The end of faces?

I enjoy shooting photos, and I’m good at it, better than average. This is due in great part to working on newspapers for decades. You pick up things, skills.

My preferred subject matter is faces, but the Kung Flu hysteria over the past year has made that difficult. All the face masks. In spite of the pandemic’s drastic reduction recently — pandemics come and go — the folks in my mountaintop town cannot kick the habit. They are junkies. Face masks are everywhere. And gel.

But I still catch a nice shot on occasion though there’s a face mask in this one too. It’s resting there, like a toddler’s jockstrap, between two of the crosses. This woman sells artesanías on the sidewalk. The photo was taken downtown last Saturday just after a rainstorm. That’s a sheet of plastic behind her. Perhaps you can see the raindrops.

I hope we can put aside the mask fetish soon and return to normal. I have.

5 thoughts on “The end of faces?

  1. At around high noon today, give or take ten minutes in either direction, I ventured forth into the wilds of my barrio with two destinations in mind, placing a mask in shopping bag, opting to go bare-faced on the street, and prepared to mask up upon entering any place of business. My first stop was Panaderia Martinez for hamburger buns, and my second a fruteria for mushrooms and garlic. Only upon inserting the key in my gate upon my return home did I realize that my mask had remained in my shopping bag the entire time. And no one even gave me a funny look.


    1. Ms. Shoes: I’ve started going maskless into businesses with the signs that say masks required, and usually no one says squat. I hope this becomes more widespread ASAP. Now if the local government would just remove the silly crime scene tape from around the Plaza Grande, maybe life can return to normal. After all, the Kung Flu has mostly gone away.

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      1. At the Templo Mayor in CDMX, the museum appears to be closed. At least it was yesterday. However, you can still see the temple from the sidewalk. But to get to that part of the sidewalk (as outdoors as any sidewalk in CDMX) you have to wear a mask, apply gel, and have your temperature taken. As if that weren’t insane enough, they’ve put yellow “peligro!” tape about 4 feet from the railing that keeps you from falling into the temple site so that now you can’t even get a very good view. To protect your health. Right….

        Despite government being the least capable sector of society in dealing with the pandemic, they seem to be working overtime devising ridiculous, ineffective, and annoying “prevention measures,” measures that even a 12 year old can see make zero sense.

        Hopefully the nonsense ends soon.


        Kim G
        CDMX, Mexico
        Where at least we are now in Semáforo Verde.


    1. Ricardo: Even when the pandemic totally fizzles out and people will, one hopes, ditch the mask habit, I’m not sure I’ll be taking many shots in the future. Like so many things I did in the past, I am losing interest. Not so much taking the photos, but lugging the camera about.


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