The Palestine problem

Mohammedan “Palestinians” lost their minds again recently, deciding to fire rockets at Israel. It never turns out well for them, and you’d think they would have figured that out by now, but they have not. Color them dim.

The Democrat Socialist Party in the United States is anti-Semitic as are most university professors and their indoctrinated students across America. They believe the woebegone “Palestinians” are oppressed by Israel, which is baloney.

There is no nation of Palestine and never has been. It’s an area loaded with Mohammedans in that part of the world. This brief video can help you understand what’s happening and has happened over there if you don’t know and perhaps think Israel is oppressing the poor, downtrodden “Palestinians.”

The New York Times and The Washington Post side with the “Palestinians,” of course, as their websites this morning demonstrate. Clearly, they have not watched this informative PragerU video. They reside in a world of ignorance.

There was peace in the Middle East during the Trump Administration — and calm on the Mexican border plus plenty of petrol — but we’re back to business as usual now.

I bring all this to you as a public service. I should provide a tip jar.

4 thoughts on “The Palestine problem

  1. Israel has been fighting off their neighbors since it was formed. None of the countries that were beaten back want to fight them head-on anymore (also, the Russians wouldn’t give them any more weapons that they lost and abandoned). They just give money and cheap rockets to terrorists to do the fighting.
    The only solution that the terrorists will except is driving the Israelis into the sea.

    People who are so concerned should look a little further back in history than last week to be better informed. As Andy Rooney said: And now for the rest of the story.


    1. Kirk: The video gives an excellent rundown of the history behind the eternal conflict. Thinking the history is something else, which many leftists think, is just ignorance.

      It was Paul Harvey who said, “and now for the rest of the story,” not Andy Rooney. They were both sharp guys, but Rooney was a bit too snotty for my taste, especially in the latter years of his career.


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