“Free world’s in a mess”

One can always count on Sky News Australia to speak wisely and directly. Here Alan Jones correctly says that a presidential resignation must happen soon. And the main problem with that is Kamala Harris waiting in the wings, a woman who was dropped from the Democrat presidential primaries early on because no one liked her. With reason.

We have entered the Twilight Zone, and the mainstream media, CNN, The New York Times*, The Washington Post, etc., are hiding this from their clueless readers.

* The New York Times recently ran a front-page piece comparing Biden to FDR!

2 thoughts on ““Free world’s in a mess”

  1. Sky News paints a very sad picture of U.S. politics. I think Biden will stay in as long as possible. Wife Jill be at the controls as she seems to have mostly taken over already. Kamala is trying to stay as clean as possible in case she has to get voted in for the next election.

    Love Sky News. They get to the point.


    1. Kirk: Sky News paints a very accurate picture of U.S. politics. And I think Biden will stay in office as long as they can use him. How much longer that is, who knows? Who is “they”? His handlers. I don’t think his wife is one of his handlers, at least not in a political sense. As for Round-Heels Harris getting elected in 2024, I don’t think she would have a prayer. Even the Democrats disliked her in their primaries. She’s a corrupt clown who cackles.

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