Plants, birds & plugs

This morning.

After assaulting three arrogant bougainvillea bushes and two of their allies with sharp clippers early today, I rested on the downstairs terraza, atop a rocker, and enjoyed what remained of the morning. As I sat there with a juice my child bride had made, a black-vented oriole landed on the edge of the birdbath for a sip. I did not have my camera.

He flew away.

I remained on the rocking chair. A few minutes later he returned for more water. I still did not have my camera. I cursed my luck. He flew away. I remained on the rocker. A few minutes later he returned and sat on a bougainvillea near the birdbath. Still, no camera. I cursed. He flew away. I stood up and grabbed the Canon which was on a table just inside the front door. I sat on the rocker again. The bird never came back.

Also this morning.

Spring has been strange. After about a week of warmer, stuffier weather, which is normal for spring, it changed its tune and got cool again, so my wife caught a nasty cold three days ago because she was dressed at night for a normal spring. She’s feeling better today.

And now, a plug

Few passersby notice, I think, but there is quite a list of links nearby to other fascinating elements of The Moon. It’s to your right on a PC, but I suspect fewer people use PCs these days, favoring phones and tablets where those links are less obvious.

One in particular that ran as a series here years ago but now has its own website is The Old Marbol, which is the name of a hotel in Dark City. Many strange people work at The Old Marbol, people like Billy Lancing who’s a red-headed negro; Lenny Slick, a dim-witted desk clerk addicted to phrenology; Maxence, a retired mercenary who loved Chloë Jomo-Gbomo; and Beauregard Lee Johnston, a gay guy from the Old South.

Most importantly is Kristanbel Wasoo who was born bad, beautiful and heartless. She loves dark ale and bloody roast beef sandwiches. She murders people. Here is a full cast of characters. I used to write short fiction, but I have stopped because my well ran dry.

But the Old Marbol Hotel lives on in Dark City.

4 thoughts on “Plants, birds & plugs

  1. You seem to get great pleasure in cutting and slashing your wonderful plants. You need show some love to those plants and shrubs. Now getting that off my chest, I also have missed some shots of the bird visitors in the morning also.

    I use a tablet, so thank you for the link to The Old Marbol. I will check it out.


  2. When Wayne was a blogger, he reminded his fellow-writers to always carry a camera. When my sole camera was my SLR, that was a problem. If only because of its bulk. But cameras in telephones these days produce shots almost as good as my Sony — with the exception of depth. I am hardly ever anywhere without my Galaxy-S 21 these days. Even so, some of the best shots elude me before I can grab my telephone. Life does taunt us.


    1. Señor Cotton: I have a Motorola g(8) plus. It works great for me with one exception. The camera can be a bear to focus. I rarely use it. My Canon and Fujifilm cameras are very good, but the former is heavy, and I tote the latter in my man bag. All of which is to say I had nothing to use while sitting on the terraza admiring the oriole. Oh, well.


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