From pain to gain

Pase ud. basically means “come on in.” We bought him from a muffler place ages ago.

I woke at 5 a.m. with a dreadful toothache, the worst I’ve ever had that just appeared by itself. It’s not that it was so bad but more that I’ve rarely had toothaches because I do preventive care. I took a Tylenol and wondered if I would go back to sleep. I did.

Toothaches are bad enough without also feeling grumpy from lack of sleep.

At 9 a.m. I phoned my dentist in the nearby capital city. Be there at 11:30, I was instructed, so both of us showered, dressed, ate oatmeal and hopped into the Honda.

It wasn’t a bad problem. Probably, the dentist said. Appears that I somehow put too much pressure on the area during the night, and my age (drat!) allowed the tooth to shift a tad against its neighbor. He gave me a mild anesthetic, shaved a bit of enamel off here and there, and it was significantly better, but not gone entirely.

If it’s not back to normal in three days, the dentist said, I’ll likely need a root canal because the issue will not have been what he initially believed. I hope it won’t come to that. I don’t remember more than one root canal before moving to Mexico, but I’ve had quite a few since. All quite painless and inexpensive.

We then went grocery shopping and ate lunch at our favorite tacos ahogados (drowned tacos) place. My tooth comported itself fairly well, which made me happy.

We drove back up the mountainside, unloaded our vittles, chilled a bit with Grey’s Anatomy, and drove downtown in separate cars. She went to the gym, and I sat at a sidewalk table with my Kindle and a coffee.

Tomorrow our plumber comes (probably) to install a new solar water heater on the roof. It will be our third solar heater. Call me a glutton for punishment and/or a dunce because the first two didn’t work for squat. More on that in a few days.

Election Day arrives in less than two weeks. Lots of nationwide campaigning going on, signs and flags all over the place, horns tooting, some candidates and current officeholders being shot dead, the usual Latino stuff. I’ll be voting for candidates who have no connection to the race-baiting MORENA party of our doofus president.

Pray for us. But if you’re in the United States, you’d better pray for yourselves. At least our president knows where he is and his own name.

What’s the photo up top got to do with any of this? Nothing. I just noticed the view when I drove through the Hacienda gate, and I took a shot for the heck of it.

12 thoughts on “From pain to gain

  1. Take care of those teeth. Never know when you’ll need to chew something.

    How about we swap Presidents. Even trade?


  2. I like the welcome sign, nice photo. AAs for dentists in Mexico they are very good and will get you in if it’s necessary even if they have to work late and at no extra charge.

    We have political rallies going on with pickups and loudspeakers with big crowds, horse parades and signs painted on every available wall. There seems to be a lot of different parties around this election.


    1. Kirk: Mexican healthcare is great. Just one of the many reasons I like living below the border.

      My wife says this election cycle is the most tumultuous she has seen. I think much of it is due to the proliferation of parties which is not a trend I am fond of. We don’t want to become like Italy. The excess of new parties leads to some odd partnerships, such as the leftwing PRD and the rightwing PAN being on the same team in many places. Makes no sense whatsoever apart from their joint goal of defeating the race-baiting MORENA party of our doofus president.


  3. There was so much horn honking and other loud political demonstrations in Zacatecas that I joked to Dave that if I lived there, I’d hang a banner on my balcony saying that I was supporting the least noisy party.


    Kim G
    Guadalajara, Jal
    Which is hot, smoggy, and too crowded.


      1. Well, CDMX is a good 7°f cooler than GDL, and places like Roma Norte and Condesa are less crowded. But yes, it’s not exactly Pátzcuaro, is it?


      2. It seems to be a theme. My impression of Monterrey, Nuevo León, was hot, muggy, and crowded.


        1. Perry: I’ve never spent time in Monterrey, but since it’s in a mostly desert environment, I doubt it’s muggy. Hot and crowded, sure.

          Don’t know why your comment went to moderation. Maybe you’re using a different email address, which would cause it. Wasn’t me.


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