Running the gauntlet

You can never be too safe!

Last week I posted a piece on the Kung Flu hysteria. Just yesterday I happened upon what might be the most over-the-top hysterical reaction to the pandemic anywhere in Mexico. Or maybe the entire world. First off, a little background:

We know the YUGE political element to the Kung Flu, especially above the border where leftists want everyone to hide at home and shut all businesses and schools, effectively bringing civilization to a halt. Think California and New York.

Conservatives are more clear-headed and embrace personal choice and freedom when confronted with health issues. Think Texas, Florida and South Dakota.

Back to Mexico now.

Be safe!

Most Gringos who relocate below the Rio Bravo are leftists. It must be their inner hippie that causes them to settle down here. Conservatives tend to stay closer to home. I am an exception. Maybe not because I was a Democrat voter 21 years ago when I pulled up stakes in Texas to flee south.

San Miguel de Allende, which is crammed to the roof tiles with Gringos, most of whom are Democrat Socialists, has been transformed by the YUGE presence of foreigners. Now look at the top photo. To enter downtown San Miguel, you must pass through that archway which sprays your entire body with antiseptic liquid.

I cannot stop laughing at this lunacy.

I discovered this on a video published by Tangerine Travels.

8 thoughts on “Running the gauntlet

  1. Tangerines (pronounced Tan Ge Re New) are great. They have put out a lot of good information from the viewpoints of some young folks from all over Mexico. Can’t say I would agree with all their opinions and viewpoints on every matter, still they provide a wide variety of views of Mexico.

    And, as you point out, the above illustration is really funny.

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    1. Ricardo: I watch Tangerine Travels now and then. It’s fun. They live off that YouTube channel, it seems. Keeps them busy.

      Yes, the full body sprayer is a hoot, and absolutely nuts.


  2. @Robert Gill — haha, dipping sheep. Too funny!

    As for leftists and covid, I’ve recently seen some survey data about attitudes toward and understanding of covid. As it turns out, folks who lean left in general wildly overestimate the likelihood of severe consequences of covid. When asked what percent of covid infections became severe, they estimated something like 50%, while conservatives estimated 1-5%, which is pretty close to the correct answer, a few percent. And, of course, left-wing media in particular are part of what Alex Berenson calls “Team Apocalypse,” so, of course, they’re scared. All they read is the worst news about covid, and they have all kept each other in a heightened state of fear. Frankly, I have no contempt for them; I only feel sorry that they are living in such fear. The other big bother to this is that with Democrats controlling Congress and the White House, their fear drives the bad policy we are seeing.

    In any case, this post may well provide the best reason not to visit San Miguel de Allende on my upcoming trip. Though I suspect there may be a way into the plaza without getting sprayed. After all, as they say, “Everything is possible in Mexico.”


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I only recently found out that we do have an outdoor mask mandate, which is ridiculous, and which I just ignore.


    1. Kim: Yes, I saw that same report on the wildly overestimated rate of hospitalization that leftists believed in. Sad. Truth is that a huge majority of cases get resolved home in bed with no problem.

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  3. Yesterday here in Texas we voted at our local town hall for mayor, a couple of City Council spots and a couple of school board spots. No masks required, and they didn’t spray us down with chemicals either.


    1. Thirsty: So democracy at work. I hope you voted for sensible people, and I imagine you did. If no masks were required, it sounds like you live in a rational town.


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