No free lunch

We can always count on John Stossel to put things in perspective. And you can always count on me to point out the rampant imbecilities that run amok these days among spoiled, clueless Americans.

In this video Stossel showcases Americans who think that loans do not need to be repaid, but those loans — especially government-guaranteed tuition loans — often are paid by blue-collar workers who have no choice in the matter.

I have been a blue-collar worker. I enjoyed it. I might still be one had I not been stymied by unions. I left the newspaper game in the early 1980s. I went to a trade school and studied electrical construction technology. I have an Associate Degree in that.

I worked for a while in commercial construction, helping build a massive Schwegmann’s supermarket in Metairie, Louisiana.

But I was less interested in commercial construction than in residential work, an area mostly controlled by the electricians’ union in New Orleans. In order to reduce competition, the union blocked new membership to anyone over 25 years old. I was in my early 30s at the time. I am not a fan of unions. I returned to newspapering.

Blue-collar workers should not be forced to finance university degrees for others, especially these days when universities are leftist indoctrination centers, and students build massive debt to get silly degrees.

This works.
This doesn’t.

Mind Control

Let’s move on to another subject. Let’s look at face masks. Here we have two examples. The one on the left is virus control. The one on the right is mind control.

Do what we say!

I wear neither voluntarily. I don’t need the one on the left, but I sport the one on the right when I have to enter a store that requires it, as many hereabouts still do.

In my town, I am constantly surprised and disappointed at the YUGE percentage of the population that wears masks, especially where it simply makes no sense whatsoever, such as driving alone in a car or walking alone in the open air down a sidewalk. The people who do those things have lost their ability to think rationally.

They have lost their minds.

(Note: I ate my first raw oyster in a Schwegmann’s supermarket bar. Yes, Schwegmann’s stores often included bars. It was a sweltering summer afternoon, and I was sitting solo on a barstool at the Schwegmann’s on Airline Highway in Metairie. After more than a few cold Dixie beers, I ordered a dozen raw oysters out of curiosity. I was hooked.)

6 thoughts on “No free lunch

  1. I had a young mechanic working for me on a remote job. There was also a group of young geologists on the site. The geologists were complaining that they went to years of school and were making less money than the mechanic. He explained that when he finished high school he got out his calculator and looked at the costs of going to school or learning a trade. His recommendation was they should have got a calculator.


    1. In the late sixties, I tried to get several apprentice positions in different skill-sets. Union Cronyism and government quotas made it impossible for a young, white, unconnected male to get these positions. I had to have three different union officials sign off on my applications. When I asked why, they blamed the quota system for minorities. This was merely an excuse for close relations of existing union members to get the jobs. I found that many more white boys were still getting the jobs because they were related.

      By the way, the hot girl welder who seems to be a master in ALL trades is nothing but a shill for Stossel to push his point. The video would’ve been much more effective using an ordinary looking person.

      Shame on Stossel for using sex to sell a point.


      1. Dave: Unions have done great things at certain points in history, and they have done miserable things at other points. In recent decades, I think, they have caused far more problems than not. This is particularly true with public-service unions, which I think should be illegal completely. Police and firemen should not be unionized, and especially not teachers. When they do contract negotiations, they are basically negotiating with people who want their votes, i.e. their friends.

        As for Stossel and the babe welder, who knows? I did not get the impression that she was claiming to be a master in all trades, just that she had done welding in a number of fields. Welding is welding.


  2. It happened just like that. Biggest, most expensive universities in the U.S. have billions in investments and still charge huge amounts for tuition and other expenses. Students should go after them, not taxpayers.


    1. Kirk: So, a true story. Not all universities, but many are rich as King Midas, and people still fork over the high tuition and hose the taxpayers down the line. Just one more severe defect in America.


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