The CIA goes PC

Behold the official YouTube channel of the Central Intelligence Agency.

A recruitment video.

Note the title is not “Men and Women of the CIA.” It’s “Humans of the CIA.” The woman starts out fixating on her skin color. Later, she informs us she’s cisgendered because we need to know. And she chirpily reveals a past of mental illness. Then she takes a dig at “the patriarchy”! Lord help us.

The Chinese must be grinning from ear to ear.

This video is appalling, and I’m not surprised the CIA disabled YouTube comments.

Every time I think the U.S. government cannot be more dangerously imbecilic, it does just that. This is not a case of the fox getting into the henhouse. It’s that the dimwit chickens are inviting foxes into the henhouse.

Columnist John Nolte wrote a good piece on this lunacy.

7 thoughts on “The CIA goes PC

        1. Carole: It would be hard to imagine someone less qualified to be a CIA agent, and they’re trying to attract this sort of person. Boggles the mind.


  1. Well, my earlier comment of the USA having gone “full idiot” seems to stand. Sadly.

    I fear what the next damning piece of evidence of this unwanted thesis might be. This one literally never would have occurred to me. Which means that the next such thing is likely to be just as or maybe even more horrifying.

    Of course given that the CIA is a mostly evil organization, perhaps it staffing up with incompetents is a good thing.

    I’m going to have to mull that one over.


    Kim G
    Monterrey, NL
    Where I’m still trying to get over the sheer terror of driving here.


    1. Kim: Giving that the official purpose of the CIA is foreign spying for the U.S.A, which I support, and the fact that these Woke individuals are, by definition, anti-American to varying degrees, this is not a mix that makes the slightest bit of good sense.

      So, you’ve made it as far as Monterrey, have you? That’s good. The perilous part of the border zone is behind you. Bon voyage.

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  2. If the CIA stuck to its mission, it wouldn’t be an evil organization. But it doesn’t. So it is. Sadly.


    Kim G
    SLP, SLP
    Where I’m getting sleepy.

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