rely on mass transit, you know that there are tons of people with terrible bad breath. Let them keep that to themselves.


    1. Señor Gill: So reservations are like large nursing homes but with people of all ages. That may explain it. Plus Indians are always drunk which would lead to less caution. Just kidding!

      And you like masks to cure the bad-breath issue too. Well, okay.


  3. Well, let’s give full credit to the Kung Flu. It cured all forms of the flu, reduced the numbers of deaths by heart attack and cancer and several other maladies.

    Interesting psychology when you analyze the political party members and their attitudes regarding masks. Not absolute, of course, but some strong tendencies.

    Change is the only constant. Best advice is to be a factor in it where you can, at the same time be kind to others.


    1. Ricardo: I just looked at Kung Flu stats. Deaths per million population? Sweden, where masks are voluntary and there have been no lockdowns, 1,385 deaths. The United States? 1,744 deaths.


      1. Hi Felipe. I had to look twice at your cases per million reference. I believe you were looking at the deaths per million number. The cases per million are USA @97,347 and Sweden @88,690 which to me seem like a lot. PS: Mexico is 17,723 and Canada where I am is 29,310.
        Regards. Paul.


        1. Paul: You are absolutely right. I will change that in my comment. Thanks.

          The good thing is that does not change the point I was making, that lockdowns and masking do not make any difference in the effects of the pandemic.


          1. Cases per million do not take into account that over 50% (some estimate up to 80%) of cases are asymptomatic, so these people would not likely get tested. Then there is some confusion about “deaths from Covid.” They should really call a lot of these “deaths WITH Covid” because many of these people had other conditions like asthma, COPD, emphysema or diabetes. Many of them were over 80 and would’ve likely died anyway in short order. It doesn’t seem that it’s killing many young people, and they’ve started ignoring the endless lockdowns and edicts from our inept government. I say good for them.


            1. Brent: Right on all counts. The dreadful effects of lockdowns on families and businesses are not fully known, but it’s got to be considerable. Was it worth it? Nah.

              One of the better aspects — in this case at least — of the often lackadaisical Latino culture is that we have not taken lockdowns very seriously. Nothing like in the United States or parts of Europe. In my area, lockdowns were enforced fairly strongly at the very beginning of the pandemic last year, putting some people out of business for good — we were just copying America again — but it did not take long before the government started looking the other way and businesses got back to normal. That’s how things stand now, at least in my part of Mexico. I suspect it’s the same elsewhere. Most businesses here in town have signs at the door saying masks are required (because the government tells them to install those signs). Some businesses actually enforce it — mostly chain stores — but many do not.


  4. Do masks work? Sure, to some degree in some circumstances, probably, at least a little bit. But can you see the impact of mask-wearing in any actual statistics? No. Their effect is far too mild. And any “science” on the topic is equally equivocal. Sure, they keep surgeons from spitting into patients’ open bodies. But it’s very hard to believe they do anything more than stop the most gross droplet transmission. And double masks? When I went for my covid shot, they required double-masking. What happened? Air stopped flowing through the mask completely and all of it went around the sides. Just considering that, double masking may actually make things worse.

    But as is the case on many topics in 2021’s America, two sides have taken something which is truly a gray area, drawn some artificial bright lines, and are now at each others’ throats over it. Just like they did with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and any other cheap, generic medicine which had any promise in treating this disease.

    Meanwhile, things that would actually work were studiously ignored by the government. I’m referring to the idea of losing weight, taking vitamin D3, and generally getting into better shape. America has a massive obesity problem, and obesity is one of the top comorbidities, but did one government official even hint that folks should lose weight? Nope. Solid health advice is now “fat-shaming,” and even Playboy magazine is now featuring plus-sized women on the cover. Wasn’t that magazine supposed to be about fantasies? Why should reality intrude in such a manner.

    Anyway, I’m rambling.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’m wondering how I’d be treated, vaccine passport-wise, if I don’t get my second shot.


    1. Kim: You had to double mask for your shot? That’s a hoot. We didn’t. As for losing weight, yep, fat-shaming trumps everything. And I did not know Playboy has put fat gals on the cover. Good Lord! Is nothing sacred?


  5. In our area masks are at best 50%. We have been to the beach several times. Not many masks are used, and we could go dancing. Up to your mountaintop, more masking than anywhere else I have been.

    It’s interesting to watch the experts on the fake news try to explain why most non-lockdown states are doing better than the follow-the-science states, some double talk, and then move on to how bad Trump was, the fallback to change the subject.

    We still have people in our area who haven’t been out since the Kung Flu started. Not sure how they are going to get out and get their shots with the big lineups. Just stay in for another year, I guess.


  6. Donald Trump was not an epidemiologist, nor was he a medical doctor. He wasn’t even a faith healer. He only repeated what his experts told him.

    He followed the science, and he got blamed for a lot of deaths.
    Following the science is bull pucky, they don’t know everything.

    First, they said that masks were no good, then they were not only good, but necessary.

    Hundreds of thousands would die in the second wave, but they didn’t.

    Where is the third wave?

    It would take years to develop a vaccine, but it didn’t. The Biden administration took credit for the vaccine, but it was already there when they took office.

    What killed so many people was that the Democrats threw a bone to their financial donors in the nursing home industry. Had the afflicted been quarantined we would not have had this pandemic in the U.S.

    That damn two-faced Dr. Fauci is as flaky as an Eggo waffle.


  7. We just lost a family member, my son’s mother-in-law, to covid. A woman in her early 50s, very healthy, no serious health problems, such as diabetes or hypertension. Our grandchildren lost their maternal grandmother at a way too early age. And unfortunately this isn’t the first covid victim we have known to have died. Plus many others have been very ill. A brother-in-law is still fighting a lung issue caused by the virus. The costs have risen to the amount that will soon cause serious financial harm. And the man was far from poor.

    So I obviously hold a very different opinion on the matter. Like many other things posted here, anti-science, anti-intellectualism, anti-education posts seem to rule. Is there anything that moves the world forward you people don’t oppose?


    1. Science is good when it is based upon facts rather than political objectives. Education is good when it enlightens society through learning, but not when it is just political indoctrination. An honest exchange of views is good when ideas are evaluated and accepted or rejected. But when only the approved conversation is allowed, society is not moved forward.

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      1. You would never say that? You’re sure now? jajajajaja

        Just for fun I entered “seasonal” into the blog’s search function and found a couple of quotes from around a year ago.

        “I think that a year from now we’ll look back at all this nonsense and chuckle, and we will also know at that time that it was about the same as a bad year of the seasonal flu.”

        “This flu season in the United States, which hasn’t ended, from 12,000 to 30,000 people have died. That’s just this season in the United States. That’s quite a bit more than the global fatalities from coronavirus. Getting the picture?”


        1. Antonio, P.S.: And now, of course, more is known. Intelligent people change their tune with the appearance of new evidence. Obviously, the Kung Flu has been more of a problem than the seasonal flu. No argument there.


          1. Intelligent people knew it was more dangerous than seasonal flu back then. Other people refused to accept the facts. Many still do.


  8. Just about everybody on this forum has lost a family member or someone they valued highly. Most of us are not anti-any of the things you listed. And some of us like think we have helped move some part of the world forward.

    And one of the things we just about always do is respect the opinions of others since we’ve been here for decades and never seen anyone who was right all the time. On the other hand, we are not always good at turning the other cheek.


    1. Ricardo: The numbers show clearly that masks and shutdowns are next to useless, which is not to say that the Kung Flu is not real and is not perilous. It’s a pandemic, not the first, not the last. Some are worse than others.


    2. You have lost a family member to covid? Felipe, I am pretty sure you haven’t. I don’t recall any poster mentioning their loss. I am not saying they haven’t, but it doesn’t appear that other posters have lost anyone.


      1. Antonio: Nope, no relatives deceased. Had some who caught it, however, and they, like almost everyone, got sick and recovered. Most cases are mild.

        But whether I did or did not have a relative who died is irrelevant to the point of the post. There is a name for your type of argument, but I forget what it is. I’m old and foggy headed. Do forgive.


  9. Felipe, Sweden with no lockdown has 1359 deaths and Norway which chose to lockdown has 130. That is according to the website mentioned above by Paul. I would say according to these statistics, lockdowns do have a positive effect on the spread of covid.


    1. Sweden’s population is double that of Norway. Both countries have a low death rate from the China virus. Sweden did the right thing


    2. Antonio: Yep, it does look that way. But then again, Sweden has had 1,358 deaths per million with no lockdowns or mask mandates, and the United States has had 1,748 deaths per million with lockdowns and mask mandates. The UK has 1,866 deaths per million with lockdowns and masks. What does all this tell us? Not too much, apparently.


  10. From what I can see, South Korea had the best response to the disease.
    But they are an organized society. Lockdown and masks applied to all, not just to the “deplorables.”
    And given that they only have one border, and it is sealed shut, it was a lot easier to control the situation.


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