Another idiot check

Every two weeks I check my PO box downtown. I don’t check it more often because I rarely receive anything, and 99 percent of what I do receive is from the United States. Today I got my second idiot check.

And this one was for twice the amount of the previous. It’s more moolah to ease my financial pain caused by the Kung Flu, financial pain that, for me, never happened.

Why do I call it an idiot check? Because it comes from the idiots who run the U. S. government and are fond of tossing money in all directions regardless of need or logic. Much goes overseas, and I’m not referring to me but to foreign nations in the form of aid. Some of that aid goes to China, which catapults the idiocy to unbelievable heights.

China. Really? I just learned of this lately.

Meanwhile, the United States sinks deeper into its Red Sea of Debt.

Mexican mail

But there is good news here, and that’s the Mexican postal system. Yes, it’s still slow, at times miserably so, but the fact that I received this check and the previous, which were in window envelopes with U.S. Treasury as the return address, making it crystal clear that a check was inside, is cause for celebration.

These are the first two checks ever mailed to me, but I’ve read horror stories of checks being stolen in the Mexican postal system, and the advice that one ought never have a check mailed here. I did have a credit card from above the border vanish years ago, and that is why Mexican banks do not deliver credit cards in the mail. They know better.

Express services deliver them, or you can pick them up at the bank.

I was surprised when I received the first check a couple of months ago. I thought it was a fluke. And now I get another one. I suspect one reason may be that cashing it nowadays is very difficult. Check-cashing services require lots of identification. Lots. And most Mexican banks will not cash a dollar check, or let you deposit it.

No new eye

The check amount is exactly the cost of my second laser eye surgery, and I had considered using it for that, but I have decided to leave my second eye in peace. It works just fine. I had a cataract removal in February, which I wrote about here.

The reason I did the first one was that my ophthalmologist said it likely was the cause of my diminishing night vision, which made driving after dark unwise and inconvenient. But the only post-op change that I see — no pun intended — is that colors are now a bit brighter in the repaired eye, which was the worst of the two, the doc said.

So the worst eye is now the best eye. Might that be enough?

True, I have not driven after dark since the surgery because the hour changed, and I don’t leave home after 9 p.m. I’ll see how it goes when we switch hours again in October, but I suspect I’ll leave well enough alone, and I also suspect that it did not reduce my problem. But maybe it did, so I still won’t need to go under the laser again.

Maybe years in the future when I get really old.

11 thoughts on “Another idiot check

  1. That is kind of amusing. The U.S. government is sending you cheques in Mexico which you can’t cash. I’m starting to get cheques as well now that I’ve turned 65. My first AOS pension cheque should be deposited in my account next month. And when I checked my account this month I found out that I get a senior’s discount on my safety deposit box. I will also be able to claim the senior’s discount on my property taxes. Caching! I’ll also save $17 on the ferry trip to get there. So far I’m loving getting old. I expect the not-so-good part will come later. I’m not going to worry about it though. Currently, we just went into a hard lockdown where you can’t even go on a ferry unless you are going for essential reasons. If not, you are turned back and given a $575 fine. I’m sharing a video of a brave pastor in Alberta who has already spent a month in jail for daring to hold church services. Here he is again being confronted by eight police officers on Sunday. It’s interesting because he’s Polish and has been through stuff like this before. Cheers.


    1. Brent: I went years here without getting a check from the U.S., so I never had to cash one. Where I got the idea that I could not cash one is a mystery. I did know that most banks will not cash a dollar check, nor can you deposit a dollar check. However, there are independent “money-changing” services. What I thought they did, I don’t know, but they do cash dollar checks. I suspect that’s the main thing they do. I cashed my previous relief check at one here in town, and I will do the same with this new one.

      Here in Mexico there is a government card you can get after turning 60 that opens up all manner of discounts. It’s great. I’ve had one for 16 years. My wife just became eligible last September, but the office that issues them here on the mountaintop has been shut for months due to the Kung Flu hysteria. I hope it opens soon. I think they’re just enjoying their paid vacation, kinda like teachers above the border are doing.

      And yes, I have been reading about that Canadian pastor. Freaking shame. He emigrated from communist Poland decades ago, and now he has to face the same crap from your communist Canada.


  2. My new Banamex card arrived in my postal box about two months ago. And, yes, it is the card for the account Banamex has frozen — and reportedly thawed out. But the card arrived through the Mexican Postal System. That is an improvement.


    1. Señor Cotton: Well, that is odd. I’ve had accounts in, I believe, five banks in Mexico, and none sent debit or credit cards via the mail. I think the primary reason is not the risk of its being stolen, but the slowness of the service.

      But you must have your PO box as your address on the account for it to have arrived at the PO. Getting a bank to use a PO box as an address is no easy thing. My first bank in Mexico was Banamex, and I had my PO box as an address, but I think I also had my physical address. Been a long time. As for your getting the card at the PO being an improvement, I prefer express services.


  3. The U.S. Government has graduated to “full-idiot.” They vaguely understand the Keynsian idea of “pump-priming,” but have been utterly clueless about how to do it properly. Meanwhile, folks that don’t need checks are getting them. And the folks who do need checks are getting so much that they are unwilling to return to their jobs as waiters, bartenders, chicken-pluckers, whatever. It’s entirely moronic. And if we hadn’t spent the last 30 years literally spending the country’s inheritance, it might be innocent enough. But instead, the Fed is accommodating this by printing a flurry of money, the likes of which has never been seen. Something like 30% of all U.S. Dollars in existence were created in the last 12 months. And there were a lot of dollars floating around 12 months ago, as the Fed has been printing money, willy-nilly, now for 12 years. And the worst part? All of this money-printing has fixed absolutely nothing. If such policies worked, Japan’s economy would be roaring right now. Instead, it’s inching along, never to recover its 1980s vigor.

    So sad.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we wonder when the government-funded pyramid building plan comes into effect. Maybe they can make one for Biden’s apotheosis.


    1. Kim: “Full-idiot” sums it up nicely. But we have a healthy source of blockheads in Mexico too. AMLO continues to be quite popular, as is the party he invented. And then there’s Trudeau up in Canada. I didn’t know that about the percentage of dollars printed relatively recently. Sad. All of it. As I’ve said repeatedly and continue to sincerely believe: It’s a good time to be in my Twilight Years.


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