‘It’s like a pacifier’

The state in which I live is now green on that stoplight thing, which means the Kung Flu situation is pretty much over. You can come out from under your bed now. What’s that? You like it under there? You feel safe and warm? From an affliction with almost a 99% survival rate, which in most cases is mild and you recover at home with Tylenol?

I don’t wear a mask anywhere unless it’s required, usually to enter a store. I put one on without a fuss, the thin, useless, homemade, cloth mask I’ve kept folded in my jeans pocket for months. It’s pure theater. That’s it to the left. It does squat aside from forcing me to recycle air my body is trying to eject.

The people in my mountaintop town are spectacularly addicted to masks, a phenomenon I watch and roll my eyeballs at whenever I’m downtown sitting at a sidewalk table enjoying a nice café Americano negro. Even toddlers are masked.

According to a government website, about 1.5% of our town of 98,000 people have had Kung Flu at any level, which is to say that 98.5% of us have not been infected, and now it’s going away. Boy, those are really frightening figures.

I wonder if we’ll be able to kick the mask habit or if we’ll continue flocking about the sidewalks like the sheep we’ve become. Stay tuned.

This video focuses on the mask obsession. I imagine it was taped in New York City, a heavily Democratic town and, of course, coronavirus is extremely political, Democrats being far more mask-addicted than we smarter conservatives.

11 thoughts on “‘It’s like a pacifier’

  1. I find it unbelievable, the virtual signaling. My kids up north have been jabbed and still are planning to stay inside, afraid. They don’t understand how I can go out dining and dancing and without being jabbed and not worrying about it. Don’t see too many people driving around by themselves still wearing a mask or riding their bikes down the highway with it on, but some still do.


    1. Kirk: Mass hysteria. Strange. It’s also odd to me that my area seems to have a particularly bad case of it. I spot people driving alone, walking out in the open alone, riding motorbikes alone, all with face coverings. We live in fearful times. Sad.


  2. The mentality of sheep is widespread. Does not bode well for our representative democracy NOB. For those of us who have lived with actual sheep as part of our daily lives, it is even more disturbing.


  3. Masking outdoors is pure insanity. Especially in much of Mexico where the UV index is regularly over 9. Any covid virus blowing around doesn’t stand a chance. Yet many of those who wear “science” on their sleeves seem eager to perpetuate this nonsense, at least NOB. And those same “science” believers don’t seem to have much faith in the science of either prior infection (confers immunity) or vaccines, which do the same.

    I’m in your camp. I’ll mask up indoors where asked to, but otherwise my face is going naked as God intended.

    Saludos desde CDMX, where we just went to Semáforo Verde.

    Kim G


    1. Kim: Insanity indeed. Lots of it going around these days, and not just about the Kung Flu.

      Mexico City, eh? Have a grand time, and we’re in the Green Light Zone here too. No matter. Almost everyone goes around masked and slick with gel.


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