Yes, 19 on the 19th

This is how we looked 19 years ago today.

Today, April 19th, marks our 19th anniversary. It was my third wedding that occurred 19 years ago this evening, the third and the best.

The first was a train wreck that lasted a tad over five years. The second was not a train wreck, but ultimately, it just did not pan out. There was a five-year hiatus between the first and the second, and then another five-year hiatus between the second and my move to Mexico.

I am fond of five-year breathers.

Excuse the judge’s hand in the photo above. We did not hire a professional photographer, which was an error. We left it in the hands of a friend, who screwed up, so we lack good photos of the evening, which took place in the interior patio of my sister-in-law’s coffee shop in our mountaintop town.

A year ago.

But we do have a few amateurish photos of the event. Not one photo was taken during either of my previous marriage ceremonies. Memories lost. The first wedding happened in the living room of my parents’ upstairs duplex in New Orleans. The second occurred in a Unitarian Church in Houston with no one present but the two of us and the minister.

For fun, here’s a photo we took about a year ago just as the Kung Flu hysteria was cranking up.

We had just passed our 18th anniversary. I don’t wear masks anymore, but she does.

I hope to make it to the 20th anniversary. I’m not as young and spry as I once was. Maybe we’ll do something special. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in Havana, but we’ll not return to that miserable place.

Now let’s pop open the champagne. It’s a great, bubbly, 19-year-old variety.

30 thoughts on “Yes, 19 on the 19th

  1. Congratulations to you and to your beautiful young bride, my friend! 19 years is quite an accomplishment, and I commend you.

    May you enjoy the next 19 as much as you have these last.

    Felicidades, amigo. 🙏


    1. Marco: Yes, 19 years of matrimony is quite an accomplishment for me. That’s for sure. I was with the last one almost exactly 19 years too, but we were married just the last 10 of those 19 years. Before that we lived in sin.

      As for enjoying the next 19, well, I’m not likely to last that long, but I hope to last as long as I’m relatively healthy. Keep your fingers crossed. Mine are.


  2. Happy years ahead. Too bad they don’t issue “driver’s permits” for the first marriage (or two). Congratulations.


    1. Phil: Thanks, and yes, a practice license would have been a plus. Instead I did on-the-job training. Truth is that getting married young, which is what most people do, especially the first time, is a crap shoot because young people are, well, stupid and selfish.


    1. Ricardo: It has been said that marriages have a higher failure rate if you live together for any significant length of time before you tie the knot. That proved to be true in that case of mine. Oh, well. It ended fine in my case. In hers, however, not so much. She’s still single.


  3. ¡Muchas Felicidades! Sorry it’s a smidgen late. But how nice to be married so long to such a lovely woman.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’m borderline too old to be married for 20 years. Of course finding a suitable candidate would be a good first step.


    1. Kim: We’ve removed the streamers. The bottles are in the recycle bin. The dishes are washed and put away. The balloons are burst. But thanks anyway. Better late than never! As for you, hang in there. Stuff happens.

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