Smart, brave woman

It’s always refreshing to listen to Candace Owens. And what’s going on in America puts a smile on my face that I was smart enough to flee the nation all these years ago. A sad smile but a smile nonetheless.

Here Candace addresses the issue of glorifying the thug George Floyd and, more recently, the case of Ma’Kiyah Bryant,* the knife-wielding teenager who was shot dead by police a few days ago in Columbus, Ohio.

I addressed the glorification of George Floyd last year in a post titled End to a Thug Life.

* The spelling of her first name varies, depending on the news source. Would have been better to simply name her Carole or Jane or Maryanne. She might still be alive today.

15 thoughts on “Smart, brave woman

    1. Marco: She’s making noises about running, but why not 2024? She would be both the first black and first woman president, all at once. Of course, RoundHeels Harris is going to be president before much longer — when Joe collapses — but she’s not really black. And Obama is not black either. He’s biracial. His “identifying” as black does not change that fact. He’s as much white as black.


      1. Orange Man Bad is still making overtures about retaking his stolen position in 2024. He could bring Candace along as VP. Then, 2028, she could kick some a$$! That would be just fine and dandy with me. πŸ‘


        1. Marco: Trump would be Biden’s age or a tad older in 2024. From personal experience, I can tell you that each year brings big physical changes, not good ones, when you get this old. While I would love to see him back in the Oval Office, I doubt it’s going to happen. I doubt he will even run.


          1. While I generally do agree with you, as we get older I think it becomes an individual thing. Trump has maintained remarkably well and if he’s able to stay sharp I would be okay with him running again.

            If not, we have a plethora of good candidates to choose from. Cruz, Noem, Rand Paul, Colonel Allen West.


            1. Marco: If Trump won in 2024, he would be in his 80s at the end of the term. Nah, I don’t think so.

              Your list of alternatives is excellent. They would all give the Democrat Socialists heart seizures.


              1. Not my idea, but I read somewhere that Trump could run for his house seat and win, of course. Once elected he could be nominated as Speaker of the House so long as the Republicans take control again. That would be beyond redemption. πŸ™πŸ‘


  1. In a recent poll I read, Republican primary voters, when given the choice of either Trump or DeSantis, 75% chose DeSantis. And I’d have to agree. He’s got Trumpian appeal without all the baggage of the dumb things Trump says, and also is a better administrator. Trump wanted the right things, but was horrifically ineffective in getting much done. Right? In the first two years of his presidency, the Republicans had a good majority in both the House and Senate. They could have permanently funded the wall, reformed legal immigration, probably have created a legal framework to prevent future amnesties, reined in Big Tech, returned power to the states, created pressure for open, transparent, auditable elections, moved America onto a path of carbon-free, cheap nuclear power, and on and on.

    But they didn’t.

    I’d suspect that DeSantis could get much of this done.

    Meanwhile, with groups like BLM tweeting out that Biden is even worse than Trump, I’d say the chances for a Republican sweep in the 2022 midterms is a decent bet. Let’s hope so.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I live in constant fear that either or both the city and state will go full “woke.”

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    1. Kim: I think Trump got some good stuff done, but you’re correct. Those four years could have gone far, far better. I blame it more on the Republican senators and congressmen than I do Trump. DeSantis would be great. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. There are other first-rate Republican possibles too.

      As for any future Republican sweeps, the Democrat Socialists have it down pretty well now how to corrupt an election. I am not optimistic that anything will ever by the same, election-wise.

      Boston and Massachusetts have not already gone full woke? I thought they had.


  2. Candice Owens should be awarded the Nobel Prize each year for the rest of her life. Nobody speaks the truth more plainly and with better intent. That would be a nice indicator of how much we value truth.

    I cannot imagine she would take on the job of president, but I would vote for her for any office she chose to seek.

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    1. Ricardo: She’s been making some unmistakable sounds about running. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? I think to a great extent, she would be a young, female, black Trump. In other words, Trump but better.

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